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December 20, 2004 Minutes of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting. First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood: Upper Terrace - Community Room 6054 Yucca,Los Angeles, California

Agenda Item #1: Welcome, Roll Call and Acceptance of November 15, 2004 Minutes

Joel M. Fisher called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Present were Board members Robert Abranamian , Russell Brown, Maurece Chesse, Ian McCubbin , Andrew Ettinger , Joel M. Fisher, Jordan Birnbaum , Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw, Andrew Glazier, Scott Larson, Susan Polifronio, Hilary Royce, Charles Suhayda and Susan Swan. Excused absentees were Ann DeBello and Chris Stehr

Minutes were approved with corrections on Page 2, Agenda item #4, typo " Beachwood Drive surface" changed to "Beachwood Drive Service" and The 3 rd Motion listed in minutes was a vote for rather against as written.  Also noted was that the next minutes would include who was in attendance.  Also noted was a correction on the October minutes, correction on a typo on page 1, Agenda item #2 change from "make" to "male".

Motion from Norma Foster to approve 15 November 2003 Minutes with changes as stated above.

Second: Charles Suhayda
Disposition: Motion carries with changes as written above.

Agenda Item #2: Hollywood Lead Officers Crime Stat Reports

Senior Lead Officers not present, Joel M. Fisher gives report that crime stats are generally down in Hollywood.  Recent warnings from Hollywood Division LAPD of hit and runs off of Franklin.  General discussion on lights near Argyle, Norma Foster requests that the Traffic Committee takes these up in next meeting and get back to Board.

Agenda Item #3: Public Comment Items Not on the Agenda

Jim McQuiston gave a report from the Cabinet, further details on crime stats from Captain Downing namely there is a 16.5 % decrease on major crimes and 15.5% on Gang crimes.

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December 20, 2004 Minutes of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting.

Agenda Item #4: Officer Reports

President Joel M. Fisher briefed that Councilman Labonge's office is commemorating MTA with a Community subway drive on January 20 th , 9:30AM.

Also on January 20 th , trees between Vine and Cahuenga boarder will be trimmed. 

Baydsar Thomasian will be headquartered at Fountain Ave. Station rather then the Echo Park 13 th District office.

W. Hotel is having a meeting early January to talk about on their progress on the Hollywood and Vine project.  This will be at the Roosevelt Hotel. 

Vice President Susan Polifronio announced the HUNC New Year's Reception on January 2 nd   from 6-8 at Harmony Gallery.

Treasurer Maurece Chesse went over all bills that need to be covered and also went over the printer needing to be delivered first before payment for it can be provided, i.e. no advance payments are allowed.  He also stated that Yucca corridor will not get funded until the license number is received.

Agenda Item #5: Committee Reports: Elections, PLUM, N&E, E&Y, SS &FB, Business, PS & T, AC & E

A: Motion to Empower the Election Ctte to work with DONE and make any recommended changes independent of the Board.

There are 9 open seats for the upcoming election: 2 geographic, 2 renters at large, 1 education, 1 faith-based and 3 business seats.  DONE recommended that we move the elections to May so that we can have Home Vote ballots and do the out reach that is needed and was difficult to get done in October due to the Holidays.

Susan Polifronio motions to empower the Election Committee to work with DONE and make any recommended changes independent of the Board.

Second: Andrew Glazier

Disposition: Passes unanimously.

In the next election no one running will be allowed in the election room. Enough volunteers will be procured to help with the election so volunteers who are running in the election are not needed.

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December 20, 2004 Minutes of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board
Norma Foster let the board know that DONE News is available to all Board members.

Committee Reports:

At the last minute no one was interested in Whole Foods.  There is a new proposal 42- 45,000 sq foot - these are the recent dimensions.  The design is wall to wall on the sidewalk space and the parking lot above.  Eastwood is against it publicly by email.

There was a good meeting at the  Hollywood Dell Homeowners Association. Developers are going to work with Home Owners Association. Andrew Glazier will be representing Home Owners Association and the Neighborhood Council. Susan Polifronio will also be involved with it.  The PLUM committee will also keep the Board updated on the Adaptive Re-use project.


The last meeting was cancelled due to low attendance.  Susan Swan updated on the Park Rangers in Griffith park and also briefed the Board on forwarding an email from the La Times Reporter regarding the Florentine Gardens.  She also requested an agenda item for next meeting on variance for wall on private home property in the Oaks.


Nothing new to report.

FF & SS:

Nothing new to report.


The Town Hall meeting on Public Safety was not well attended.  There are 10 people plus the Board who are confirmed to attend the CERT training.

AC & E - Discussion with Qtopia and Andrew for a meeting on January 19 th .  The meeting is not fully decided upon.

Andrew Glazier went over election bylaws and recommended that the Board opts not to have mail in votes but that we should have the election in May as DONE recommends this.  Further recommended that we discuss at our next meeting the extension of the current Board members who are up for re-election or ending their terms.

December 20, 2004 Minutes of Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board

Page 4

Andrew Glazier makes a Motion to Move the HUNC election to May.

Second: Susan Polifronio

Disposition: Motion carries

Andrew Glazier will look at Home bound exceptions for the next meeting and discussion on home bound votes is tabled for discussion at next meeting.

Agenda Item #6:  Old Business

Fire Station #82 is taken up and the minutes that Charles Suhayda were quite good on the August 18 th meeting in 2003 and these will be used to make sure the LA Times reporter has the true data regarding HUNC's position on the move of Fire Station #82 to Florentine Gardens. Joel M. Fisher and Susan Polifronio will be the spokespeople for HUNC in regards to further correspondence with the LA Times Reporter.  The purpose of further contact with the media being to make sure that HUNC's side is reported on.  Joel M. Fisher will be sent a copy of the Aug 2003 minutes and Susan Polifronio will send minutes to the LA Times.

Jordan Birmbaums made a statement that he wants to make it clear that Qtopia is not endorsing the Fire station #82 move because they are allowing the neighborhood to use their facilities for their meetings. 

Joel M. Fisher informed the Board that Studio City will be the pilot project for the newspaper racks.

Jordan Birmbaum updated the Board on the Hollywood Free Clinic fence which will go up in less then a week.

The multi-faith Christmas party that was sponsored by several neighborhood councils was well attended and very successful.

Agenda Item #7: New Business

Due to Martin Luther King Day, the next Board meeting will be moved to Tuesday, January 18 th .

Agenda Item #9: Adjournment

Motion to Adjourn: Joel M. Fisher

Second: Susan Polifronio

Motion Carries

Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm -Minutes Respectfully Submitted: Hilary Royce