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TUESDAY, April 4, 2006
Teachers' Lounge - CHEREMOYA AVE. SCHOOL
6017 Franklin Av.    Los Angeles, CA

1. Welcome - Meeting called to order at 6:10pm.

            2 Stakeholders attending - Gary Slossberg (chair, Board of Directors), Susan Polifronio (Board of Directors)

2. Approval of Minutes from 2/7/06 and 3/7/06 Committee Meetings - 2/7/06 minutes approved.  3/7/06 minutes tabled to 4/4/06 meeting.

3. Public Comment: Items not on the Agenda - no public comment items

4. Old Business
     A. Earth Day 2006 Preparation - Earth Day has been moved to Tuesday, April 25 by Cheremoya Elementary.   That date works better for them, as they are already asking parents to come to the school for the Open House event that evening.  Earth Day will be scaled down this year.  Jennifer Christie is handling most of the logistics, including coordinating set-up of the event, contacting outside vendors to staff booths, and getting materials for the HUNC table.  Raffle tickets will be sold at the event with the prizes raffled off at Big Sunday.  At Earth Day, we need a sign-up sheet for the Big Sunday projects.  We should try to get a parent contact for volunteers for both Earth Day and Big Sunday.

     B. FOLAR Education Day on May 5th - Jennifer is working with LaBonge's office to get buses for both Education Day and the River Clean-up.   We are waiting to hear back from Debbie Aldahl about the number of students planning to attend these events.

     C. FOLAR River Clean-up on May 6 th - same as item 4(B)

     D. Big Sunday on May 7 th - Hilary Royce is coordinating much of Big Sunday.  We need to work with her to promote Big Sunday and Cheremoya's involvement in Big Sunday at Earth Day.

5. New Business - no new business

Meeting adjourned at 6:38pm.