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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Minutes of the Board Meeting---August 15, 2005

Agenda Item 1 -Roll Call & Welcome

Agenda Item 2 ---Senior Lead Officers Report: Delayed until later in meeting.

Agenda Item 3 ---Presentations

1) LAFD Chief Fry :

a) Firefighters Memorial-LAFD is building a memorial to honor fallen firefighters. LA City is the only major city in the country without a memorial. LAFD has been in existence for 120 yrs and have lost 110 personnel over this period. The memorial will be located at the museum near Sunset Blvd. The goal is to raise $750,000. There are several events scheduled around this goal. They include the Mayor's Gala Dinner (fundraiser) on 9/30/05, the Community Fair (Community Block Party) on 10/1/05, and the LAFD Torch Relay between 9/26 and 9/30.

b) Brush fire update---Last Wednesday there was a brush fire in Nichols Canyon which grew to 25 acres. Within 20 min there were 200 firefighters on scene. Watering dropping helicopters were also used to fire the blaze. The fire was probably started in a homeless encampment. LAFD and LAPD working together to remove encampments in the hills. LA City will bring in more helicopters (within 2 weeks) and 2 Super Scooper aircraft by 9/1/05.

c) Hazardous brush/hillside areas---LAFD has mapped out hazardous areas. They have evacuation plans and LAFD working with neighborhoods. They are implementing an aggressive brush clearance program.

d) Red Flag No Parking Priority Days---LAFD and LADOT are working to identify choke points along the streets in Hollywood Hills. LADOT is putting upsigns.

Motion : To purchase another brick for the Fire Fighters Memorial at a cost of $200 and dedicate it to the memory of victims of violent crime. Motion : Ann DeBello, Second : Susan Polifronio. Vote : 13---Yes, 0---No.

Agenda Item 4- Public comment

Bill Hooey : Spoke against the city moving FS 82 to the Florentine Garden (FG) site. LA City is always cutting programs, doesn't have enough money. FG cost is $300-400/ sq ft or a $40 million price tag. FG ownership will drag the city through court. This will cost $3-4 million. Building FS 82 will cost another $10-12 million. Eminent domain will cost a lot of money. The city has wasted $3 million of taxpayers dollars to purchase land at Van Ness and Hollywood Blvd.

Rev. Nancy Sharp : She's the Pastor at Hope of Heaven Church (Sunset/Western), her husband is a tour bus driver. Tourism is the 2 nd largest business in LA. Tourists go to FG. Marilyn Monroe made this place famous, her face is on 2 murals. Tourism translates into tax dollars. Keep FG the same inside and out to generate tax dollars.

Melrose Larry Green : FG started in 1938. LA City has an obsession with destroying its history and local landmarks. We're not going to destroy FG; over my dead body! If Disney owned FG this wouldn't be happening. You're not going to build FS 82 at FG. I don't care where you build it.

Rev. Irene Taylor : She quoted Psalm 82-the Lord reigns in righteousness and justice. She is present to support those who support FG. She loves the firefighters, she prays for them. But it seems that whatever is said by those who support FG, no one cares. She is praying that righteousness and justice would be done for FG and Mr. McKenzie.

Jose Antonio Angeles : From McArthur Park NC. LA City is not spending money the right way. They can't fix my park, but the want to pay $40 million for FG. The Latino Community is using FG. But it will not always be this way. FG is a service to the community.

Jied Mansouri : FS 82 is saving human lives and that very important. Most emergencies are heart attacks and slip & fall incidents. 80% of the emergency calls come from the SE sector of Hollywood. This issue is not about property. It is about human life. He wants to see FS 82 placed between Western and Vermont on Hollywood Blvd. To better serve the area bounded by: Hollywood-Santa Monica and Western---Vermont.

Hymed Friato : Owner of Friato Engineering Construction. He knows Mr. McKenzie. He is representing the Peruvian Community. He loves the LAFD but we need balance. Mr. McKenzie has helped us with his place. He wants FG to remain because he loves FG and FG is Hollywood.

Alecia : She is disappointed. Because FG has a Latino owner there is discrimination. This would not happen if this was a Caucasian business.. LA City has lots of other properties. We use FG for a lot of things. Stop being racist. There will be violence. You'll see the real Latinos.

Jennifer Christie : She asked that HUNC be involved in the 224 th birthday of the City of Los Angeles.

Mayor Villaraigosa's Visit : (His comments)

            He represented Hollywood in the 45 th State Assembly district. He came to announce a Day of Service. The mayor is 52 and he came from the civil rights and labor movements. Public Service is an honor. Who better exemplifies public service than Neighborhood councils, who work without compensation. Sometimes they are even mired in controversy. While he served on the LA City Council, he put together a Day of Service. An example-Eagle Rock, where they build a community garden, renovated a home that had been cited by the city, and planted 150 trees.

            October 8 th has been designated as a Day of Service in LA City. Who better to work with than the Neighborhood Councils (NCs)? Every LA City Department will also be involved. It's about everyone of us doing our part...planting a tree...mentoring a child. The best place to start this is with NCs. To create a partnership. We are concerned about our schools. The drop-out rate for African-American students is 60%, for Latinos its 57%.

Create a partnership to address:

· Safety in schools

· Safe passage to and from school

· Health Partnerships (if you miss 10-12 days of school you are more likely to drop out)

Form Strategic Partnerships-Connecting NCs to schools to address:

· Safety

· Mentoring

· Strategic Alliances

· Community Centers @ schools

A Day of Service with 6 High Schools. Hollywood High School is one of the HS selected. The goal is to try to create an organic partnership between NCs and schools. We want to connect people through work and giving back.

This is the mayor's first visit to an NC. His hope is that at least 10,000 citizens will participate, but he'd really love to see 25,000 participate. He also attended the Congress of NCs and was especially interested in how to better connect the youth to Ncs.

Question Period with the Mayor:

Russ Brown : What role do you see for NCs?

Mayor : They are the best conduit for connecting the city. Not the only conduit-there are churches, schools, businesses. On our Day of Service, we'll be reaching out. NCs are the best mechanism for this outreach.

Q : On the NC budget process-will you soon be ready to discuss your budget for LA City?

Mayor : What Han did before was good to include NCs in budget process. We are working on this now.

Mayor : (Comments) I issued an Executive Directive to stop construction during the rush hour. I want to increase the Street Services budget by 25%.

Bill Hooey : Public Relations Director for FG. FG a popular night club for Latinos. Now there is a Eminent domain process against FG. City doesn't have enough money for this.

Q : Affordable Housing. You have resources to solve the AH problem. Do you have ideas?

Mayor : There are some ideas: Surplus city property to borrow against for the Housing trust Fund; State Treasurer Phil Angeledes is looking to see how to access more State dollars for AH; Inclusionary Zoning is somewhat controversial but the are many cities that use IZ; look for AH development around light rail and subway lines. We need to re-configure and re-make city. Will put together an initiative around that.

Q : Film Industry. Run-away production, out-sourced production. What can you do?

Mayor : In 1996-97, I put together legislation on this issue to keep production in Los Angeles. The Governor and the CA Assembly are nearly finished with tax credit legislation to keep filming in LA.

Rev. Irene Taylor : She's African immigrant but a US Citizen. She's with the LA United Neighborhood Organization. We're standing behind you, Mr. Mayor because you are going to unite LA.

Mayor : The most important thing is not that we are any one ethnic group, but that we come to LA because of our hopes and dreams. My opportunity in LA is to be a conduit and a bridge.

Stephen : Thank you for bringing attention to transportation. Will you revive the LA bicycle plan to complement mass transit?

Mayor : When I was on the MTA Board, I was a proponent for bikeways. (Comments) A subway along Wilshire Blvd to the ocean would be very cost effective. This is a very busy corridor. Commuters spend 93 hours in traffic which translates into lost productivity of $11 billion. Currently putting together plans to synchronize traffic lights, to put in effect reverse lanes (but this will not reduce gridlock). The key is to address public transit.

            How about getting on a bus or subway once in awhile? I do it. If I do it, you can do it. If we're committed to reducing traffic congestion, it calls for changes in our life style. Don't drive 2 blocks to the market...walk.

James Ross : Homeless. He spoke with the Mayor's assistant, Angie. He wants to start a non-profit to end poverty. He has a business plan and a mission statement. He would like the mayor to review these. He's also contacted Governor Schwartzenagger and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Mayor : Expressed encouragement for the efforts of Mr. Ross.

Mayor's closing comments : Los Angeles is a great city with a vibrant and bright future. We face many challenges: the need for affordable housing, the low homeownership rate, the high poverty rate, the large numbers of homeless, and the high dropout rate in our schools. We need to address these issues. If we don't address them then Los Angeles will not be a great global city.

Agenda Item 2 -Senior Lead Officers Report:

            SLO Goodkin asked for questions from audience. There were none. Then reported on crime statistics: they are trending down, there is a spike in the burglary of homes and vehicles. We now have horse patrols and undercover and this may help reduce local crime.

Q : Concerning the homicide on Franklin/Canyon, any update?

Ans : Detectives are still looking into this.

Jordan Birnbaum : How much crime comes from the homeless?

Ans : That's hard to say. They are offenders of convenience.

Stephen : We're having a problem with homeless in our neighborhood. Municipal Code 4502 addresses the issue of living in the car. We also have illegal camping on the sidewalk, defecation, urination, and people who have numerous bicycles. What can you do about this and can use enforce MC 4502?

Ans : On MC infractions, there is discretion on enforcement that resides with the police officer. Felony violations are enforced. Make sure you file a crime report with a police officer.

Approval of Minutes from the 7/18/05 HUNC Board Meeting:

Motion to approve minutes-Norma Foster. Second ---Ann DeBello. Vote : 11-yes, 0-No.

Officer Reports:

Treasurer : Maurece Chesse reported a request from Blessed Sacrament Social Services for financial support from HUNC. Motion -To provide a one-time donation of $500 from HUNC funds to support the work of the Social Service Center that was formerly associated with blessed Sacrament Church. Second : Susan Polifronio. Discussion -Norma Foster: Blessed Sacrament is not within our boundaries. Ann DeBello: Blessed Sacrament Social Services is now a non-profit, non-sectarian organization separate from the Catholic Church. It is the only a provider of showers at the present time. Andrew Glazier: It is much needed to help with the homeless problem.

Vote : 12---Yes,  0---No.

            We've already voted on the brick for the firefighters memorial (item 5A2).

Agenda Item 6A -Letter to Mary Richardson, Dept. of City Planning, on housing and mixed-use density.

Motion : To approve the draft of the letter to Mary Richardson that was presented to the Board, with the change of wording--- zoning should not allow density greater than the Gershwyn Hotel . Also delete the last bullet point on SNAP. Second : Jordan Birnbaum.

Discussion :  Jim McQuiston--The city planning department wants specific input. This letter is too general. You need to look to see if services are available for the population increase.. You need to plan for the entire area, not just the NC area. You have to look at business, housing, schools, and take all this into account. Luke Vincent-He objects to limiting density on the boulevard. We cannot limit density, but we can control it. Density needs to be along Hollywood and Sunset boulevards.

Vote : 10---Yes,  0-No,  1-Abstain.

Agenda Item 6C : Letter to Tom LaBonge.

Motion : Susan Polifronio that we recommend a study. Second : Ann DeBello. Vote : 11---yes, 0-No.

Agenda Item 7B : LADWP MOU

            Andrew Ettinger reported on the presentation on the solar energy program of LADWP and incentives to add solar. He provided handouts to Board members. Report-Gary Gero held a meeting on the solar program: its history, current state and future of program. A $150 million commitment made, and $80 million has been spent. In 2003, the program was overwhelmed with more that 500 applicants, all were funded. No new applications have been accepted since. For 2005-2006, $10 million was set aside for new applicants (those on the waiting list). Now this is going back to the DWP Board. Will want to take new applicants in the future.

Q : Of current applications, how many are business, how many residential?

Ans : less than 30 KW residential, small business; 30-100 KW; greater than 100 KW is a large business.

Q :When will you take new applications?

Ans : If we don't spend the $10 million, we'll go to our mailing list.

Q : What is the incentive for 30 KW?

Ans : We pay $3/watt. For the average residence: $3 x 3,000 W = $9,000/yr. The installation cost is $7-9/watt. Your liaison person is Paul Wang of DWP for the NCs. Go


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM