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February 9, 2004
executive committee minutes

Agenda Item #1: Meeting called to order by President Joel M. Fisher at 5:15pm. Attending: Joel M. Fisher, Russell Brown, Susan Swan, Maurece Chesse, Susan Polifronio, Ann De Bello, Viktoria Gaw, Christine Jerian & members of the Public.

Agenda Item #2: Date Change for Workshop from 2/17 to 2/24/4 and the approval of the election packet: Maurece & Viktoria presented the election materials for approval.

Motion to Approve Election Packet and Date Change: Maurece Chesse

Second: Susan Polifronio

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #3: By-Law Changes to be Clarified in the Staggering of Seats:

Christine Jerian requested that the Board come up with the appropriate wording for staggering seats. Executive Board given a list of DONE recommendations and requirements. All recommendations accepted by the Executive Board.

Forum & Nominating Procedures requirements: Under Article VII Nominating Procedure of the Bylaws, a nominating meeting is to be scheduled 20-45 days before the election. This would be no later than March 5. In addition, candidates statements are to be posted on the website and public posting sites 20 days before the elections.

Required: The bylaws indicate a 300 word statement, not 200 words. This is to be changed in procedures.

Include language restricting use of HUNC logo by Candidates.

Recommended: The deadline for Home Ballots is past. Revise for next election in 2005.

Provisional Ballots on the day of the election for anyone challenged. A neutral third party will determine validity of the provisional ballots and will only count those that are confirmed to meet the provisions of the HUNC Election Procedures and Bylaws.

Third Party needs to be Confirmed by the Election Committee. League of Women Voters has not been confirmed.

HUNC should identify the composition and the responsibilities of the election committee and the neutral third party.

HUNC should set up a separate ad-hoc nominating committee composed of non-candidates who will accept nomination forms, review nomination forms and follow-up with candidates directly.

Election Committee Responsibilities: Develop election procedures and materials with the assistance of DONE.

Select a third party and final arbiter.

Conduct election outreach.

Assist a third party to run the election and count the votes.

Follow up with all entities upon the conclusion of the election.

Include time deadline to file for voter guide.

Full recommendations will be available at the February 17th Board meeting.

Christine Jerian will contact Andrew Glazier re: Changes in Bylaws.

Motion to accept Recommended and Required Changes by DONE.

Second: Susan Swan

Discussion: Regarding Homebound: All Board members wished to continue with Homebound ballots but DONE has strongly recommended not to as the mailers will not give the required time for turn-around. Discussion centered around who is taking the lead and the difficulty in confirming the requests.

Disposition: Four In Favor: One Against: One Abstention

Motion Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 6:10pm by Joel M. Fisher

Minutes Respectfully Submitted: Susan Polifronio