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December 15, 2003

Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Full Board Meeting: First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood located at 6054 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA. Community Room-Upper Terrace

Agenda Item #1: Welcome, Roll Call and Acceptance of the November 20, 2003. Opening remarks were given by President Joel M. Fisher. Attending were Board Members Robert Abranamian, John Balasz, Russell Brown, Maurece Chesse, Ann De Bello, Andrew Ettinger, Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw, Andrew Glazier, Scott Larson, Susan Polifronio, Hillary Royce, Charles Suhayda and Susan Swan.

Motion by Susan Polifronio to Accept November 20, 2003 Minutes as Written
Second: Norma Foster
Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #2: Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda:
Jim McQuiston noted that there was a 33% decrease in crime during the MTA strike and a subsequent 50% spike upwards as soon as the strike ended. The Public Safety Committee of the City Council agreed to charge $40.00 per year for installing Burglar Alarms and will charge $119.75 per each false alarm. They will look at the results after 3 months (starting January 1, 2004).

Agenda Item #3: Hollywood Police Department Senior Lead Officers
Officer Aram reported that the Children's Christmas Party was a great success with over 1300 kids attending. He thanked HUNC for their purchase of $250.00 worth of cookies.
The Crime report: Robberies are showing a spike especially around the busy area of 5900 Franklin Ave. They are looking for two black males driving a green SUV (possibly and Explorer). On December 16th there will be an Open House at the Hollywood Police Station. Officer Mike Shea also thanked HUNC for their contribution and especially Norma Foster, Hillary Royce and Scientology for helping out. He stated that the Christmas Parade had proceeded flawlessly and that violent crimes were down, but car break-ins continued to rise. A six-pack of possible subjects in the sexual assault crime on Beachwood was shown to the victim. Aram will follow up on the results. Officer Shea discussed the new District Policing Pilot Program and will give an update after 3 months. Captain Downing will be in charge of this area.

Agenda Item #4: DWP Representative Martin Adams' Presentation
Mr. Adams is the Director of Water Quality and Operations. He gave a detailed presentation on the new requested rate increases and compared the still low rates to other districts. He stated even after the increases DWP would be the second lowest in the State. 25 to 30 million of DWP revenues goes to the City to pay for Police and Fire. He also discussed the extra security measures and expenses required by Homeland Security. There is a normal amount of water in our aqueducts, Lake Hollywood will remain open to the Public with added security, Silverlake will be removed from service with probable storage tanks across from Travel Town, there is an effort to turn 40 acres around the LA River into wetlands and a nature preserve and the DWP would like us to inform the Community as to the changes being advanced. There will be an update within the City Council either the second or third week in January 2004.

Agenda Item #5: HUNC Officer Reports
President Joel M. Fisher: The Coro Foundation will be doing a study of how Hollywood can better handle street closures. We are continuing with the request for the crosswalk at Tamarind and Franklin and will continue to help further the HPAD New Year's event. Thank you to John Balasz for all his help this year and Maurece Chesse is now certified by DONE as the Interim Treasurer.
Vice-President Russell Brown: There will be a meeting regarding the new Fire Station proposed LAFD date is January 26, 2004. There will be a new head from GGPNC on the PROSE Committee; Bernadette. Over 300 people attended all five meetings regarding Glassell Park proposal.
Recording Secretary Susan Polifronio: We are continuing with organizing the office, a new newsletter will be out in January and anyone that needs Jennifers' help, the office has an answering machine: 323-957-7967. Please submit anything for the Calendar to Jennifer for inclusion in the upcoming newsletter.
Corresponding Secretary Susan Swan: We had 396 hits on the website, the website has been updated this month and please send committee reports for inclusion online.
Treasurer John Balasz and Maurece Chesse: John stated that the challenge for any treasurer is keeping up with the change as you go DONE rules. Maurece stated that there have been many changes within the last 90 days. Maurece handed out the new form he designed and stated that all receipts must be submitted with the new form or there will be no reimbursements for expenses. Damaged or altered receipts will not be honored. Fourth Quarter Budget to be approved for action on the January 12th Board Meeting.

Agenda Item #6: Committee Reports: Outreach, Social Services and Faith-Based, Arts and Entertainment, Public Safety and Transportation, Neighborhood & Environment, By-Laws, Elections and Education & Youth
Andrew Glazier presented the requested by-law changes for discussion and possible action:
Article III, Section E: 3: In order for the HUNC Board of Directors to take and official action, such as adoption of an item or position, a majority vote of the Board Members present is required.
Discussion: It was agreed that this should refer to only regular items that might come up on the Agenda.
Article VI
Section B: Staggering of Seats: 1. In order to meet the goal of a staggered election cycle for specific categories of Board Members, in the 2004 and /or 2005 elections, the Board may designate specific Board seats for an additional one-year term by majority vote. Subsequent terms for those seats will be two years.
Discussion: The two At-Large seats will be up this cycle. After the election the highest vote getter will be two years and the other will be one year for just 2004 and in 2005 will become a two year seat. In the 2005 Election one Business and one Renter will be a one time one year term. Joel M. Fisher stated that one of the Business Representatives would be withdrawing from the second year due to unforeseen circumstances and that this might even out the problem with the Business Seats. The By-Laws would have to be reworked to adjust for an appointment or reset in the 2005 election.
Article Vll: #1: A general meeting will be scheduled thiry-five days prior to the Election Day Meeting. At this meeting nominations to the HUNC Board of Directors will be made from the floor by any interested registered stakeholder. No second shall be required. Presentations by each candidate will be allowed. Nominations shall close at the end of this meeting.
Discussion: General
Article X, Section A: The Board shall nominate the President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer from among the existing Board Members. The election of the officers shall take place at the first initial Board meeting following the Board election. Officers shall be seated upon receiving a majority of the vote of the Board.
Discussion: Andrew Glazier stated this was just cleaning up the language, no substantive change.
Article XVl: Two options were given to the Board. Option one was selected after discussion.: A recommendation for amendment of adjustment of these Bylaws must be made by a 2/3rds vote of the Board plus a 2/3rds vote of the Stakeholders present and voting.
Motion by Andrew Glazier to accept all of the above By-laws changes to be voted on at the next Board meeting..
Second: Susan Polifronio
Disposition: Passed Unanimously
Viktoria Gaw thanked everyone for their hard work on Outreach during the year and asked us all to keep sending her suggestions.
Charles Suhayda and Hilary Royce discussed the upcoming HPAD New Year's Event at Q-Topia and thanked HUNC for their contribution towards expenses. They also talked of the success of the LAPD Kids Party and that they had done outreach for HPAD at that event.
Norma Foster recapped Human Rights Day at City Hall and stated she handed out flyers for the HPAD event. She also stated she would be flying to Israel the next day for a Peace March with Israeli's and Palestinians from Jerusalem to Palestine and back.
Joel M. Fisher and Susan Polifronio gave an update on the Mayor's request for feedback on the 101 traffic study. Jim McQuiston also gave a brief recap of the purpose of the Mayor's study in trying to improve traffic flow on and off the 101 Freeway and feeder streets.
Scott Larson stated that he has been in contac with Christine Jerian regarding election procedures, time-lines, etc. There will be a meeting in early January of the Committee and the election will be in late March. 8 seats will be up for re-election. Volunteers for the Committee are Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw and Maurece Chesse.
Andrew Glazier reported the update on the Cheremoya Wish List and the success of Outreach for the school. The API Scores for Cheremoya were up 166 basis points to 693. A great result and showing they are on the right track toward improving academic achievement.

Agenda Item #7: Old Business
A. Discussion and possible action on the Marriot Hotel Project at Hollywood & Vine. Russell Brown recapped the CRA approval of the project and the mixed use benefits. He also stated that traffic mitigation had been addressed and will be corrected. Andrew Glazier stated they have been very generous to the Community giving $500,000 to Hollywood High.
Motion by Andrew Glazier for HUNC to support the Marriot Project.
Second: Susan Polifronio
Disposition: Passed

Agenda Item #8: New Business

A. Outreach Proposal by Ann De Bello to provide Poinsettia Plants to local businesses for discussion and action. Ann stated that she could purchase the plants for $1.50 each at the Flower Mart with the help of Jackie Koster.
Motion: To Support the purchase and distribution of up to 200 plants at $1.50 each with stickers that say HUNC.
Second: Norma Foster
Discussion: Hillary Royce felt that we could still do Christmas cards. Discussion: Good idea for next year, too late for this year and that the expense should be presented to the Board at the next meeting.
Disposition: 8 For, 2 Against, 4 abstain
Motion Carries
Joel M. Fisher asked that we put the brick for the Fire Dept. Memorial on the next Agenda for voting along with (AG) the Equitable project presentation. Ann De Bello welcomed the new businesses of Tailwaggers, Duartes' Hair Salon and Native Clothing to the Franklin neighborhood.

Agenda Item #9: Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by Joel M. Fisher at 8:27PM
Second: Andrew Glazier
Disposition: Unanimous
Minutes Respectfully Submitted Susan Polifronio