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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Minutes of the Board Meeting
July 18, 2005, 6:30 PM

Agenda Item 1: Welcome, Roll Call and approval of minutes.

· Board Members present: Andrew Glazier, Jordan Birnbaum , Russ Brown, Maurece Chesse , Andrew Ettinger , Joel Fisher, Viktoria Gaw , Scott Larson, Susan Polifronio ,Hilary Royce, David Schlessinger , Susan Swan, Charles Suhayda. Excused absence---Gary Slossberg ; unexcused absence---Robert Abrahamian .

· Approval of the June 20, 2005 HUNC Board Meeting Minutes. Approved: 13-Yes, 0-No.

Agenda Item 2: LAPD Lead Officers Report

SLO Mike Shea reported crime statistics for the period, 6/19 through 7/16:

· SLO Bill Sollie : Auto break-ins, House break-ins = 11

· SLO Armen Sevdalian : Aggrevated assault, robberies = 12

· SLO Mike Shea : Aggevated assault = 11, Car break-in = 8, Robbery = 8. All of these crimes occurred at night. Crime occurs around the clubs not in the clubs.

· LAPD Hollywood Division: Violent crime ¯ 26%, Property crime ¯ 14%.

· YTD homicides in the Hollywood Division area: 3, compared to 10 in 2004.

· LAPD Hollywood Division median response time: 5.6 min. As compared to LAPD Citywide response time: 6.7 min.

· Footbeat report: (1) Food give- aways (Selma & Schrader) by Food-on-Foot. Looking to see who authorized this food distribution in the park. (2) Maps to the homes of the stars are now expanding in distribution to Hollywood Blvd.


Chesse : Complaints about 14 hot dog vendors at/near the Mann's Chinese Theater.

SLO Shea : It is against the law to have food vendors on the street. The Health Department is responsible for monitoring food vendors. He has cited people for food vending. Some carts have Health Department permits, these get a citation. Carts without Health Department permits receive 2 tickets and the food is discarded by LAPD.

Glazier: What can be done about illegal posters on light poles?

SLO Shea : Its against the law. Call the Hollywood Division non-emergency number, or call Burke Security if the posters are near Hollywood Blvd.

Glazier: Large commercial trucks are speeding down Holly St. What can be done?

SLO Shea : LAPD has a commercial trucks unit, contact them.

Larson: Does LAPD have a position on fences around homes? On fence heights?

SLO Shea : LAPD believes in crime prevention through environmental design. It does not have a position on the height of fences for residential properties.

Agenda Item 3: Presentations

A) Tabled request by Silverlake NC to support Neighborhood Councils filing original ideas with the LA City Council.

· Jeff Gardner---Co-chair Atwater Village NC asked for support of 05-0575 because it will increase the LA City Council's accountability on motions passed by the Neighborhood Councils ( NCs ).

· Glazier : Concerned about NCs from across LA City putting motions before LA City Council directly. Each NC should work through their City Council members.

· Brown : HUNC is blessed to have 2 LA City Council members, Garcetti & LaBonge , who are very responsive to HUNC. There has been effective cooperation between NCs to get results. For example the burglar alarm issue and the DWP proposed rate hike.

· Gardner : On issues like keeping rangers in the parks, you'd want to tellother City Council members like Dennis Zine . We don't want this to be another memo/idea issue. We need to be heard.

· Public Comment : (1) Jim McQuiston - Speaking against 3a.We need to do more personal lobbying with City Departments. (2) Bill Rozendahl ---Doesn't like NCs because they were not properly elected. Voters in NC elections should be residents and registered voters. He doesn't pay attention to NCs .

· Motion : Susan Swan-Move that HUNC sign-on to approve the community impact statement---05-0575. Second of motion ---Russ Brown. (Clarification- This supports NCs going directly to City Council with an issue. A Council File and a number will be assigned and given to LA City Council members. There is accountability that it gets to City Council members). Discussion ---Norma Foster: Lets table this, don't rush in, take it up next month. Russ Brown---If the PROS Committee had a process to file a statement with City Hall on the Park Consolidation (Park Ranger issue) it may have helped move the process along. Vote --- 8-Yes, 0-No, 3-abstain.

B) Hollywood Towers Expansion:

· (See PLUM Committee Report)

· Owner: Jack Dell has owned the property for 10 yrs.

· Architect: David Hibbert

· Manager of Hollywood Towers: Katie Lee

· David Hibbert has been working on this project for 2 yrs. Three main points to focus on: (1) Solutions to parking-adding a parking garage. The LADOT  has approved the traffic study. (2) Greenspace ---the City Council member has asked for mirror image green space.  (3) Units--- 62 + 126. 60% of units are 1-bedroom.

· Gaw : How many people are being displaced?

· Hibbert : We are complying with laws on displacement, including the 90-day notification.

· Foster : We need a town hall to discuss both projects---Hollywood Towers and the Best Western on Franklin.

· Glazier : Was at the PLUM meeting. Likes this project and supports it.

· Schlessinger : Concerned about the 1-by-1 approval process for these projects that come before HUNC. Concerned about the increase in density and increasing traffic congestion/gridlock.

· Hibbert : Environmental Impact Report (RIR) has been finished and turned in to the Planning Dept.

· Schlessinger : We need more information on traffic congestion and EIR.

· Birnbaum : Will there be any negative interactions between Hollywood Towers project and Best Western i.e. traffic problems?

· Hibbert : There is no real overlap of these two projects with regard to construction.

· Motion : Russ Brown- To approve this project as presented with the stipulations (Plum report). Second : S. Swan. Vote : 9---Yes, 1-No, 3-abstain

Agenda Item 6E-Fence at 1924 Canyon Dr.

· Scott Larson : A variance has been requested from the Planning Dept for a fence at 1924 Canyon Dr. The current ordinance sets fence height at 3' 6".

· Statement from homeowner -Gordon. He will grow roses along the fence, will stain it. He lives across from the Mayfair loading dock...its unsightly.

· Peter (1954 Canyon Dr. Resident). The fence is a junkyard fence. Its an eye-sore and has been there for 2-yr.

· Nick Morton : The fence violates the integrity of the neighborhood and its aesthetics.

· Fred Arons : Resident at 2008 Canyon Dr. The fence is pretty awful.

· Susan Polifronio : What efforts have been made to help the neighbor comply with regulations?

· Scott Larson : He talked with builder. Initially, no variance applied for. Only applied 30-60 days ago. The hearing with the Planning Dept is on Wednesday July 28th.

· Motion: Scott Larson---HUNC send a letter to Planning Dept that opposes granting of variance and maintains fence height at 3' 6" standard. Second : Glazier. Vote : 13---Yes, 0---No.

Agenda Item 3C ---Condo Project at 1717 N. Vine St.

· (See PLUM report)

· Presenters-Matt Fisher (Palisades Development Group) and Elizabeth Patterson.

· This is a mixed-use project:

1. 57 residential units (750 to 110 sq. ft)

2. 154 parking spaces (2.5 spaces/unit) , 2-level subterranean parking with access from Vine St.

3. 6,000 sq. ft. Commercial space

4. 5-Story building + roof (roof top activity)

5. Courtyard

6. Bar/Lounger

7. Valet parking

8. Concierge service

9. Restaurant with room service to living units

· Jim McQuiston : What are the side clearances of the bldg?

· Answer : 15' at rear, 8' on other 2 sides.

· Jim McQuiston : There's a lot of noise coming from the entertainment district. He's a nearby resident and cannot get to sleep until 3 AM. Developer should think about a noise restriction on the leases. What about extra parking for the bar/restaurant?

· Jordan Birnbaum : What is the capacity for the bar/restaurant?

· Elizabeth Patterson : Bar accommodates 142 guests. The restaurant seats 135, its a 24 hr/day establishment. There will be 12 parking spaces for this 200 seat capacity establishment.

· Motion: Russ Brown---Approve the project as presented with the following restrictions:1) that parking complies with city codes, 2) No commercial billboards, and 3) no roof top signs. Second: Joel Fisher. Vote: 12---Yes, 0---No, 1---abstain.

Agenda Item 4: Public Comment for items not on agenda

· Todd Regen : Bothered by the noise from helicopters in Hollywood. This is a "Helicopter Highway." There are traffic helicopters and military helicopters.

Agenda Item 6: Committees

· PLUM: (1) DWP thinking about placing power generation plants in each planning district. (2) City Council is looking at an inspection program for recycling centers. (3) CRA wants to invest in transitional housing in Hollywood. (4) Hollywood specific plan-set up an ad hoc committee.

· Motion: Norma Foster---To establish an ad hoc committee to address the Hollywood Specific Plan. Second: Larson. Vote:  13---Yes, 0---No.

· Neighborhood & Environment:  (1) Working on the Griffith Park Master Plan. Will have input into the plan. Los Feliz  Coalition recommends establishment of a protected wilderness with the central part of the park remaining wilderness (urban wilderness). Motion: Jordan Birnbaum ---To write a letter to Los Feliz coalition in support of the proposal. Second: Swan. Vote:  13---Yes, 0---No. (2) Letter from the Oaks. Motion: Susan Swan--- To support keeping the gate on Western Canyon road above Red Oak in Fern Dell closed from Sunset to Sunrise. Second: Suhayda. Vote: 13---Yes, 0---No. (3) HUNC website is continuously being updated with new information. (4) Neighborhood grants are available through the office of community beautification.

· Second Reading of the By-Law Amendment . Motion: Susan Polifronio ---To approve the HUNC by-law amendments as presented. Second: Birnbaum . Vote: 13---Yes, 0---No. Stakeholders vote: 5---Yes, 0---No.

· Andrew Ettinger accepts the position as HUNC representative to the DWP.

Agenda Item 8 : New Business

· Jim McQuiston is concerned about the death of 3 large trees at the Country Church property. He believes someone is killing the trees.

Meeting adjourned.