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The River Supply Conduit Improvement - Lower Reach Project (RSCLR) is the first of two projects to replace a major water transmission pipeline built in the 1940’s which is responsible for transporting large quantities of water to the central areas of the City.

This project will begin at the Headworks Spreading Grounds site, located near Griffith Park at Forest Lawn Drive west of Zoo Drive, and end at the Ivanhoe Reservoir, near Tesla Avenue and West Silver Lake Drive.

The project will replace approximately 30,000 feet of the southern half, or Lower Reach, of the existing RSC with a larger pipe varying in diameter from 48 inches to 96 inches, and supporting facilities in a new alignment. The improvements will address the following issues:

increased water consumption – The pipeline will be upsized to accommodate future demands;
reliability – The new pipe replaces an aging water transmission line (concrete pipe) which has been subject to several leaks;
water pressures – The new RSC will be designed to provide higher water pressures to customers and to distribution facilities such as pump stations;
water quality regulations – LADWP is to comply with two upcoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water quality regulations: the Stage 2 Disinfection By-Products Rule and the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule. In doing so, LADWP is planning to change disinfectants from chlorine to chloramines, and to cover and/or bypass all remaining open reservoirs.

By improving the capacity and reliability of water distribution, the RSC Improvement Project will assist in facilitating this major change to the operation of the City’s water system.

The detailed project description and map may be viewed on the LADWP Neighborhood Council Webpage at .

For information regarding this notification please contact Ms. Nancy Wigner, LADWP RSCLR Project Manager at (213) 367-0769 or Mr. Ritchie Yee, LADWP RSCLR Design Manager at (213) 367-4080.