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November 15, 2004 Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Minutes.
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood: Upper Terrace-Community Room
6054 Yucca St. , Los Angeles, CA  90028

Agenda Item #1: Welcome, Roll Call and Approval of October minutes.

Excused absence:

Jordan Birnbaum , Ann Debello , Ian McCubbin , Chris Stehr and Susan Swan, the rest of the Board are present. Late arrivals are Russ Brown and Andrew Glazier

Motion to Accept November Minutes:

Minutes deferred to December Board Meeting

Agenda Item #2: Hollywood Lead Officers Crime Stat Reports

Officers Shea and Salvdalian reported that crime was generally down.  Halloween went very well and Hollywood Blvd. was able to stay open the whole time.  Property crimes are down 18%

John Farion and Jim McQuiston did a brief update on the Tropicana site as an Elementary school.  He will be giving further updates on this.

Agenda Item #3: Officer Reports

Joel M. Fisher updated on the news racks, Susan Polifronio gave an update on inclusionary zoning. Maurece Chesse had nothing to report except the funds were in and the biggest difficulty was with the limited amounts of pay out ability to use the credit card and was being worked out. 

Agenda Item #4: Presentations

Ziggy Kruse gave a presentation on the Joint Hollywood Neighborhood Councils' Christmas Party at the Luis B. Mayer Building on Hollywood Blvd.

MOTION : Joel Fisher motioned to give $150.00 to purchase refreshments or presents.

Second: Robert Abrahamian

DISPOSITION:  motion carries.

Mary Richardson gave a presentation on the Hollywood Specific Community Plan. She showed the boundaries under discussion and stated that they were actively seeking input from the Neighborhood Council and stake holders and stated that all information could either be requested through her or accessed through the website. Anyone can go to the website to view the Hollywood specific plan.  Susan Polifronio suggested that the city

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November 15, 2004 Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Minutes.

look to increasing affordable housing by using strip malls as mixed use, businesses below and housing above.   The time frame for input is January through February.

Mary Richardson  is reachable at the following address:

Attn Mary Richardson

Community Planning Bureau

City Hall

200 N. Spring Street Ste. 667

LA, CA 90012

#( 213) 978-1205

Eric Sanjurjo was present  and stated that the Beachwood Dash line would be folded into one of the other Dash lines but that the Beachwood Drive surface would remain the same.

Agenda Item #5: Officers Report and Treasurer's Financial Update.

Treasurer Maurece Chesse announced that there would be a full overview on all of the accounting at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Vice President Susan Polifronio briefed that there would likely be an Election in March.

President Joel M. Fisher informed people that there would be a meeting on the news racks and encouraged people to attend this meeting as well as announced that the Toberman House was saved and passed out a special thank you to the Board from Immediate Past President, Kay Tornborg

Agenda Item #6: Committee Reports

Neighborhood and Environment Committee updated on the success of the tree planting.

Public Safety announced there was a sign up sheet for people interested in CERT training.

The PLUM committee gave an update on what is happening with Whole Foods and the Hollywood Dell Condominiums for discussion and possible action.

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November 15, 2004 Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Minutes.

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods did not feel that they were prepared to give a presentation.

Motion: Joel M. Fisher motioned that a proposal on Whole Foods be submitted to the Board by Friday and then a decision to write a letter be made.

Second: Norma Foster

Disposition: Motion carries.

 Dell Condominiums:

Hollywood Dell Association gave statement of support. Other neighbors were present who were strongly against the Condominiums and felt that Dell Association members don't live close enough to the site to truly understand the negative impact.  The issues that were of concern were congestion of the street and height concerns as well as general street safety. 

MOTION : Andrew Glazier motioned to table the issue until Renee Weitzer from Tom Labonges office can come to a meeting.

Second: Susan Polifronio

Disposition: Motion carries.

Agenda Item #7: Old Business

No old business was taken up.

Agenda Item #8: New Business

Request by Councilman La Bonge for HUNC views on the following.

1. Traffic Enforcement: doubling fire lanes for excessive speed and running red lights.

2. Parking Meters: expand to 10pm in commercial areas of Entertainment District.

3. Transit Expansion: Repeal 1998 Ballot measure and pursue local funds for the expansion of Metro Red Line. Views to be in writing by December 21, 2004.

Motion on #1: Charles Suhayda motioned to vote against this item.

Second: Andrew Glazier

Disposition: Motion carries unanimously.

Motion on #2: Hilary Royce motioned to vote against this item.

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November 15, 2004 Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Minutes.

Second: Andrew Glazier

Disposition: Motion carries unanimously

Motion of #3: Charles Suhayda motions to vote against this

Second: Andrew Glazier

Disposition: Motion carries.

Agenda Item #9: Adjournment

Motion: Joel M. Fisher motions to adjourn meeting.

Second: Hilary Royce

Disposition: Motion carries

Meeting is adjourned.

Minutes Respectfully submitted by Hilary Royce.