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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
February 22, 2005-7:00 PM
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, 6054 Yucca St.
Upper Terrace-Community Room

Board Members Attending: Jordan Birnbaum, Russell Brown, Maurece Chesse, Ann De Bello, Andrew Ettinger, Joel M. Fisher, Andrew Glazier, Scott Larson, Susan Polifronio, Hilary Royce, Charles Suhayda, Chris Stehr and Susan Swan

Excused Absence: Norma Foster and Viktoria Gaw

Unexcused Absence: Ian McCubbin

Agenda Item #1: Welcome, Roll Call and Approval of January 18, 2005 minutes.

Correction by Scott Larson to read: did not understand from the presentation why the Board needed to vote on concept prior to an EIR report - no compelling reason.  Felt this could be irresponsible and recommended waiting to vote until EIR is completed.

Motion by Susan Polifronio to approve minutes with correction.

Second: Ann De Bello

Disposition: Motion Carries

Agenda Item #2: Crime Report by President Joel M. Fisher. Cameras have been installed in parks such as Selma. There are 650 police assigned to Hollywood for the Academy Awards. Crime in Hollywood has dropped by a greater percentage than the drop in the rest of Los Angeles.

Agenda Item #3: Presentation by Mary Richardson on the Hollywood Specific Plan Revision:

Mary Richardson stated that one of the prime goals in the revision is to resolve inconsistencies between zoning in Hollywood and zoning in the rest of Los Angeles. She presented maps with designated down-zoning from 1986 which essentially froze all commercial and multi-unit dwelling incentives. Mary stated the restrictions are severe, cumbersome and non-transparent. The restrictions are also in conflict with the incentives around the MetroRail. The proposal will be to restore height districts commensurate with the rest of Los Angeles and to remove the development limitations. For instance a commercial zone of .5/1 would change to 1.5/1, height limitations would go from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc. This would apply to everything except regional centers which can be much larger. Andrew Glazier asked if the Yucca corridor was considered a regional center.  Susan Swan asked if the mandate would enforce the current code requirements for parking, how would this deal with air space, could someone trade airspace and therefore build higher? Susan Polifronio asked if there is consideration of the historical areas of the City, such as Hollywood, where the tourist industry (its main industry along with the old studios) is primarily in seeing "Old Hollywood". Andrew Glazier stated affordable housing laws allow builders to waive one thing, i.e. density bonus if they provide increased affordable housing in any project. The discussion also mentioned SNAP (Station Neighborhood Area Plan) .

Page. 2 Hollywood United NC February 22, 2005

Joel M. Fisher mentioned the adaptive reuse planned for the Equitable Building at 1717 N. Vine (35 condos) and the proposal to put 1000 condos around the old Palace Club on Vine. Susan Polifronio asked if there were any incentives to balance for sale, rental and commercial units. Crosby Doe asked if there would be the required EIR (environmental impact report) with these changes. Mary Richardson stated yes to the EIR but had no clear response on many of the other questions. She stated her goal was to present the proposed changes. Andrew Glazier proposed a further meeting with her to include himself and Susan Polifronio as acting representatives on the affordable housing issues. Scott Larson also asked to be included. A report will be made to the Board at the March meeting.

Agenda Item #4: Public Comment Items not on the Agenda:

See After Ctte Reports

Agenda Item #5: Officer Reports

Vice President Susan Polifronio: Erik Sanjurjo informed me that office space will be ready for HUNC at the 6501 Fountain City Hall sometime in May.

Treasurer Maurece Chesse: Requested all Board members email him expense requests before the March Board meeting to be included in the 2 nd quarter budget for approval.

Corresponding Secretary Susan Swan: We will have free website hosting and that will free up money for a better email program for stakeholder notifications.

Agenda Item #6: Committee Reports:

Elections: Maurece Chesse stated the Candidate Workshop would be on April 5 th , the Candidate Forum on April 26 th and the Election on May 31 st . Susan Swan stated the by-laws are in error of our vote and need to be footnoted to reflect that the Eastern edge is still in a holding pattern.

Neighborhood & Environment : Susan Swan commented on the upcoming LA River Clean-UP and that we would be working with the PROS Ctte in organizing outreach. Susan S and Susan P suggested Viktoria Gaw as the HUNC liason with PROS on this issue. Approved by Joel M. Fisher. Lucinda had reported in ctte on the still impending move of dedicated Park Rangers to General Services. The Observatory will be opening in 2006 with no increase in parking and with expected visitors to reach 4 million a year. Scott Larson reported that the HPOZ will only include Canyon as the Oaks is still considered part of the Los Feliz HPOZ. Also the owner of the fence at above Franklin on the East side ... has been non-responsive. TLB will move forward to legally have the fence removed.

Education & Youth : Chris Stehr reported on the pre-Earth Day Recycled (Found) Art activity planned at Cheremoya on April 19 th with a possible event on May 3 rd . The entire 6 th grade class will also be participating again this year in the LA River Cleanup. Chris also stated that we are looking for donors to help with a wrought iron fence to replace the chain-link fence at the corner of Beachwood and Franklin and to also provide security at the front entrance. This would prevent the homeless encampment and use of the front entrance as a bathroom.

Page 3: Hollywood United NC February 22, 2005

Andrew Glazier stated the fence has not been priced out as yet. Maurece Chesse stated the money we designated for the Free Clinic fence had not been needed.

Motion by Susan Swan to release these funds for use in a front gate at Cheremoya

Second: Maurece Chesse

Disposition: Motion Carries Unanimously

Social Service & Faith-Based: Charles Suhayda stated the next meeting would be brainstorming on the issue of housing.

Business; Joel M. Fisher stated the Business Committee would be having a Town Hall . Joel also stated there would be and Anti-Crime Symposium on March 23 rd and that reservations will be necessary.

Arts, Culture and Entertainment : Andrew Ettinger reported on a successful first meeting and that Jordan had provided the space and some very good ideas. Andrew would be working on the mission statement and they were compiling demographics to better see where the efforts would be most fruitful.

PLUM Ctte: Russell Brown reported on the withdrawal of Whole Foods from the Garfield location and the halting of any EIR. Susan Polifronio stated that the Bond Co. had recently sent another letter to her area (the Dell) asking people to call Whole Foods and express their desire for them to continue at the Garfield location. The update on the CRA/Hollywood and Western project: There is a go-ahead for the CIM group on the north side of the street. 60-70 affordable units are proposed for the area north on Western which can only be LAUSD affordable replacement housing. The St. Francis will sell their property to CIM and withdraw from the CRA. On the South side the office and community is fast-tracked, a park is proposed for the south side of Garfield and there will be 100 extra public parking spaces, 50 on the north, 50 on the south. The Hollywood and Vine development will be at a future Board meeting. There is a proposed 300 million dollar project with 1000 condos to wrap around the Pantages to the East. The Holly Dr. Condos went to the planning commission with no final ruling before a scheduled site visit. There is a new City Council landscape ordinance and the 1.3 billion dollar Grand Ave. Downtown project has scheduled public meetings at various venues around the City so that anyone interested can participate. Andrew Glazier stated the CIM Group would like to present its full list of projects to the Board and explain what they are doing in Hollywood.

Agenda Item #4: Public Comment

Bill Hooey stated that Florentine Gardens is wrongly being blamed for a recent parking lot shooting which he states occurred at another location and for the Board not to believe the rumors. He also stated that you can send pop3 bulk email easily through earthlink as long as you are set up as a business.

Page 4: Hollywood United NC February 22, 2005 Board Meeting

Agenda Item 6C: Request by Garfield Village for assistance of $299.00 for purchase of Neighborhood Watch Signs and decals.

Above Motion by Susan Swan

Second: Susan Polifronio and Andrew Glazier

Discussion: Ann de Bello asked if the estimate of cost was from the approved City vendor. Eric Sanjurjo stated it was one of two.

Disposition: Motion carries.

Agenda Item #6-D:

Requested Support for compromise plan on Durand Drive Fence

"Fence height variance at 3180-3200 North Durand Drive, public hearing with L.A. City Council PLUM Ctte March 9, 2005."

Review of the Issues by Board Member Susan Swan regarding the original HUNC support to save the Hollywood Specific Plan had taken place before the compromise agreement and that HUNC had never been notified that a compromise had been reached.

Presentation by R. J. Cutler regarding the reasons for the variance and discussion of the

Compromise brokered by Renee Weitzer and Rory Fitzpatrick with the Hollywoodland Specific Plan Design Review Board.

Peter Lavin, President of the Hollywoodland Homeowner's Association speaking on behalf of HUNC supporting the compromise agreement and stating that a meeting was held where those for and against the fence were present and that the current design, approved by the APC is actually more restrictive than the compromise. Peter presented the letter of 14/1 support for the design representing 500 homeowner's. This letter was ratified by the 2004 Hollywoodland Board and again in 2005 by the new Board. Mr. Lavin requested that HUNC remove itself from any opposition to the compromise.

Crosby Doe spoke in favor of HUNC remaining part of the litigation, stated that there should not be an exception to this historical wall as it will be the first and will remove legal protections from these types of structures by setting a precedent. He also felt that the meeting where the compromise was decided was not legal. Protest from Mr. Cutler and Levin that Mr. Doe and others against had been present at the meeting but were unhappy with the result. Mr. Lavin also stated that the Hollywoodland Specific Plan allows for compromise when necessary and that there are some real safety issues here. Mr. Doe stated that the fence should be no higher than what is put in on freeways to prevent cars from going over the side. Mr. Cutler stated that the only view of the wall is from his home, a reason for purchase, and he has a vested interest in maintaining the aesthetic quality. Mr. Cutler also stated that the wall is 100% on his property and except at the curb area, where there is no choice, there will be a 3 foot setback.

Board Discussion:

Main points:

Who brokered the compromise: Renee Weitzer and Rory Fitzpatrick of CD4

What does the current wall look like: Photos from 1922 provided

What will be the design: Open wrought iron on 2 ft. added to the original curb

What is the height: 4' 6"

What issues will this address: safety and aesthetic

Motion by Susan Swan to support the compromise reached between the Homeowner and the Hollywoodland Specific Plan Design Review Board and the Hollywoodland Homeowners Assn.

Second: Andrew Ettinger

Disposition: Motion carries 8:1

Motion by Susan Swan to remove Hollywood United Neighborhood Council from the appeal filed in reference to this issue.

Second: Andrew Ettinger

Disposition: Motion Carries 8:1

Agenda Item #7: Old Business

Eric Sanjurjo reported on the DASH update that no lines would be cancelled but some would be merged. He also stated that FEMA was being asked to declare portions of Los Angeles disaster areas and that there would be a FEMA office setup to walk anyone who qualifies through the application process. Andrew Ettinger asked about the storm damage to Lake Hollywood. Eric S. said that Tom La Bonge was working to open the lower portion so that walkers and others could again have some access to the area.

Agenda Item #8: New Business

A: LA River covered under Neighborhood & Environment

B: Old Cell Phone collection and drop-off at the Harmony as per David Schlesingers suggestion.

Meeting Adjourned by President Joel M. Fisher at 9:15PM 

Minutes Respectfully Submitted: Susan Polifronio & Hilary Royce