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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Bylaws

HUNC CURRENT BYLAWS: as of June 6, 2017 *

*Please note that the Grievance Process outlined in Article Xl has been replaced by a Department of Neighborhood Council (DONE) Grievance Portal at 

Rosenberg's Rules of Order

HUNC Standing Rules including Financial Procedures: as of December 2017

HUNC Financial Procedures: as of December 2017

Office of the L.A. City Clerk
Revised February 2018

The Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils

Brown Act and Neighborhood Councils 2014

Brown Act Trifold

County Counsel Guide to Brown Act Requirements

Neighborhood Council Training Manual 2015

Proposed Bylaws, Boundary, Attachment B, and Standing Rule changes to be heard on 2/27

Bylaws changes proposed

Boundary changes proposed

Attachment B changes proposed

ATTACHMENT A - Map of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

Map of Business and Renters Areas Map of Geographical Areas

Boundary Description

The HUNC will include the following geographic areas:

A. Eastern Boundary: Western Avenue to Fern Dell north along Western Canyon to the northern boundary.

B. Southern Boundary: Hollywood Blvd.

C. Western Boundary: Cahuenga Ave. at Hollywood Blvd. to the 101 Freeway north along the eastern side of the John Anson Ford Theater property line, through Lake Hollywood to include the Lake Hollywood Neighborhood Association and north to the Hollywood sign.

D. Northern Boundary: Hollywood Sign and adjacent area.