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Tuesday August 5 th
Meeting of the Education, Youth & Arts Committee
6:30 PM at Cheremoya Ave. School Library: 6017 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles 90068

Attending: Chair Andrew Glazier, Susan Polifronio , Mardi Caruso, Ann De Bello , Viktoria Gaw and Eduardo Correra

Meeting called to order by Co-Chair Andrew Glazier at 6:35 PM. Motion to accept minutes of the last meeting by Andrew Glazier, second Ann De Bello , unanimous.

Discussion was limited to the gala dinner for Cheremoya Ave. Elementary School. The probable date will be Wed., October 15 th . The proposal by Chris Stehr via Andrew Glazier is to have a barbecue on the school grounds. Andrew had drafted a flyer for us to review. Items such as: silent auction, cocktails and performances by the Cheremoya students were listed on the flyer. Viktoria stated KidKrazy would donate a birthday party to an auction. A roundtable discussion by all present was held on the best way to make this a fundraiser for the school and to be as inclusive as possible. We brought up the various groups we could solicit to buy a table, what of the cost, should we charge $25.00 or $15.00 per person, tables would be $100.00 for 10. Should kids eat free, can we have cocktails on the school grounds, how many barbecues would be needed and who would help Chris barbecue. Ann would contact the restaurants and market re: donating food or supplying dinners for raffle tickets, Mardi had run benefits before and felt we had to get the people in the hills involved if it was to raise money. Eduardo felt buying tables as opposed to individuals, who would be left without a table, would look too divisive. Without cocktails, Ann and Mardi felt that we wouldn't draw the people with money and that perhaps we should have the event offsite, at a restaurant. As Chris Stehr was on vacation, the decision was made to have a second meeting to decide on specifics and to get the "wish list" for the school.

Meeting adjourned by Andrew Glazier at 7:15PM. Minutes, Susan Polifronio