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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
Minutes for January 17, 2006
6:30 -8:30 PM
Community Room
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

Agenda Item 1 ---Roll Call & Approval of Minutes from December 19, 2005 Meeting.

Roll Call : Present: Robert Abrahamian , Jordan Birnbaum , Russell Brown, Maurece Chesse , Andrew Ettinger , Joel Fisher, Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw , Scott Larson, Susan Polifronio , Hilary Royce, David Schlessinger , Charles Suhayda, Susan Swan. Absent: Ann DeBello , Andrew Glazier.

Minutes from the December 19, 2005 board meeting were approved after review. Motion:   Gary Slossberg . To approve the minutes. Second:   Jordan Birnbaum .

VOTE:   Yes - 14       No - 0

Agenda Item 2 ---Police Department Crime Stats Report:

Joel Fisher - Under Capt. Sanchez there is a shift in Senior Lead Officers ( SLO's ).Mike Shea - assigned to the Hollywood Hills.  Bill Sollie will be re-assigned to a new area for his remaining months on the beat. Armen Sevdalian - same.   The department will be contacted so that new SLOs will be invited to speak to the HUNC Board.

SLO Mike Shea -- reported to BID Committee that quality of life crimes are down, but attacks, felonies, drug crimes are up.

· Some drug busts have been very successful.  The security cameras are working well.  There are 4 new cameras for Hollywood: (1) South toward Schraeder / Selma, (2) Same on Cahuenga , (3) Music Box/ Henry Fonda. There are a total of 16 cameras in Hollywood.

· Looking to add new cameras for Franklin Ave and Vermont/Hollywood.

Charles Suhayda - Arson attack on a homeless man. A middle-aged white male was attacked on Yucca St, between Gower and LaBaig , on January 12, 2006 at some time after 10 PM. The 2 assailants ran from Gower to the site where the homeless man was sleeping near the freeway wall. They doused the homeless man with a flammable liquid. The victim, feeling wet, jumped up from his sleeping area, just as one of the assailants threw a match. The resulting flames exploded and extended above the freeway wall (about 12-15 ft). FS 82 responded to the emergency call and extinguished the fire. The following day, the victim filed a police report with LAPD Hollywood Division. A report was also filed with LAFD through FS 82 to the arson unit. This was the second attack on homeless on this section of Yucca St. The previous attack on 2 African American men occurred on December 15, 2005. No police report was filed on this. However, because it involved setting a tent on fire, a report was filed with the LAFD arson unit.

Agenda Item 3 :  Public Comments--Items not on the Agenda

· Mike Miller - the arson incident shows the need to speed up the solutions to end homelessness.

· Jamie Rozendahl -She has businesses on Yucca St.  (4 different stores). Her businesses-"Lost & Found" at 6314-6320 Yucca St. She wants to develop a pedestrian life for residents.  She has some issues as a small business owner: (1) Parking - would like to see a diagonal parking on Yucca. (2)  As the city has grown, the city doesn't realize she's there. There are many film shoots and this is impeding her business. Production companies may or may not compensate her.  The system seems random, e.g. the street is closed off- yet there's no filming. (3)  The Parking Police are incredibly aggressive. They keep circling the block. A few days ago, she got out of her car for 45 seconds to unload items for her business and she got a ticket.  (4) Yucca needs trash cans (street furniture).  There is a lot of attention placed on the night life in Hollywood, not on the residents who live and work here.

· Susan Polifronio - suggests working toward a green 20-minute passenger loading zone in front of the business.

· John Farion - HUNC made a $200 donation to an outside entity.  Asked for  support of the Hollywood Healthcare partnership which is within HUNC boundaries.   Reply from board members -- Blessed Sacrament Social Services is the entity that received HUNC donation. It is- a commitment to give them materials they need. It's also a shower site in Hollywood for the homeless. John Farion wants to know how to get support for local services ( ie H-CAN bus tokens)

· Susan Polifronio explained that HUNC wants to support Blessed Sacrament to help homeless (HUNC stakeholders)

Agenda Item 4 : Executive Committee Reports -

· VP - Susan Swan - Andrew Glazier. Sent the Bylaws.  They are on HUNC   

website ( )

· Rec. Sec. Charles Suhayda - No report

· Past Pres - Joel Fisher - We'll be addressing the Town Hall preparation. 

     LANCC has finished its work. Thirty Neighborhood Councils have endorsed LANCC; will probably have 32 endorsements by next week.

· Treas. - Maurece Chesse - provided a 1-page financial summary.  Will have SBC phone/DSL line.  Rent will be $400.00 monthly. The need in the office is organizational space (shelving). The office computer is having some problems, we may need to get a new one.  We purchased a flat panel monitor, which  has been damaged.  (The monitor currently used by HUNC is personal property of Maurece Chesse .)  Eric Sanjurjo has offered to provide file cabinets. Christine Jerian - LA Share also has furniture.

Concerning the budget: we're going over by $4,550.00 These expenses are related to new office set-up, furniture and such.

Norma Foster : The Gateway to Hollywood Project is in final phases for completion.  There will be an invoice coming in the next 4-6 weeks.  We committed $1,000.00.

Maurece Chesse : We approved that in a previous budget.  It won't show up here.

Susan Polifronio : We'll need money for the CRA Gower Task Force for mailers when we have important meetings.

Maurece Chesse : MOTION: "To approve changes to the revised HUNC budget as presented." SECOND: David Schlessinger . Vote:   Yes - 15     No - O      Abs - 0

· Pres. - Susan Polifronio - Report on Economic Development meetings at Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Points of Interest:

(1) - Freeway Park Task Force - Cap the freeway between Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd.  Create a 30-acre park

(2) - Holly Trolley - started Thursday night.  The cost is $1.00 to park at ArcLight Theatre or at Hollywood/ Highland  Passengers can ride trolley all night. There are 13 stops.

(3)- Flex Car - need a membership.  Cost is approximately $8.00 - $10.00 per hour and gas.  They do not have DOT on board.  They need to leave cars at convenient locations in Hollywood. Susan Polifronio --Would like to see a mobility station at new Fire Station 82 site, which could also be a flex-car site.

Bylaws - read into the record by Gary Slossberg . This was the first reading See By-Laws handout.

Agenda Item 4.1 :Appointment of City Attorney Liaison Round Table Discussions on the Brown Act.  Susan Polifronio is the HUNC liaison.  Email questions for the city attorney on this or other issues to Susan Polifronio .

Agenda Item 5 :  Committee Reports

A. Bylaws Amendments: For Action -- Gary Slossberg - committee met last Tuesday and worked on revisions regarding election procedures. Gary Slossberg MOTION:   To approve revisions to HUNC bylaws. SECOND: Maurece Chesse

Stephen Box : Point of Order.  Don't we need 2 meetings to approve changes?  He read from HUNC bylaws.  Stephen pointed to bylaw: Article 16: I

Questions -

Scott Larson - Jim McQuiston's question on a Board vs Council

Ans : Can be changed or amended at future Bylaw committee meeting.

Discussion between Stephen Box and board members

Susan Swan - we have January 2005 Bylaws and most recent revisions from Andrew Glazier. Russ Brown - We should move ahead.  Bylaw changes should be dealt with.  We'll need to answer some things on staggering of seats.

Public comment :

Stephen Box - Bylaws not ready for review or amendment. This doesn't address:  a) reconsidering motion b) change in bylaws c) committees

David Schlessinger - Doesn't address division between . boundaries between geographical areas.  Whoever has revised this is using will and shall interchangeably.

Charles Suhayda - Can we schedule a meeting of Bylaws Committee to address additional concern of  the board?

VOTE:  Yes - 10      No- 1     Abs - 4

Stakeholder VOTE:   Yes - 5  No - 1  Abs - 0

Agenda Item 5 : A - 2006 Election Procedure Packet: For Action.

Report by Maurece Chesse  and Gary Slossberg . See the handout for seats up for election (page 1). See the dates in the election timeline (page 6). Susan Polifronio - MOTION: Accept the election procedures as written, with the necessary revisions and the language offered by Matthew Fitzgerald. SECOND: M. Chesse . VOTE: Yes - 15  No -0  Abs -0

Susan Polifronio - MOTION : Election Committee make a change in wording for conformity to allow for compliance with D.O.N.E. guidelines. SECOND: Jordan Birnbaum VOTE :   Yes - 15    No - 0  Abs - 0.

Agenda Item 5 : C - Department of Transportation Memorandum of Understanding (DOT MOU)

Stephen Box - There were 4 Neighborhood Councils represented: Silver Lake, Hollywood United, San Pedro and Mar Vista at the meeting with the DOT.  The DOT agreed to a more transparent operating style and better communication.  his MOU is only for the 4 NCs that attended the meeting. Asking that the board:

1. Look at the MOU and approve

2. Appoint a HUNC liason to DOT---Appoint Stephen Box

Susan Polifronio - MOTION: To accept the DOT MOU. SECOND: Joel Fisher.

VOTE:   Yes - 12     No - 0

Susan Polifronio - MOTION: To appoint Stephen Box as HUNC liaison to DOT.

SECOND: Maurece Chesse . VOTE:   Yes - 12     No - 0

Agenda Item 5 : D - Laura Chick Audit of Recs & Parks

Susan Swan - Release on January 9 th from Laura Chick - there is no way to evaluate the delivery of services to the public. Recs & Park needs more space but currently much open space in un-used.

Agenda Item 5 : Committee Reports

· Education & Youth - Gary Slossberg presented a project to clean-up Fern Dell area / Oaks.

· Public Safety & Transportation - no report.

· PLUM - presentations by Basque and Shelter at last meeting.  At next PLUM we need BID and Chamber Master Plan to make any decisions.  These are complex developments and all developers are claiming to use the same parking facilities.

Susan Polifronio - Andrew Glazier was to inventory parking along Hollywood Blvd.  We need a report from the Night Club Owner's Assoc. Russ Brown - Presentation on Hollywood / Garfield by BOND Co.  The exterior is up for grabs.  Parking EIR is coming in about 4 weeks.  There is no CRA involvement, and no affordable housing included.

· Events, Arts & Culture - no report.

· Social Service / Faith-Based - Hilary Royce - Mayor's Day of Service is tentatively set for May 7 th .

· HPOZ - no report.

· Gower Street Task Force - First meeting held.  40 people attended. Will look at 12-unit apartment building tomorrow with Norma Foster, Susan Polifronio , Joel Fisher and Hilary Royce.

David Schlessinger - MOTION: To Adjourn