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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Board Meeting July 19th, 2004: 6054 Yucca St.
Upper Terrace Room at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

Item #1 -   6:40 pm Meeting began.  Roll Call and Minutes Accepted

Attending Board Members:  Robert Abrahamian, Jordan Birnbaum, Russell Brown, Maurece Chesse, Andrew Ettinger, Joel Fisher, Norma Foster, Andrew Glazier, Scott Larson, Hillary Royce, Scott Larson. Ian McCubbin, Charles Suhayda and Chris Stehr.  There is quorum.

Excused with absence: Ann De Bello, Viktoria Gaw and Susan Polifronio.

Item #2 -  Crime Report

Senior Lead Officers absent.  Joel M. Fisher gave a brief summary on crime stats.  Hollywood down 20%.  The most serious crimes reported on were rapes.

Norma gave the CPAB report which was that there was no June meeting but a meeting would be on July 27 th . 

Item #3 Public Comment:

John Farion - Requested HUNC support Inclusionary Zoning.

Jennifer Christie relayed the 877-A-THREAT hotline for public threat awareness.  

Item #4 -  HUNC Officer Reports:\

President Joel M. Fisher reported on proposed Clear Channel Hollywood Blvd. New Year's Eve party street closure.  He will not be a voter but recommend that we do not support it.

Susan Swan, Corresponding secretary reported on the web page and asked for items to be sent to her. Yahoo calendar is in place and committee chairs needs to send meeting dates for inclusion.

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Hollywood United NC

July 19, 2004

Treasurer Report, Maurece Chesse stated that we purchased a tape recorder to help with the minutes and regarding the budget, all paper work has gone in. On encumbering of funds, the bulletin boards, sandwich boards and printer were all approved as well as newsletter inclusion in Hollywood Independent and La Opinion.

Item #5: Committee Reports

Russell Brown, PLUM

A recap of current status of CRA proposals for Hollywood and Western and encouraged everyone to be involved in the process.

Susan Swan, N&E

St Andrews stairs 80 th anniversary. Franklin beautification project will go in three phases and there will be a meeting on it on the 27 th July. The PROS is working well and setting up a Task Force with Greater Griffith Park.  Parking and Fire safety access in the Hills Town Hall will be August 24 th .

Mathew from CD #4 will be point person. HPOZ report and then Ian requested that HPOZ be extended to Argyle.

Chris Stehr: Youth and Education

Reported on the upcoming Youth and Education town hall. A questionnaire had been sent out to local families to find out their priorities are.  He is putting together a wish list that he would like included in the next newsletter and is looking for $9,000 to make up coaches for after school due to budget cuts.  We are looking for help to improve the look of the chain link fence.

Andrew Glazier: Bylaws

Two proposals to discuss were requirement for participation in HUNC as a prerequisite for eligibility for running for the board. However, on the

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Hollywood United NC

July 19, 2004

election ballot it would show whether they had been involved in any committee.

Norma Foster, AC&E

Looking for entertainment venue for first meeting.

Ian McCubbin, PS&T

Summary of LA DOT meeting with CD#4 and Bob Camou. Issues discussed:

Improving phasing for new lighted Argyle

Re-signing the school zone around Cherimoya School

New signs at Western South near Franklin directing people to the 101

Gower and Franklin light - Norma had a concern on this

Encouraged participation in the upcoming Parking Solutions Workshop in the upcoming Thursday August 24 th .  We will have a follow-up meeting on September 13 th .  There will be one hour of presentation and then we will break into focus groups. Help is needed on distributing flyers.

Susan Swan and Maurece Chesse, Elections Committee

No current information

Ann Debello and Jordan Birnbaum, Outreach

No new news.

Joel M. Fisher, Business and Government:

Tentative date for Business, Tax Town Hall before the November election

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Hollywood United NC

July 19, 2004

Faith-based and Social Services Committee:

No new news.

Item A: See above

Item B:

Susan Swan felt rangers should stay a separate entity.

Motion: Susan Swan that PROS work out a letter on Susan' write-up

Second: Maurece Chesse

Discussion: Rory recommend inviting Gary Newman to next PROS meeting.

Disposition: Unanimous, motion carries.

Item #6: New business

Eric Sanjurjo brought new opportunities for Neighborhood Councils to network.

DASH routes in need of assessment.

Airport was deferred until next meeting.

Agenda Item #7:

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:10pm

Minutes Respectfully Submitted: Hilary Royce