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HUNC Executive Committee
Saturday Feb 3, 2007 1:00 PM
Upper Terrace, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

1. Welcome:
Board members present:  Susan Swan, Jordan Birnbaum, Susan Polifronio, Charles Suhayda, Andrew Ettinger.
Stakeholders present:  Cindy DuHaine

Agenda items taken out-of-order

9. Grievance Procedure update

  • HUNC has not been officially informed of the ‘filed complaint’.  Allegedly happened on November 20th, 2006.
  • Deputy City Attorney- NC Advice Division- opinion: “complaints” against NCs should not be filed with our office. Complaints should be filed with the Department of resolution.  They cannot compel a board member to discuss the allegations raised in the complaint (because his office not conducting an investigation).
  • Filed with Labor Relations Board
  • HUNC Bylaws need to be changed to deal with grievance procedures
    • Check grievance procedures of other NCs, (start with Hollywood NCs)
    • Provisions to deal with Board members who are no longer in the boundaries of NC (no longer stakeholders)
    • Check censure process in Robert’s Rules of Order
    • Knowingly filing false reports, wrongful accusation
    • Process for removal of a board member

President will do research on this matter and come back to the Board with options.
    HUNC sent the videotape to BONC of the Nov 20, 2006 HUNC Board meeting.
            What is the process for NCs to defend themselves against false accusations?  The process should begin by coordinating the appropriate agencies that deal with NCs.
            We will schedule a By-Laws Committee meeting for Tuesday, February 27th, the same night as Neighborhood & Environment.

2. Security of HUNC offices. Rules for access to office and equipment.

  • Come during office hours of Administrative Assistance
  • Make arrangements with Officers
  • Materials needed for meeting will be made available in HUNC closet in Main Hall.
  • Computer:  off-limits
  • Computer for Newsletter (Media Machine) see Maurece
  • Computer files and documents
    • All documents regarding HUNC need to be on the HUNC computer, not on a Stakeholder computer re: HUNC elections, newsletters, etc so that we have access to these documents.


3. Stationary, Business Cards

  • Designs of business cards
  • Can’t use business cards to create stationary that gives the impression that it’s official HUNC stationary
    • Motion: Susan Swan: Make up generic business cards for all board members with a space on front to allow request to Executive Committee to have name imprinted on card.  Second: Jordan Birnbaum

Vote: Yes-5, No-0, Abs-0
Stakeholder vote: Yes-1, No-0, Abs-0


  • Design: we will re-print out current stationary (we’re out). At the next Board meeting we will ask for input from Board members on a new design for business cards, stationary.

4. Purchase of Office Supplies, including software re: Microsoft Office
5. Multiple User License Microsoft Publisher

  • Motion: Jordan Birnbaum: Executive Committee can approve up to $1000 of purchases of hardware, software.  Second: Maurece Chesse

Vote: Yes-5, No-0, Abs-0
                        Stakeholder vote: Yes-1, No-0, Abs-0
This takes into account Gary Slossberg’s point that Executive Committee determine the types of items purchased and spending caps per purchase.

6. Stakeholder data docs from County Assessors and Registrars Office

7. Campus Security Camera and Power Line Upgrade (for Upper Terrace in fair exchange for First Pres for use of Upper Terrace)

  • 16 cameras, 30-day store/backup, $25,000
  • 2 cameras, @ $5,000
  • Bring to Full Board

8. Re-Adjustment to minutes to reflect votes by Board members into the record: will do this.

10. Frequency of Executive Committee meetings
            A)Frequency of Meetings:

  • Motion: Gary Slossberg: To hold Executive Committee meetings at least once per month at least ten days prior to that month’s regularly-scheduled Board meeting.  Second: Susan Swan

Discussion: as Exec. Committee meetings can be called immediately as needed, it was felt unnecessary at this time.
Vote: Yes-0, No-5, Abs-0
Stakeholder vote: Yes-0, No-1, Abs-0

  • Motion: Susan Swan: That Executive Committee be Ad Hoc, meetings called as needed.  Second: Jordan Birnbaum.

Vote: Yes-5, No-0, Abs-0
Stakeholder vote: Yes-1, No-0, Abs-0
            B) Scope of decisions made by Executive Committee—
This needs further research by Exec Committee and then taken up by the HUNC Board.

11. New Business

  • Cindy DuHaine:  She has a project at Hollywood and Western.  She’d like security cameras at this location.  She sent an email to HUNC and the other 4 Hollywood NCs.  Cost is $25,000/camera or $10,000/camera to play into the LAPD network.
    • Susan Swan:  This should go to PS&T Committee
    • Jordan Birnbaum: Reliable source is Hollywood Division LAPD

12. Old Business

  • Website: now 187+ pages. We need a professional to manage it and redesign it @ $5,000.  It’s getting beyond our expertise re: streaming video.  Cost of management - $65 - $95 per hour.  Susan will bring their bid and pdf to next meeting.
  • Functionality of office:
  • Admin Assistant hired for 16 hours/week + 10 hours of overtime.
  • We need to compile all the notes on her position
  • Alleviate the burden on volunteer board members
  • Interview Jennifer Christie: you have a certain number of hours and job responsibilities.  What additional amount of work are you doing for the NC and how many additional hours are you working beyond your regular work hours.

Next Executive Committee meeting Thursday March 1st, 4pm
Adjournment 2:30pm


 Charles Suhayda
Recording Secretary, HUNC