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JANUARY 12, 2004
Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (HUNC) Full Board Meeting Minutes: First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood: 6054 Yucca St., L. A.
Upper Terrace-Community Room.

Agenda Item #1: Welcome, Roll Call and Acceptance of December 15, 2003 Minutes

Motion by Joel M. Fisher to accept Minutes from the December 15, 2003 meeting.

Second: Victoria Gaw

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #2: Public Comment Items Not on the Agenda

John Farrion from HCAN reported on the 30 bed PATH Shelter opening the end of January and that there was New Image Shelter 35th & Broadway. The CRA is working to move all the homeless to shelters. Bus #26 has route alterations and new DASH routes are a possibility.

Jim McQuiston urged HUNC members to attend the Tuesday's Budget and Finance CTTE meeting at City Hall. The CAO will be reporting on the budget cuts from Sacramento and how severely it will affect Los Angeles. One concern is that if they fire personnel according to seniority, many of the computer network workers, the newest hires, will be let go.

Agenda Item #3: Hollywood Police Senior Lead Officers Report

Sollie: Franklin North: There was one robbery with a gun at Ivarene and Vine, otherwise crime is very low. 11 burglaries of motor vehicles, Tamarind and Franklin armed robbery, DNA on November sexual assault still out.

Aram: Hollywood South: 2 robberies in last 2 weeks with an arrest made. Illegal aliens on a crime spree Hollywood NE, Rampart & Wilshire. Arrests cleared up 40 crimes. Robbery arrest on Sunset with the aid of Prostitutes using their cell phones to track the robber and report his whereabouts to the Police. One homicide.

Shea: Hollywood Blvd.: Problems on Selma with armed robberies. Shooting at La Brea and Hawthorne. Web cams along Blvd. very useful and Chamber and BID being asked to put in some money. Chief Bratton asking all Officers to work at a 20% crime reduction.

Agenda Item #4: Equitable Building Project Presentation

David Gold & Matt Fisher presented the plans for the building adaptive reuse at the NE corner of Hollywood & Vine. Paladin Realty Partners & Palisades Development Group project. Base renovations are done. The first floor will be a restaurant bar/lounge as it already is. Second Floor: 5 office spaces 800 to 1500 sq. ft.: 3-12 will be 60 residential units 850 to 1900 sq. ft. ½ will be 2-level units. Exterior unchanged. Signs as they are now on top of building. Parking not required for residents but building owner purchased next door lot and will improve to allow residents to buy monthly parking. HUNC Board member questions: How many units are low income, what kind of demand is there for lofts on Hollywood Blvd., is there enough parking for restaurant, traffic mitigation, will the spotlight intrude on residents?

Response: This is a privately funded project and therefore no affordable housing is required. The owner is going beyond requirements with parking and has arranged for a second lot for the restaurants. Traffic mitigation will is still being looked at.

Russell Brown: Motion to Support the Adaptive Re-use design of the Equitable Building

Andrew Glazier: Second

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #5: HUNC Officer Reports

President Joel M. Fisher: Reported on the great number of City meetings attended, involvement in the Clean News rack arbitration, the opening of the new Will and Ariel Durant Library on Sunset Blvd,

Vice-President Russell Brown: Report on the City Council approval of the Hollywood & Vine project, report on Fire Station #82 move and that the 7/11 and the empty lot of vacated Arco are back up for sale. Meeting on the 22nd re: proposed move.

Treasurer Maurece Chesse: Presented new budget sheet and asked that all committee heads present him with budget outlines for committee expenses and printing needs.

Recording Secretary Susan Polifronio: Reported on Jennifer Christie's excellent work as Office Manager, that she can help all committee heads, the third newsletter. We are still feeling our way and learning. George Skarpelos has really helped with formatting and design.

Corresponding Secretary Susan Swan: 396 Yahoo members, weekly alerts, 140 hits in January, home page, calendar, news reports, Dec. had 374 hits. All committee heads should send monthly reports for the webpage.

Joel M. Fisher: Motion to approve 2004 Budget as Stated

Andrew Glazier: Second

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #6: Committee Reports

Outreach Viktoria Gaw: Commended all of us for our hard work this past year and stated is working on Election Committee outreach graphics. Ann De Bello reported on Oaks newsletter request for HUNC report and Susan Swan to follow up.

Social Services & Faith-Based: Hillary Royce/Charles Suhayda: HPAD success recap, reported on the specific expenditures of the HUNC $1500.00 commitment and a health outreach has been started.

Neighborhood & Environment Susan Swan: Susan Swan stated that the next meeting will be a response and discussion of St. Andrew's stairs and the presentation by Adam Kear, tree planting on Franklin Ave. and the matching funds program, the Observatory Orchestra. Also, check with EIDC's Donna Washington when you see filming to confirm that they have valid permits. Pros Committee: GGPNC: HUNC report on the proposed dissolution of the Park Rangers due to budget cuts. Manuel Molinedo resigned and is going to the San Francisco Zoo. For the Record: Copy of letter from the attorney re: St. Andrew's Stairs.

CPAB: Norma Foster: No meeting due to Xmas party.

Education & Youth: No January meeting

Arts & Entertainment: Norma Foster: Notice will be sent to stakeholders re: meeting.

By-Laws: Agenda Item 6A: Andrew Glazier: Jim McQuiston felt that changing the By-Laws to 2/3rds stakeholder's votes in Article XVI would create serious problems. It is unclear if the proposed dates match with the by-laws. Andrew Glazier proposed March 22nd as the Forum date; nominations will close at the end of the forum. Christine Jerian stated that March 5th will close the Voter Guide submissions; March 22nd will close all nominations.

Motion Andrew Glazier: Amendment to By-Laws to close Nominations and the end of the last Candidates Forum before the Election.

Second Maurece Chesse

Discussion: Russell Brown will this give time to verify. Christine Jerian stated the LOWV will do the verification.

Disposition: Unanimous

Election Scott Larson: We wish to amend the changes and must have approval from DONE before we can finish the election materials.

Scott Larson: Motion to allow Executive Committee to have binding approval from the Board to make the necessary changes required by DONE.

Second: Maurece Chesse

Disposition: Unanimous

Susan Swan asked that all materials be made available for the Webpage. Scott Larson stated that Norma, Maurece and Viktoria have done a terrific job and will be working on the mailers. Request that volunteers to help with the Homebound contact Norma Foster. Russell Brown wanted to know how DONE was going to handle the problem with the mass mailings and that 5000 had been returned last time. Christine Jerian stated that it is being handled differently this time. Jim McQuiston stated that a CD at the Assessor's Office has all the correct Stakeholder information, revised monthly, at a cost of only $50.00. Maurece Chesse will follow through on the purchase.

Agenda Item #7: Old Business


Susan Polifronio: Motion to authorize $250.00 to offset the expenses of the CORO Foundation study on improving street closure procedures within Hollywood.

Second: Susan Swan

Discussion: CORO presentation plans to look at the creative solutions in other Cities such as San Diego and to recommend best practices. They will also look at the effect on MTA and bus users. There will be a survey within a five mile radius. Joel asked Board Members to fill out the survey and return to Jennifer at the HUNC Office.

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Referral of a letter in support of Qtopia to Executive Committee for Discussion and Possible Action.

7C: 101 Study Presentation by Jim McQuiston: 200 Items on the list. Emphasis on Highway improvement funds, DASH, changing Surface Street signals to smooth traffic close, recommendations in by January 20th. Susan Polifronio: I am lobbying to add an evening DASH route in Hollywood to encourage use of parking lots and to encourage residents to stay in Hollywood and walk to DASH sites. 5 to 6 buses would allow for a 10 minute maximum wait time and could travel between Hollywood/Highland, Hollywood Blvd., Western, Franklin, Beachwood Cyn., Cahuenga, Odin, Highland and run a circular route. Stops are approximately every 3/10th's miles and would help reduce traffic on weekend nights. Joel stated that we had looked at many of the items on the list Saturday after the Congress of NC's. He requested we defer to Jim's suggestions.

Motion by Andrew Ettinger to follow Jim McQuiston's recommendations on improving traffic flow on the 101 FWY.

Second: Maurece Chesse

Disposition: Passed

7D: Fire Department Memorial Brick Purchase for Discussion & Possible Action

Ann De Bello: Motion for HUNC to purchase a memorial brick for Fire Station #27 for the sum of $250.00.

Hillary Royce: Second

Discussion: HUNC members were in support of this proposal. Joel M. Fisher requests that Ann contact DONE and verify that HUNC can make a purchase of this type and to find out which category this would come under.

Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #8: New Business

Pictures for HUNC Candidates

Agenda Item #9: Adjournment

Susan Polifronio: Motion to Adjourn

Second: Joel M. Fisher 8:57pm

Disposition: Unanimous

Minutes Respectfully Submitted: Susan M. Polifronio, Recording Secretary