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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Minutes of the Board Meeting
June 20, 2005, 6:00 PM

First order of business--Public Comment:

· Susan Swan read the amendments approved to the HUNC by-laws by the HUNC Board.

Agenda Item 1 :

· Welcome and roll call:

            Board members present: Robert Abrahamian, Jordan Birnbaum, Russ Brown, Maurece Chesse, Ann DeBello, Andrew Ettinger, Joel Fisher, Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw, Scott Larson, Susan Polifronio, Hilary Royce, David Schlessinger, Charles Suhayda, Susan Swan. Board members absent and excused: Andrew Glazier, Gary Slossberg.

· Swearing in of newly elected Board members:

Christine Jerian officiated the swearing in ceremony for newly elected members.

· Officer Elections:

(1) Nominations for President: Joel Fisher nominated Susan Polifronio for Board President. Second by Norma Foster. No other nominations. Susan Polifronio approved by a vote of 12---Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstain.

(2) Nominations for Vice President: Motion by Susan Polifronio to nominate Susan Swan, second by Viktoria Gaw. Susan Swan approved by a vote of 12-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstain.

(3) Nomination for Treasurer: Motion by Norma Foster nominating Maurece Chesse for Treasurer, second by Susan Swan. Maurece Chesse approved by a vote of 12-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstain.

(4) Nomination for Corresponding Secretary: Motion by Joel Fisher nominating Jordan Birnbaum for Corresponding Secretary, second by Maurece Chesse. Jordan Birnbaum approved by a vote of 13-Yes, 0-No.

(5) Nomination for Recording Secretary: Motion by Hilary Royce nominating Charles Suhayda for Recording Secretary, second by Norma Foster. Charles Suhayda approved by a vote of 12-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstain.

A) Approval of Minutes from the May 16, 2005 Board Meeting:

Minutes were reviewed by the Board. Joel Fisher requested approval. Motion to approve minutes from Susan Polifronio, second by Susan Swan. Minutes approved by a vote of 13-Yes, 0-No.

Agenda Item 2 : LAPD SLO Hollywood Crime Statistics & Safety Report.

            Senior Lead Officer Mike Shea (Hollywood Area Footbeat) gave the report. Overall, crime statistics are down. Last week, the Club Ivar had a Hip-Hop Night. A homicide occurred at the club when a suspect knifed another patron at the club. The perpetrator left the scene by was identified by video surveillance and was arrested shortly after leaving the scene.

            Also, the elderly lady who was assaulted when her purse was snatched and who suffered injuries when she hit the ground, died from her injuries. CD 4 Council member Tom LaBonge has announced a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator of this crime.

            Officer Shea also reported 13 aggravated assaults on Hollywood Blvd. These are generally late night/early morning incidents and are not necessarily associated with the nightclubs.

            Concerning the police surveillance cameras on Hollywood Blvd, there are now 5, the latest one added at Sycamore & Hollywood Blvd. Police are noticing that drug dealers and gangsters are now moving 1-2 blocks away from the cameras to conduct their activities. There is the movement of drug dealing and prostitution to Selma Park and the Yucca corridor. Another BID is interested in purchasing security cameras similar to those on Hollywood Blvd.

            Officer Bill Sollie  (Basic Car Area 6A15) reports that his biggest problem in the Hollywood Hills remains car break-ins, especially along Beachwood Canyon and north Gower St. Officer Armen Sevdalian (Basic Car Area 6A49) also reports car break-ins are a major problem in his area. Officer Shea cites car break-ins as the most common crime in the City of Los Angeles.

Agenda Item 4 : Public Comment for Items Not on the Agenda.

(1) Christine Jerian reminded Board members that parking passes for this Saturday's Congress of Neighborhood Councils are available in the packets distributed to Board members. Parking passes can also be printed off the Congress of NC's website.

(2) Eric Sanjurno (CD 4) reported that he is working on lists for repairs to sidewalks and streets for CD 4. Also a reminder that Tom LaBonge will host the Summer Solstice Hike in Griffith Park

Agenda Item 3 : Presentations.

(A) Hollywood/101 Best Western Hotel Expansion (Presentation & Vote).

Presenter---David Hibbert, Principal, David, Forbes & Hibbert Architects. Current owner, Bernie Adler, wants to expand hotel. The basic expansions will be: subterranean parking under the current lot on the Carmen St. side, this will expand the number of parking spaces from 57 to 111, and addition of 25 rooms (11 suites and 14 standards) along with a business center to the Vista Del Mar St. side. These additions will not impact the popular coffee shop at the hotel. The look and aesthetics of the hotel will be changed to a 1930's style.

Questions :

· Norma Foster : With all of the proposed building about to begin (101 Best Western & Hollywood Towers), how will that impact traffic in the area? Answer : The Hollywood Towers project has a long way to go. The city probably won't allow both projects to begin at the same time.

· Russ Brown : Expansion of the Hollywood Tower-they will be coming to the PLUM Committee to present their proposal.

· Viktoria Gaw : Very concerned about traffic congestion on Franklin Ave. between Western Ave. and 101 freeway. Where will the new parking entrance be for hotel? Answer : Parking entrance will be on Carmen. Cars can also enter hotel on Vista Del Mar, then proceed via a driveway to subterranean parking on the Carmen St. side.

· Coffee Shop Manager : The Coffee Shop will add 20 seats (5 tables).

· Walker : Appreciates the changes made to this project in response to input from the neighborhood surrounding the hotel. But he noted crime problems at the mini-mall on the west-side of the hotel (Carmen St) and requests that the owner install a security camera like those used on Hollywood Blvd by the police.

· Luke Vincent : Likes this project. Thinks its excellent.

· Norma Foster : Wishes to speak in favor of this project.

· Scott Larson : What is the projected time frame for completion of this project? Answer : About 12-months of construction. Parking will be the first priority. Will there be any changes to the project plan? Answer : The plan is the plan as proposed. But we're not sure what the city will require in a variance procedure. CD 4 has told us to get community input, then they'll review the project. We're pushing ahead to obtain the necessary variance(s).

Motion & Vote :

· Russ Brown stated that the PLUM Committee recommends approval of this project. Motion to approve made by Russ Brown, second by Norma Foster. 101 Best Western Project approved by a vote of 15---Yes, 0---No.

(B) Presentation on Historic Hollywood & Development in current Hollywood.

(1) Mark Wanamaker presented a 50-minute slide show on he historical development of Hollywood, including the Hollywood Hills. Featured areas were: Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood Blvd, Vine St., Sunset Blvd., Gower St., Caheunga Ave.

(2) Robert Nudelman presented a 30-minute talk on concerns about current development in Hollywood. He cited:

· Traffic concerns

· No compliance with previously formulated development plans

· Current work on the Hollywood Community Plan by LA City

· CRA's power to super-cede Hollywood Community Plan

· "Super" signs in Hollywood, whereas there are strong regulations on huge signs in other parts of city and neighboring cities

Agenda Item 5 : Select committee Reports.

B. Election Committee :

            The election results have been distributed to each Board member. In future elections, we're going to start earlier. This means that outreach will begin in August. It is essential that candidates read election procedures and our by-laws. Candidates cannot use the Seal of the city of Los Angeles or HUNC Letterhead in their campaign promotional materials.

Agenda Item 6 : Old Business.

B. LANC Report:

            The Neighborhood Councils should be calling for the Congress of Neighborhood Councils to meet twice a year, not DONE. There is a Congress meeting next week, at this meeting a draft of the mission statement for the Congress of NC's will be presented.

C. CERT Report.

            CERT training has been completed. Thank you to Jennifer Christie for her help.

Agenda Item 7 : HUNC Board members workshop.

            This will be held on a Saturday in July, from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Motion to Adjourn:

Motion by Viktoria Gaw, second by Norma Foster. Motion approved. Adjourned at 8:40 PM.