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October 7, 2003
Education & Youth Committee Meeting at Cheremoya Ave. Elementary School Library. 6:30-7:30PM, 6017 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles 90028.

Agenda Item #1 and 2: Welcome and Call to Order: Chris Stehr : 6:30PM

Attending: Board Members Maurece Chesse , Joel M. Fisher, Robert Abranamian, Susan Polifronio , Chris Stehr and Andrew Glazier along with members of the Public Jennifer Christie and Patti Troisi .

Agenda Item #3 and 5: Upcoming Cheremoya Ave. School Fundraiser and Wish List for Discussion and Possible Action: Chris Stehr stated that since Viktoria Gaw had sent out her email of his Wish List, he had received calls from people wanting to help and had already had a big screen TV donated along with a promise of $200/per month credit from Staples. Corp. Robert Abranamian gave a quote of $10.00 per person for the Fundraiser. The wine is being donated. The food will be humus, tzaziki , dolmas , tabouli , falafel, spanakopita , chicken skewers, beef mini-patties, rice and greek salad along with coffee, tea and baklava. Susan Polifronio stated we still need to find donations of 4oz plastic tumblers, plates and silverware. Also, the more volunteers, the less paid staff will be needed. We will be selling tickets at the Beachwood Market and the Sunday Ivar Market. Kathyrn Grimm, guitarist/vocalist, told Jennifer Christie she will volunteer her talents for the Fundraiser. Susan Polifronio is working on the invitations and posters, Maurece Chesse will be doing the Internet Posting. The capacity for Joseph's Café is 300. Joel M. Fisher stated all HUNC Board Members will be expected to attend, no exceptions. Jennifer Christie brought the results of the her Student's After School Crafts Class for review. Justyn de Leon, age 11, had the most colorful picture and the one that specifically said Fundraiser. This was chosen by the Committee to use on the invitations and posters. Andrew Glazier will be taking care of the Press notices and will help with calling Corporations.

Agenda Item #4: Recent Changes at Cheremoya
Chris Stehr stated he had to let a teacher go as the enrollment had fallen slightly. A few of the upper grade classes would now be 36 students, which is unacceptable.

Agenda Items #6. 7, 8: Public Comment, Old Business, New Business

Agenda Item #9: Adjournment:
Motion to Adjourn: Chris Stehr
Second: Susan Polifronio
Passed: Unanimously