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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
March 19, 2007
6:30 PM
Community Room, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
6054 Yucca St, Los Angeles, CA 90028


1---Welcome & Roll Call.
Present: Robert Abrahamian, Maurece Chesse, Andrew Ettinger, Ryan Hass, Bree Long, Hilary Royce, Erik Sanjurjo, David Schlesinger, Susan Swan, Charles Suhayda, Susan Polifronio, Gary Slossberg, Jordan Birnbaum, Bechir Blagui, Norma Foster, Scott Larson. Excused: Viktoria Gaw

2.  Approval of Minutes from February Board meeting and March 1st Executive Committee meeting.

  • Motion: Susan Polifronio, “To approve the minutes of the 6:30 PM HUNC Board Meeting of February 20, 2007.” Second: Gary Slossberg. Vote: Yes—11            No—0            Abs---0.
  • Motion: Hilary Royce, “To approve the minutes of the 5:30 PM HUNC Board Meeting of February 20, 2007.” Discussion: Norma Foster asked that corrections be made. Second: Scott Larson. Vote: Yes---12            No—0            Abs—3.
  • Motion: Gary Slossberg, “To approve the minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting off March 1, 2007.” Second: Maurece Chesse. Vote: Yes—5            No—0            Abs—0.

3. LAPD Police Reports.

  • No report given at this meeting.

4. City Council Updates.

  • Rory Fitzpatrick--- CD 4—Meeting on March 29th at 4 PM at the Ranger Station in Griffith Park for follow-up with Wolfgang Puck on Catering/Special Events/Alcohol Variance.
  • The day after the March City wide election, Tom LaBonge made a motion in Council to make it easier to participate in elections. The City Clerk stated that turnout was 7 – 7.5% which is very low. The lowest turnout in LA was recorded in 1983.
  • Need Neighborhood Council recommendations on street re-surfacing. We know that 20% of city streets are failing. We want to put dollars where they are most needed.


  • Erik Sanjurjo—Tom LaBonge placed a motion before City Council on FS 82. It requested that the FS 82 site be at Van Ness & Hollywood Blvd. The potential plans include putting a 2-3 story parking structure at the current FS 82 site. The building would have a community room.
  • Jim McQuiston---There were less than 25 people who voted in this precinct in this last election.

5. Public Comment.

  • Jim McQuiston---Tomorrow the Gower St Project goes before the city Council. It is Item No# 55 on the supplemental agenda. Slotted for 10:45 AM.
  • Norma Foster---The CRA has approved $960,000 for the Gower St Project.

9.   HUNC Bylaws revisions and amendments
            Gary Slossberg spoke on why we were making these changes to the by-laws:
      (1) Changes had to be made to clarify the geographical districts, (2) Changing the procedures for amending the by-laws (approve by-law changes after one reading by a 2/3 vote of the Board).

  • This was the first reading of the by-laws with the proposed amendments.
  • Change to Article XV, Section 2---“The Ad Hoc Committee is responsible for investigating the grievance and issuing a written report to the Board for its consideration, in a timely manner, with recommendations. For resolving the grievance “(the italicized portion was deleted).
  • Change to Article XV. The Section numbered as 5 has been renumbered as 3. The Section numbered as 6 has been renumbered as 4. This same Section has been amended to read: “Any party to a Grievance shall have the right to appeal the decision of the Board within 30 days to the Department of Neighborhood and Empowerment or any other entity as authorized by BONC or the City regional body.” (the italicized portion was added). Motion: Erik Sanjurjo, “To amend Section 4 with the addition: or any other entity as authorized by BONC or the City regional body. Second: Ryan Haas. Vote: Yes---11            No—0            Abs—3.
  • Stakeholder Jim McQuistion recommended a change to Article I Purpose and Intent; that a tenth point be added: “Monitor the delivery of Los Angeles City services in the area.” Motion: Norma Foster, “To add point number 10 to Article I Purpose and Intent, that reads, “Monitor the delivery of Los Angeles City services in the area.” Second: Maurece Chesse. Vote: Yes---15            No—0            Abs—0.

6.  Executive Committee Reports
a) Susan Swan announced the following Ad Hoc Committees to deal with tasks for the upcoming Board elections: 1. Ad Hoc Committee for HUNC New Board Member Orientation: Ryan, Eric, Bree and Bechir; 2.  Ad Hoc Committee for Election Event Planning: Hilary, Susan P, Bree and Ryan; 3. Ad Hoc Committee for Election Outreach: Scott, Bechir, Charles, Maurece.

Report by Susan Polifronio on Splash Bash II—Anastasia Mann (HHWNC) President indicated that they are planning for this event. Their NC will commit $25,000-$30,000 for this event. At date has not yet been set. Other NCs are invited to participate.
Norma Foster: We spent $7,500 last year on this event and didn’t even get a return of 100 stakeholder forms. Most of the people who turned out for this event were tourists. We need to spend our money more wisely.
Hilary Royce: We need a better return on our investment. Specifically, we need a return for HUNC.
Susan Swan: Can Hilary and Norma look at this project?
Maurice Chesse: Can we hold this type of event at Jordan’s place?

b) HUNC Outreach Event (HUNC version of Splash Bash). Hilary Royce et al will develop an outreach event for later this year. Rather than donate the $7,500 to the Splash Bash as HUNC did last year, we might use that money to host our own outreach event this year.

c) Annual Hollywood Beautification Team Event, request for $1000. The event will be held on June 21st at the NBC Universal Studio's Globe Theatre.  Will also include an event book where HUNC can place an outreach ad.
Motion: Susan Polifronio, “That HUNC allocate $1,000 for the Annual Hollywood Beautification Team Event. Second: Robert Abrahamian.
Vote: Yes---15        No---0             Abs---0.

d) Treasurer’s Report:

  • Motion: Gary Slossberg, “To approve the HUNC Budget and Finance Procedures document.” Second: Robert Abrahamian. Vote: Yes---14            No---0            Abs---0.
  • Motion: Gary Slossberg, “To approve $300 from the Board Meeting Outreach Line Item for Board Workshop on March 31, 2007. Second: Robert Abrahamian. Vote: Yes---14            No—0             Abs---0.

7.  Committee & Liaison Reports
         a. Business:

  • Motion: Jordan Birnbaum, “To approve funding of up to $300 for printing of Business Handbook, a directory of businesses in HUNC.” Second: Bashir Blagui. Vote: yes---14                    No---0             Abs---0.

         b. Education:

  • Motion: Gary Slossberg, “To approve $500 from Community Events Line Item for Earth Day 2007 Event at Cheremoya Elementary School on April 27.” Second: Jordan Birbaum. Vote: Yes—14            No—0             Abs---0.

         c. Election:

  • Motion: Susan Polifronio, “To request authority for Election Committee to adjust Election Procedures to conform with revised Bylaws in order to submit by May 8th deadline.” Second: Jordan Birbaum. Vote: Yes—14            No—0   Abs--0

         e. PLUM:

  • Motion: David Schlesinger, “To allocate $5,000 as seed money for the proposed Canyon-Western Historic District. The monies must be used within 2 years.” Second: Susan Polifronio. Vote: Yes—14            No—0             Abs—0. Discussion: Jim McQuiston recommended that the HUNC Board get an opinion from the City Attorney on this issue. Board agreed by consensus to get the City Attorney’s opinion and provide the funds only with the City Attorney’s approval.

f. Public Safety & Transportation:
      1.) Franklin Village is requesting Neighborhood Watch funds. PS&T is developing an application form & a process. The current process to get a NW is: (1) Go to LAPD and complete proper forms, (2) Contact DOT (they will tell you how many signs you need), (3) Meet with PS&T.
      2.) Request that MTA have a Rapid Transit Bus Stop at Bronson Ave. This is being handled by Dennis Linton of CD 4.
      3.) Request that DOT study the idea of placing a 3-way stop sign at Chula Vista and Bronson. This is being handled by Dennis Linton of CD 4.
      4.) Update on the proposed purchase of the lot at Ivar & Franklin. The lot is worth $1 million. Assembly member Mike Feur and CD$ Tom LaBonge are looking for sources of money to buy this lot.
5. Letter to Mayor Villaraigosa urging purchase of additional helicopters for LAFD.

  • Motion: Maurece Chesse, “To approve the letter that was drafted to Mayor Villaraigosa regarding the purchase of two additional helicopters for LAFD.” Second: Norma Foster. Vote: Yes---12            No—0             Abs—0.

g. Update on NBC/Universal Project. Maurece Chesse—There are no new developments since last meeting.
h. Big Sunday, April 28 & 29. We will be working at Cheremoya Elementary. “Big Sunday” should be placed onto the HUNC Board’s April 2007 Meeting Agenda.
 i. Motion to approve the NC/LADWP Five year MOU 2 Renewal Document

  • Motion: Norma Foster, “To approve the NC/LADWP Five year MOU 2 Renewal Document.” Second: Maurece Chesse. Vote: Yes—12            No—0 Abs—0.


Discussion on how to help FS 82:

  • Jim McQuistion: HUNC could provide money to buy rear-view cameras for fire equipment at FS 82. He has the model numbers for what is needed.
  • Maurece Chesse: FS 82 has said that they are not interested in this.
  • Erik Sanjurjo: HUNC could purchase scanning equipment for LAPD vehicles.
  • PS&T April 23rd meeting—Agendize the issue of cameras for fire trucks for FS 82.

8.) Videotaping equipment & procedures of HUNC meetings.

  • Susan Swan asked that Ryan, Robert, Charles and Gary take an inventory of the equipment we have, identify equipment needs, and establish a process for using and securing the equipment.

13.) Agendize a Letter of Appreciation to Baydsar Tomassian for the April HUNC Board Meeting.


Prepared by:
Charles Suhayda
Recording Secretary, HUNC