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August 7 th , 2003

Executive Committee Meeting: Hollywood United Neighborhood Council. 6:00 PM: the Harmony Gallery at 5911 ½ Franklin Ave. Los Angeles   CA   90028

Agenda Item #1: Call to Order and Roll Call:

Attending were Board members Executive Committee Board Members John Balasz , Joel M. Fisher, Russell Brown and Susan Polifronio . Board members Andrew Ettinger and Norma Foster attending along with members of the public. Meeting called to order at 6:10 PM.

Agenda Item #2: Budget for Neighborhood Council Workshop on August 9 th for discussion and possible action.

Joel Fisher stated there would be two facilitators at the August 9 th Workshop: Neal Johnson with a background in law, banking and mediation and Joyce Williams with an administrative background and in teaching how to take a goal and realize its completion. Gary De La Rosa would be the keynote speaker. John Balasz entered into the record the the cost breakdown for the Workshop totaling $1,327.26.00. The location and setup have been donated by CCI and the cost to HUNC would be meals, fees for the facilitators and cost of supplies. This kind of activity is encouraged by DONE. The GGPNC costs had been $3500.00.

Motion by John Balasz to approve the Budget for the HUNC August 9 th Workshop with a tolerance of 5% and to approve the fees for the facilitators.

Second: Susan Polifronio

Discussion: Andrew Ettinger asked if we needed two facilitators. Joel Fisher replied the division of tasks had been worked out by the facilitators. They both have different skills. Russell and Joel both stated that the goals will be to work better with each other and to arrive at realizable goals for each of the Committees and the Board by the end of the day. Andrew E. stated he would be unable to attend due to previous long-standing commitments. Norma Foster stated that she may be there but had a commitment with a conference in Korea.

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #3: Budget for the Neighborhood Council Event for Discussion and possible action

John Balasz stated that the HUNC Social, according to Christine Jerian , did not qualify as an expense under Outreach as it was invitation only and not open to the general public. However, there was money for meetings and events and the Social qualified under those. It is necessary to put this on the Agenda of the Full Board for approval. We can move money from recurring expenses to cover events. Russell Brown stated the total spent was $2300.00, approximately $12.00/person, $600.00 of which he felt he was responsible for. Norma Foster stated she thought donations would be used, however, the Board had voted to approve the Social at the June Board meeting.

Motion by John Balasz that the expenditures for the HUNC Social be brought before the Full Board on the 18 th of August for approval.

Second: Joel M. Fisher

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Russell Brown stated we were into the new quarter and needed to request the next $12,500.00. We can roll over each quarter, but whatever is unspent by the next election, could not roll over to the next year. In response to questioning by Norma Foster, Joel Fisher stated that the Executive Committee has some discretion in expenditures without having to go to the full Board every time, but that most expenditures did go to the Board for approval. John Balasz stated we should have a discreet amount set aside for events to avoid any issues. Russell Brown asked if there was some way to come up with a more workable plan for budget expenditures.

Motion to Board that John Balasz , Russell Brown and Joel Fisher come back to the Full Board with a draft of procedures for expenditures.

Second: Susan Polifronio

Discussion: Jim McQuiston stated that it would help to give people information ahead of time to make decisions on important items.

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item # 4: Administrative Assistant Hours, Duties and Manner of Pay for discussion and possible action.

Susan Polifronio stated Jennifer Christie had been hired from the three possible applicants. She has finished her paperwork at PDQ, the City specified temp agency and had been hired for ten hours per week to help with emails, data entry, agendas, newsletter, helping to co-ordinate materials for the Board meetings and to help the Treasurer with any data entry necessary. She will be working at the Harmony as the HUNC temporary office. DONE had delivered some computer equipment. Russell Brown mentioned that Charles Suhayda would be allowing some of the HUNC materials to be stored at First Presbyterian so that we would not have to transport at every meeting.

Motion by Russell Brown to buy storage unit to keep at First Presbyterian.

Second by Joel Fisher

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #4: Old Business for Discussion

John Balasz stated he would only be able to attend Workshop during the morning session.

John Balasz requested that the debit card be put in Russell Brown's name as it was in his possession. John also stated he had all invoices for the last quarter except an April 2 nd Office Depot invoice and a June 19 th printing invoice. He needed these to close the books on the last quarter. Russell Brown stated we could move money from check to debit card side.

Agenda Item #5: New Business for Discussion

Norma Foster and Andrew Ettinger asked that the Arts Committee be formalized into a separate committee at the next Board meeting.

Motion by Russell Brown to have the Arts Sub-Committee removed from Education & Youth and to be made into a full Committee.

Second: Susan Polifronio

Disposition: Passed Unanimously with Joel M. Fisher appointing Norma and Andrew as Co-Chairs.

Suggestions by Norma and Andrew that we support the adaptive use of the Little Church of Hollywood. Executive Board recommended that the subject be brought forward at the next Board meeting .. Susan Polifronio was requested to email the Board and find out what groups Board members felt HUNC should belong to such as: Hollywood Heritage, etc.

Motion to adjourn by Joel M. Fisher

Second: Susan Polifronio

Disposition: Unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Minutes submitted by Susan Polifronio