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Teacher's Lounge - CHEREMOYA AVE. SCHOOL
6017 Franklin Av., Los Angeles, CA

1.  Welcome - Meeting called to order at 6:12pm.  Stakeholders in attendance: Gary Slossberg (Chair, Board of Directors), Susan Polifronio (Board of Directors), Jennifer Christie, Lucy Grigorian

2. Approval of Minutes from 2/7/06 Committee Meeting - tabled to 4/4/06 meeting

3.  New Business

A. Earth Day 2006: Tentatively planned for Thursday, May 20 (awaiting final approval from Cheremoya Elementary School).  The Committee discussed logistics for the event.  Hopefully, someone from the Mayor's office will be there to announce Big Sunday and encourage participation.  The Committee would like to have after-school classes to assist students in creating recycled art projects.  We need to ask people to start saving materials and ask if teachers would like to have projects in their classrooms.  The Committee also plans to have raffle tickets sold at the event with prizes given out at the end.

B. Proposed Fern Dell Clean-up Project: Project is currently being planned by the Oaks Assoc. for April 8 from 9am to 12pm.  The Committee suggested asking them to move the project to Big Sunday to support the Mayor's Day of Service.  Gary will follow up with them in regards to this.

C. FOLAR Education Day on May 5 th : We are awaiting word from Cheremoya Elementary about whether or not they would like to participate in Education Day.

D. FOLAR River-Clean-up on May 6 th : We are awaiting word from Cheremoya Elementary in regards to how many students will be attending.  Jennifer will contact LaBonge's office about getting a bus for the event.

E. Proposed Bronson Canyon Park Clean-up on May 7 th : The Committee considered a clean up project at Bronson Canyon Park for Big Sunday, possibly in conjunction with the Hollywood Lakes Girls Camp.  Jennifer will look into this, as will Hilary Royce.  On Big Sunday, we will have a BBQ at Cheremoya at the conclusion from 3-5.  The Committee decided to ask Cheremoya about students holding a car wash there as part of the event.  Project ideas must be sent to the Big Sunday site by 4/18.

4. Old Business

A. Days of Dialogue event at Le Conte Middle School on February 33, 3006

· Gary recapped the Days of Dialogue event at Le Conte.  It was very well-attended and led to some productive discussions about race and cultural relationships in the community.  He encouraged more such dialogues on these issues in community schools.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm.