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July 1, 2003
Education & Youth Committee Meeting at Cheremoya Ave. School
Corner of Cheremoya and Franklin Ave., School Library.

Present were Board members Andrew Glazier, Chris Stehr , Ann De Bello and Susan Polifronio . Members of the public were present.
Meeting called to order at 6:30PM

Agenda Item # 1: Non-Voting Youth Seat.
After group discussion it was decided that Susan Polifronio would contact Monique DeVarennes in requesting Immaculate Heart suggest a student who might be interested in sitting on the committee. Andrew Glazier was to talk with Hollywood High.

Agenda Item #2: Booster Club
Andrew Glazier suggested a fund-raiser for Cheremoya School sometime in September or October through "Friends of Cheremoya Booster Club". Susan Polifronio will be contacting Terri Gerger and Kirsten Hanson-Press of the Dell to enlist their help. Chris Stehr will put together a wish list. The target will be to raise money for to supplement the radical budget cuts that will be eliminating counselor hours, hall monitors, playground monitors, PACE calling system and to remodel the basement area into a functional space. Ann De Bello will look into possible help from the restaurants on Franklin Ave. There will also be and August 23 rd Charity/Garage sale at Cheremoya.

Agenda Item #3: Old Business

Agenda Item #4: New Business
Jennifer stated that Lucy Attaryan , the student teacher, had lost her funding for the after school flamenco and middle eastern dance class she taught on Fridays. As Lucy is working for Counterpoint Records & Books this summer, Susan Polifronio offered to subsidize her so that she could continue the class.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:15Pm by Co-Chair Andrew Glazier

Minutes: Susan Polifronio