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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
Minutes for June 19, 2006
6:30 -8:30 PM
Community Room
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

Agenda Item 1 ---Roll Call & Approval of Minutes from May 15, 2006 Meeting.

· Roll Call : Present: Robert Abrahamian , Jordan Birnbaum , Ann DeBello , Russell Brown, Maurece Chesse , Andrew Ettinger , Joel Fisher, Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw (L), Susan Polifronio , Hilary Royce, David Schlessinger , Gary Slossberg, Susan Swan.  Excused: Charles Suhayda  Unexcused: Scott Larson

· Minutes from the May 15, 2006 board meeting were approved after review and corrections. Correction made to Item 6B regarding Russ Brown's comments and Susan Swan's comments regarding HUNC's Boundaries.  Motion:   Joel Fisher: To approve the minutes. Second: Jordan Birnbaum . V OTE: Yes - 13, No - 0, Abstain- 0

· Minutes from the May 15, 2006 special board meeting were approved after review.  Motion:   Joel Fisher: To approve the minutes. Second: Jordan Birnbaum . V OTE: Yes - 12, No - 0, Abstain- 1.

?  - Eric S. moved to Council District 12 (Janice Hahn).  Rather than replace Eric, LaBonge's office has redistributed the area.  Your new deputy is Doug Mensman .

Doug - Hi, I went to USC and worked there for a while.  Never been in city politics before.   I grew up in the Midwest, but currently live in this area.  I will be in the Hollywood Field Office on Wednesdays.  Contact - .

? - Tom will be hosting his annual hike up Griffith Park on ? from 6pm to 8pm.   We start at the north end of the Observatory Parking lot.  We will have ranger vehicles to take people who can't make the hike to the top.  It will be a potluck.  There are two motions that Tom is putting forth: one on mansionization to be more specific on the size of a house in relation to the lot and a second motion dealing with party houses.  In the Santa Monica Mountains, some people use houses for parties and movie shoots.  We are concerned about safety issues, such as overflow parking.  Russ - Couldn't this be covered by the Hollywood Specific Plan?  ? - We want it citywide.  Russ - My concern is that if the proposal can't be sold citywide, we'd still want restrictions in our area.  Doug - Various topographies around LS complicate matters.  Russ - For party houses, if certain houses are used again and again for parties, doesn't it become a business use in violation of zoning provisions ? ? - If it's with a 501(c )3 , they can get around zoning restrictions.  Our main concern is safety.  Susan P. - I think it should go to the PLUM committee to look into overflow zoning.

Agenda Item 2 --- Police Dept Lead Officers Hollywood Crime & Safety Report

Paula Davidson - I'm the Lead Officer for the area that stretches from the Yucca Corridor to South Franklin to Hollywood and Vine.  There have been a lot of break-ins in the area that are not reported.  It's very important to report.  Crime stats for last month: the hot spot is in the Yucca Corridor at Wilcox.  It's mostly car break-ins, home burglaries.  Not a lot of crime reported in the HUNC area, although there have been a lot of questions regarding the influx of homeless youth in the area.  They are responsible for some of the crime in the area.  Contact info: blackberry # (voicemail) - (213) 793 - 0705, e-mail - .  If it's an emergency, call 911.

Rosemary Hendler - There was an incident at my residence in Vista Del Mar while I was out of town.  ADT called the police, no one responded.  ADT called again, again no response.  Paula - Sometimes police respond and they don't see evidence of a crime, but I can investigate this situation further.  Ann - I know of 3 car thefts in the Canyon-Franklin area in past month.  A report was made.  Susan P. - Who's the lead officer in that area?  Paula - Maggie Formacing (?), area 6815.  New captain for Hollywood is Capt. Ferrell, who probably will start next month, since Capt. Sanchez is retiring.  Terri Geiger - Capt. Sanchez had a targeted area.  Is that still happening?  Paula - We assign two units to target specific locations.  We make numerous arrests, and then move on.  Terri Geiger - Can we get a report about the cause of the crimes?  Paula - Yes, we have a unit that assesses that causes of crimes.  Other things happening in the area: We have a night event to take back the night for kids and the community.  Red Flags issues in the hills are big.  We're trying to get the homeless out of that area to keep the fire danger down.  Norma - Please request all speakers to use mic .  Susan P. - Please say your name.

Agenda Item 3 --- Presentations & Discussions

3A. Larry Gross, Coalition for Economic Survival - Larry Gross - Director of Coalition for Economic Survival.   Been doing tenants' organizing for 30 years.  I'm here to discuss things going on in this area.  City residents is over 65% tenants.  We try to address their needs.  We have volunteer attorneys and free clinics - Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am at Plummer Park Community Room (7377 Santa Monica Blvd).  We do outreach on lead paint dangers and on slum housing.  Brought a lawsuit against a landlord harassing tenants. Doing organizing around issue of conversion of apartments to condos.   This is done in two ways: 1. changing existing buildings to condos or 2. knocking down buildings and building a new one.  From demolitions of buildings, 11000 units lost in past 5 years, 7000 units lost since 2005.  LA likes to see itself as a leader on tenants' issues, but that's not the case.  We want the city to enact a condo and demolition moratorium. Contact info:, 213-252-4411,

3B. Hollywood Blvd./Argyle/El Centro Clarett Proj . Apartment and Retail Complex

Russ - Last night we had a joint PLUM meeting with Central Hollywood NC.   The project presented tonight straddles both of our areas.  There's been much outreach about it over the past two years.  It would be on the north and south side of Hollywood east of the Pantages .  It would include market rate apartments.  10% affordable housing. Plenty of available parking to the community.   Has a retail component.  Partnered with Pantages and near subway stop. $800/sq feet.   It's meant to be a residential community.  It will have a significant change on the community with benefits with the retail component.

Ira Hendler - I'm in charge of government and community outreach for the project.  Been working with the community for a long time.   This project is for you.  A lot of projects are not designed for people in Hollywood, but this one is.  We have our team here to present the project to you.  We're not asking for any subsidies; in fact, this project will generate 3 million a year for CRA.  There's no relocation, no eminent domain involved.  Some of the apartments will be for moderate income; others for low income.  Parking will be underground. 

Frank ? - Here's a map of the project.  It's 7 acres in total.  We think this is an ideal mixed use project.  There are 1000 rental units, 10% of them affordable housing.  Live/work units on the perimeter on the street front.  Parking is 1.5 times the number of residents.  There are 700 spaces for the Pantages . 

Yon ? - Here's a more close-up map of the project.  It's not a shopping center.  There's no internal circulation.  There's widened sidewalks.  Part of Carlos will be blocked off for improved traffic.

Andrew Ettinger - Are there 4 or 5 stories of residential space?  What's the roof treatment? Yon - 5 stories, no penthouse on the top.  David S. - I feel that this project is far superior to other possible projects.  My concern is related to the entire scheme of development in Hollywood.  I have not heard anyone look at traffic problems as a whole, given other planned projects in Hollywood.  I don't feel so worried about electric, sewer, and other services.  These could be affected gravely, but can be handled.  How do you handle automobile access?  The best answer I've heard is we have an excellent transit system.  I beg to differ.  I would like to send a letter to summarize these complaints to the city.  Susan P. - These concerns can be dealt with in a Public Safety and Transportation Committee meeting.  Ira - In our EIR and traffic study, we did consider cumulative effects.  Russ - Hollywood Blvd. can not be widened for historical designation reasons.  John Bowen - We studied 28 intersections, looked at late night traffic.  It was a comprehensive study.  DOT approved the study.  We explored specifics as to how to provide for traffic issues.  Ann - We need to hear from the city, land use planning, and DOT.  What will happen with traffic while construction is going on?  Robert - When was this project started?  Frank - July 2005.  Robert - why didn't you talk to the NC the?  Ira - We held a meeting a year ago for NCs .  Robert - Both parking entrances are from Argyle.  My problem is parking and traffic.  This project will bring Hollywood to a standstill.  No one's talking about the impact of the freeway.  Ira - The alternatives for the property are worse.  Gary - I think the project looks visionary.  My concerns are that there is not enough affordable housing, particularly given that this project seems ideally located for affordable housing.  It's close to the transit and low income individuals are more likely to not have cars.  Moreover, when we talk about increased cars, my big concern is with the environmental impact.  We need to start thinking that these issues, as we are already feeling the impact of global warming today.  Eventually, it will kill us, if we do nothing.  Ira - We are not mandated to have affordable housing.  The alternative is a luxury high rise.  Frank - The flex car program can address environmental concerns to reduce pollution issues.  Jordan - Going along with the green theme, I think it's not your obligation, but what about using solar panels?  The city of Portland has gone a long way in using alternative energy sources.  Yon - There are possibilities there.  Frank - We are also providing bike racks.  Viktoria - I find it interesting that the council district would suggest high rises given our issues with traffic and density.  Also, affordable housing is misleading.  What is affordable to one is not affordable to another.  Jim McQuiston - I didn't get a chance to speak before PLUM.  This project is against public safety.  There are problems with street closures.  There are ADA issues that the city is going to start to enforce.  If we want people to be safe, we don't want complete gridlock.  This project is designed to distract motorists.  Nyla Arslanian - Speaking in favor of the project.  I've been involved in Hollywood for a number of years.  My husband and I have a business in the community.  What has impressed me about this project is the community outreach.  We're concerned about traffic and quality of life.  They've listened to us.  I think it's important that our voices are heard in the process.  Terri Gerger   - I'm with the Hollywood Dell Civic Association, a group of homeowners, about 100 homes.  They've had a number of meetings.  We've said we need more restaurants, more services.  I think this project is good.  It's one of the best projects for our neighborhood.  Margarita Cordova - I live on Carlos and Vista Del Mar.  I must say that they've been very nice in getting our interest.  I've gone to each house and explained the project.  Everyone's quite excited about it.  Recently for the third time this year, I was attacked as I got out of my car.  I feel safer having more people around the area.  We're excited and in favor of the project, mainly because the developers have consulted us.  Rosemary Hendler - Our house is impacted incredibly by the project.  I give tours for the MTA and am also an artist.  We look at not great stuff now.  The developers are exemplary in contacting us.  This project will open up the area.  There will be more restaurants for Pantages , the Metro will be used more.  My late father, former Executive Director of California Transportation Association, would have loved this project.  Russ - To answer some questions, we understand a number of issues.  This is a 7 acre site.  We need supplement green space.  Scott Campbell and I have a meeting with Garcetti .  Hi request is to create a high rise and under-park it.  We have an opportunity to work with a developer who's spent 2 years getting community input.  Motion: Russell Brown: To support the project with the following stipulations:


Ann - I want to make someone from the City to speak about the implication of the project.  Stephen Box - I'm concerned about the specifics of the motion, such as the widening of the streets around the project.  At the same time, I'm concerned about suggesting specifics without CPATH and other groups giving thoughts yet.  Motion: Robert Abrahamian : To amend to hold a Town Hall meeting and bring in city officials and DOT.  Russ - I don't accept that as friendly.  Maurece - Would the architects consider the pulbic safety concerns raised by Jim McQuiston ?  Yon - Every square foot is ADA accessible.  Gary - I cannot support this project for the reasons I stated earlier, namely that there is not enough affordable housing at a site perfectly situated for affordable housing.  David S. - I don't think this body has spent enough time deliberating and researching this issue.  Norma - I concerned with a lot of the same thing that Gary said.  The plan is incredibly important.  I'm very concerned about affordable housing and low-income housing.  There's a problem with evictions of seniors.  I personally would like to sit down to discuss the public scandal of people being evicted.  Even $1400 is not what people prefer.  Second: (to Robert's motion) David Schlessinger .  Terri - I think we've had plenty of discussion.  It's a huge waste of time and resources.  Ann - WE had a town hall meeting with Hollywood Central.  The only part missing from that meeting was DOT and planning and land use management.   Susan P. - These people have been here for 2 years.  We agendized a joint meeting with Hollywood Central.   We have freeway access.  City is under-parked.  If this project is voted down, a worse one will take its place.  Norma - Point of information: It was not a town hall meeting.  It was a joint PLUM meeting.  We cannot blame these gentlemen for what is wrong with our process.  Stephen Box - I see no harm in a town hall meeting.  I'd like to see more discussion on the traffic issues.  Hilary - I'm not doing a Town hall meeting on this.  Susan S. - The issue is we might get something put in that is much worse.  A town hall should be called on the issue of homelessness and affordable housing in Hollywood.  Jim M. - Robert has made a point that we need to hear the City's position.  I have to fault the President.  At least the city should have been invited.  The devil is in the details.  Robert - I'm ashamed to be on a NC if we can't involve the neighborhood.  Vote on Motion to Amend: Yes - 5, No - 6, Abstain - 2.  Vote on Motion to Support the Project with Stipualtions (noted above): Yes - 9, No - 2, Abstain - 2.

Agenda Item 5 ---Executive Committee Reports

Maurece - Here's the budget for the upcoming year.

Stephen Box - There are three main categories: outreach, operations, and community projects. 

Gary - Will the election mailers/outreach be covered by the outreach line items?  (Yes)

Budget approved by the Board.  Yes - 13, No - 0, Abstain - 0.

Agenda Item 6 ---Committees

A. 912 Commission Representative for Central Planning District

Ann - The 912 Representative chosen was Jeff Jacobsen, from Mid Wilshire NC.  He's the nominee of the central area.  The Mayor has the final say.  Motion: Ann DeBello : To accept the nomination.  Second: Russell Brown.  VOTE: Yes - 13, No - 0, Abstain - 0.

B. Final Approval of Election Procedures Submitted to and Approved by DONE and Approval of Draft Election Information Mailer for 1 st Distribution

Gary - The Elections are scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2006.  There were no substantial changes to the elections procedures as presented, discussed, and approved at the special board meeting on 5/25/06.  We need to remove Jerry, the Independent Election Administrator's cell phone number.  That's about it.

Election Procedures and Draft Mailer approved by Board: Yes - 13, No - 0, Abstain - 0.

Agenda Item 8 ---Public Comments Items Not on the Agenda

Jim McQuiston - I got a motion dated 6/16/06 for a meeting at the LA Convention Center on 6/27/06 at 2pm.  You didn't abide by the rules.  The meeting was not held in the HUNC area.  The plan requires that meeting outside of the NC area must be approved by the BONC.  I request that these things are followed in the future.

Agenda Item 8 ---Old Business

A. $200.00 for Outreach Expenses at Garfield Watch Block Party

Out reach for $50 was done.  We got a letter from them thanking HUNC for our help.

Agenda Item 9 ---New Business

Ann - Go to the Hollywood and Highland Splash Bash event on June 22.   Volunteer your time.  I will e-mail a phone number for volunteering.  We will have a table with printed literature.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22pm.