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TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2006
Teacher’s Lounge – CHEREMOYA AVE. SCHOOL
6017 Franklin Av., Los Angeles, CA

1. Welcome – Meeting called to order at 6:10pm
            Stakeholders present: Gary Slossberg (committee chair, Board of Directors), Susan Polifronio (Board of Directors), Dorothy McQuiston

2. Approval of Minutes from 3/7/06 and 4/4/06 Committee Meetings – Minutes approved.

3. Public Comment: Items not on the Agenda – No public comment items.

4. Old Business
     A. Earth Day 2006 Recap and Debriefing – Earth Day was a more small-scale event than last year, but it was successful in maintaining the continuity of the event.  The committee recommended to coordinate calendars better with Cheremoya next year to have a larger, better publicized event.
     B. FOLAR Education Day on May 5th Update  - no report
     C. FOLAR River Clean-up on May 6th Update – no report
     D. Big Sunday on May 7th Update – The event was a success.  The students really enjoyed the newly painted mural in the classroom.    
     E. Essay/Art Contest Update – Still waiting for essay submissions so that we can judge them and choose winners.

5. New Business
     A. Brainstorm ideas for the summer and for the next school year – The committee decided to look into developing a sports program for the youth over the summer.  Gary will follow up with Beth Harker of Cheremoya Elementary to see if we can use their basketball courts.  He will also talk to LAUSD about liability issues.  The committee also threw out the idea of starting a summer tutoring program.  The committee needs to ask DONE whether or not we can use HUNC funds to support such a program.
     B. Brainstorm ideas to involve all schools in the HUNC area – The committee talked about developing a newsletter for all the schools in the area.  Kids can write articles and spotlight events at their schools.  The committee also discussed developing a tutoring program between Cheremoya Elementary and Immaculate Heart to build connectedness.  Lastly, the committee talked about generating a list of field trips for students as well as providing grants to schools for field trips and for presentations in classrooms from art programs, such as the Hollywood Arts Council.
     C. Brainstorm ideas to recruit more members for the Education & Youth Committee – The committee brainstormed different target groups for new members: parents groups (such as the Dell group) and principals and staff at schools in the area.  The committee also recommended having a parent group member be a representative to the committee, possibly Debra Gaynor.  She may be a good choice as a co-chair of the committee, if she’s interested.  The committee also recommended sending notices home with students.

Meeting adjourned at 6:58pm.