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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Executive Committee Meeting 3:30 PM & Executive Committee Meeting 4:00 PM
Thursday, March 1, 2007
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
Upper Terrace, Second Floor 6054 Yucca St, Los Angeles, CA

Agenda Items Executive Committee Meeting (3:30 PM):

1) Welcome & Introductions
            Those present: Susan Swan, Maurece Chesse, Gary Slossberg, Jordan Birnbaum, Andrew Ettinger and Charles Suhayda. Stakeholder present: Lucy Gregorian.
President Susan Swan opened the meeting by briefly stating that Executive Committee meetings are open to the public and they are informal. At this time, since the HUNC Board has not adopted a policy on recording meetings, we won’t be recording this one. The Board will consider this question at the next full Board meeting in March.

2) Drafting of letter approved at Full Board meeting of 2/20/07 (RE: Agenda Item 12—Planning, Land Use and Management Committee. B. Approval of letter urging owner of parking lot on Gramercy Place to allow continued use of the lot by local residents.)
            There was discussion on the two drafts of the letter, one from Erik Sanjurjo and one from Bree Long. These two drafts were revisions of a letter submitted to the HUNC Board by K. C. Schmidt at the February meeting.
Charles Suhayda expressed concern that both drafts of the letter seemed heavy-handed. As its now drafted it will scare the owner and perhaps made them feel that somehow they are responsible for any crime problems in the area. Our goal is for the owner to cooperate with the neighbors. Jordan Birnbaum also believed that the letter was heavy and should be re-drafted because HUNC is attempting to elicit the cooperation of the property owner.
The letter was re-drafted at this meeting. The finished, printed copy will be signed by Susan Swan, President and Maurece Chesse, Vice President.
Motion: Gary Slossberg, “To approve the letter as re-drafted.” Second: Jordan Birnbaum. Vote: Yes---5            No---0             Abs---1
Stakeholder Vote:   Yes—1            No—0             Abs---0

There was discussion on whether there should be motions made in Executive Committee meetings. After discussion, those present agreed to approve actions by consensus.

Agenda Items Executive Committee Meeting (4:00 PM):

1) Welcome & Introductions
            Those present: Susan Swan, Maurece Chesse, Gary Slossberg, Jordan Birnbaum, Andrew Ettinger and Charles Suhayda. Stakeholder present: Lucy Gregorian.

2) Proposal for funds for First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood Campus security camera(s) and power line upgrade (for Upper Terrace in fair exchange to FPCH for use of the Upper Terrace).
Regarding security cameras, Jordan Birnbaum believes that 2 security cameras with night vision would cost about $6,000 to $7,000. Jordan will check on the costs. It was agreed that the cameras have to be a benefit to the community not just the church.
There was also discussion on the lease and insurance regarding HUNC and the FPCH. The City of Los Angeles uses Sparta Insurance. Jordan Birnbaum stated that FPCH should be listed as additionally insured on the Sparta policy. Charles Suhayda gave Maurece Chesse a copy of the Sparta policy/application. Maurece will do the follow-up on the insurance.
Regarding the power line upgrade on the east side of the Upper Terrace, Charles Suhayda will take this matter to the Facilities and Technology Committee of FPCH and request that FPCH add this upgrade. This will better meet the electrical needs of the HUNC office.

4) HUNC Business Card and Stationary re-design and usage proposals.
            Andy Ettinger presented a couple of options for a new design for the HUNC business card. Susan Swan asked the group what logo should be used on the promotional items that will be used in our community. It was also recommended that Andy check with the Chamber of Commerce regarding the use of the Hollywood sign as the logo for HUNC. A quote for the cost of printing the cards was given at--$28/500 cards. Jordan Birnbaum recommended that the Board decide:

  • Which card design—A, B, C?
  • What titles should go on the card?
  • How many cards for Board members?
  • Costs? (now $28 x 17 members = $376)

Andy Ettinger also provided the following items as an FYI:

  • A short article for the HUNC Newsletter on Creativity from the Arts, Culture & Entertainment Committee.
  • An article from the Daily News (Thursday, March 1, 2007) entitled, “March event celebrates arts in Los Angeles.” The story states that the City of Los Angeles is home to more than 2,500 arts organizations. These generate 450,000 jobs and a $4 billion a year economy.

3) Administrative duties of the Office Manager including but not limited to hours of office with possible extension of hours, access to office and equipment during but not limited to off-hours and holidays, and responsibilities of Office Manager and Board Members/Committee Chairs.

The Office Manager job description was reviewed. This had been drafted by Jordan Birnbaum. This was compared to the list of performed office duties submitted by the current office administrative assistant. Also for comparison, the Mid City West Community Council Administrative Manager Duties was given as an FYI.