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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Business Committee Draft of Meeting Minutes: April 4, 2007
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood,  6074 Yucca, Los Angeles
Upper Terrace-Community Room
Meeting called to order at 7:10pm
Attending: Rodney Hargrove, Susan Polifronio, Lucy Grigorian
Minutes of March 7, 2007 approved
Discussion of formatting for the Business Resource Guide
  1. HUNC Logo at the Top
  2. Size: one half 8x11
  3. English front side, Spanish or Armenian on the reverse side
  4. All information as approved by the Business Ctte with the addition
      of appropriate translation resource services number for each language
  5. Laminated with a hook or hole to hang the guide
  6. Possible Business Social: Flyer invitation with resource guide
New Business
   1.  Discussion of opportunities and responsibilities related to holding a Board seat
        on the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Meeting Adjourned: 8:00pm
Susan Polifronio