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DRAFT Bullet Point Guide: See Full Transcript for Details
Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
Tuesday, February 20th, 2007 Special Full Board Meeting: 5:30pm
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, Community Rm.-Upper Terrace
6054 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA

President Susan Swan called the meeting to order at 5:35pm and turned it over to
Board Member and Recording Secretary Charles Suhayda to chair.

1. Roll Call: Present Board members Robert Abrahamian, Jordan Birnbaum, Maurece Chesse, Andrew Ettinger, Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw, Ryan Ole Hass, Bree Long, Susan Polifronio, Erik Sanjurjo, Hilary Royce, David Schlesinger, Gary Slossberg and Susan Swan.

2. No Public Comment on Items Not on the Agenda

3. Review of Grievances:
    A. Charles Suhayda laid-out the grievances filed by Board members Maurece Chesse
         and Viktoria Gaw.
           1. Criteria for a Stakeholder: Maurece Chesse’s questioning of the Stakeholder
               status of Gary Slossberg:
           The discussion briefly examined the HUNC description of a Stakeholder, the
           Los Angeles City Charter’s description of a Stakeholder and whether the HUNC
           Bylaws sufficiently addresses what happens if a Board Member’s stakeholder
status changes after his or her election. A summary of the latest City Atty’s opinion was read into the record by Board member Gary Slossberg. President Susan Swan stated that the Independent Election Advisor for HUNC, Jerry K…., has  been  asked to clarify this with the City Atty.  This issue will go back to the bylaws committee  for review and  possible amendment.

          2. Code of Conduct
           1. The letter by Viktoria Gaw sent to Amber Meshack, HUNC Coordinator for
                DONE, Lisa Sarno, Interim manager for DONE, Darren Martinez, City Atty,
                BONC, Rabbi Allen Freehling, Human Relations Commission, Vivienne
               Swanigan, Crenshaw Labor Relations Unit, Daniel Gatica, BONC
               Commissioner and attention to Bianca Vite.
           The discussion referenced conduct during Board meetings. This led to a discussion
of a complaint filed by Norma Foster and referenced to in her grievance to    DONE by Viktoria Gaw.

           Attorney Vivienne Swanigan was then asked by Charles Suhayda clarify the
           On being asked what matter Erik Sanjurjo requested that Ms. Swanigan explain
            what her office does, that she confirm there is a grievance regarding Mr. Chesse
            and what are the procedures. Ms. Swanigan stated she works for the Labor
            Relations Board dealing with workplace violence and went on to describe the
            Composition of the Labor Board, that Neighborhood Councils are unaware that
            they need to meet the same standards as the City and that her department will
            investigate claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, violence and things
            of that nature. Ms. Swanigan discussed the training that is available and Susan
            Swan related that she had asked Ms. Swanigan to the next HUNC Board work-
            shop on March 31st to present the 2 ½ hr. session. Susan Swan then asked what
            the procedure was for notifying a Neighborhood Council of a complaint as we
            had only become aware when rumors from City Hall filtered down to us and that
            it was deeply disturbing to not be notified that this was going on. Upon request
            for a letter resolving this issue at the end of the investigation, Ms. Swanigan stated   
            she would speak only to issues, not to an ongoing investigation and that there will
            not be a letter from her office resolving the issue, that this is not done for anyone.  
            Her office will make a determination, they will not report to anyone.


            Susan Swan stated that at our next Board workshop one of these sessions will
             probably be offered. Viktoria Gaw stated she felt the synopsis of issues provided
            by Eric Sanjurjo were wrong, Erik Sanjurjo disagreed and stated they were pulled
            from Viktoria Gaw's official grievance. Erik then stated we were missing the big
            picture which was how complaints were made and that there are two ways in
           which you can file a complaint by coming to the Board as listed in our Bylaws,
 you can file a form with DONE and that we are now aware of a third way; that
 you can file with Workplace Violence which isn’t in the Plan..  Erik brought the discussion back to the fact that we were here to discuss process and not to discuss the specific grievances.

Norma Foster stated this was not the forum to deal with her complaint. Susan Swan stated that it was before the Board as it was in Viktoria Gaw's formal grievance against HUNC Board members and Norma Foster’s complaint was referenced in this, and Susan Swan read aloud the procedures and process for Grievances as laid out in the Bylaws.Erik asked for clarification from Vivienne on how to proceed.

C. Investigations;
     1. Audit and oversight: Maurece Chesse stated that DONE closely audits the
         expenditures and if an audit is necessary they do a whole review. Maurece
        stated that having an outside auditor would probably be a good idea.

        Susan Polifronio stated that a CPA, independent of HUNC and not a Stakeholder
        would be a very good thing and would provide a safety net for the most vulnerable
         Board member, the Treasurer. Item referred to March Board meeting.
         Also, our present dilemma comes out of the inadequacy of our bylaws
         in dealing with Grievances. In 2006 we attempted a number of times to set
        up an ad hoc Grievance Ctte but were stymied by the difficulty of reaching a number
       of “interested stakeholders” who were not involved in grievances against HUNC to
       be able to form an objective ctte. We requested the bylaws committee to work on
       a new grievance procedure.

       2. Charles Suhayda: Ultimately the Board needs to deal with clarification of a stake-
           holder and changes in status, forming an effective grievance committee and if
           the Board should hire a CPA to do periodic audits.

Entered into the record: Official Grievance by Viktoria Gaw, 1/22/2007, Official Grievance by Maurece Chesse, 1/24/2007, Memorandum from Gary Slossberg, City Atty’s Opinion Re: Neighborhood Councils Definition of Stakeholders

Meeting adjourned at 6:30pm
Minutes: Susan Polifronio