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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
Minutes for October 16, 2006
6:30—8:30 PM
Community Room
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

Agenda Item 1---Roll Call & Approval of Minutes from July 17, 2006 Meeting.

  • Roll Call: Present: Robert Abrahamian,  Bechir Blagui, Jordan Birnbaum, Maurece Chesse, Andrew Ettinger, Norma Foster, Viktoria Gaw, Ryan Hass, Scott Larson, Bree Long, Susan Polifronio, Hilary Royce, Erik Sanjurjo, David Schlesinger, Gary Slossberg, Susan Swan, Charles Suhayda.
  • Minutes from the September 18, 2006 board meeting were approved after review and corrections. Motion:  Susan Swan: To approve the minutes. Second:  David Schlesinger.  VOTE:  Yes – 14       No – 0          Abstain—1

Agenda Item 4—Outgoing President’s Remarks.

  • Susan Polifronio spoke briefly on board activities of the previous year. She thanked outgoing board members Anne DeBello, Joel Fisher and Russell Brown (incoming president of DLANC) for their service to HUNC beginning with the initial meetings when neighborhood councils were in formation.
  • Motion: Norma Foster regarding Agenda Item 7---fill open At-large Unclassified seat—“To fill the vacant seat on the HUNC Board before going further with the meeting.” Second: Susan Swan.
  • Bree Long nominated by Susan Polifronio. Motion: Susan Polifronio---“Nominates Bree Long to fill the vacant unclassified, at-large seat.” Second: Susan Swan. Vote: Yes---16   No—0  Abs—0.

Agenda Item 2---Certified Election Results read into the minutes by DONE Project Coordinator Amber Meshack.

District 3 (1):
Susan D. Staples Swan                293 votes    Elected

District 4 (1):
Sue Basko                                            112 votes
Erik Sanjurjo                                        137 votes    Elected
Cindy DuHaime                                  96 votes

District 5 (1):
Robert Abrahamian                              265 votes    Elected

Homeowner (1) District 1,3,4,5)
Scott Larson                                         274 votes    Elected


Renter (1) District 2,3,4,5
Thomas David Vaughn—D2                  17 votes
Ann M. DeBello—D2                           133 votes
Ryan Ole Hass---D5                               177 votes    Elected

Non-Profit (1)
Michael John Miller                             72 votes
Hilary Royce                                        276 votes    Elected

Business District A (1)
Joel M Fisher                                       154 votes
Bechir Blagui                                        165 votes    Elected

At-Large (1)
Maurece Emmitt Chesse Jr                     128                  Elected
Lucy Grigorian                            21
Bree E Long                                         127
Brendan McDermott                                61

Ballots Counted---405
Provisional Ballots issued---0

Agenda Item 3---Swearing in of elected Board members by Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

  • Councilmember LaBonge presented Certificates from the City of Los Angeles to Joel Fisher, Susan Polifronio and Russell Brown for their service on the HUNC Board.
  • Councilmember LaBonge presided at the swearing in of newly elected HUNC board members: Susan Swan, Erik Sanjurjo, Robert Abrahamian, Scott Larson, Ryan Hass, Hilary Royce, Bechir Blagui, Maurece Chesse, and Bree Long.


Agenda Item 10—Public Comment—Items not on the agenda

  • LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Mike Shea---He is car 6A15. He can be reached by cell phone at: (213) 793-0710. This week was a big week for new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. New stars for---Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, others. Crime report—Hollywood Division recorded an 8% decrease in violent crime and an 8% decrease in property crime in the last reporting period. Halloween preparations: LAPD expects a crowd of about 1,000. 235 officers will be assigned to Hollywood. Streets will be open; no closures. Traffic will probably be backed up on Hollywood Blvd.  The Silly String ordinance is in effect; it’s a crime to possess silly string. The vending detail will deal with illegal food carts and silly string.
  • LAPD SLO Armen Sevdalian---There will be a peace/anti-war march on Oct. 28th. The stage will be at the CNN bldg on Sunset Blvd. Restaurant robberies—There have been 3 restaurant robberies in Hollywood. Seven people have been arrested in relation to these crimes. E-policing—This allows a real-time monitoring of community policing/crime in Hollywood. The only complaint is that the LA City Council is using it as an e-mail blast for those who log-on to the website.

Agenda Item 5—Year end Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer Maurece Chesse reported a year-end balance of $137,908.17. There are continuing technology hardware upgrades to the HUNC office. He will purchase a laptop computer with wireless internet access capability. Also buying a projection system, so that essential information from internet can be projected onto the screen in the meeting hall.

Agenda Item 6—Nominations & Voting for HUNC Board members for Executive Committee Officers.
            A) Board President: Initial discussion on whether to add a question & answer segment to the process outlined in the meeting agenda. The idea was dropped because it was not on the agenda and thus may contradict the Brown Act.
Nomination for President:

  • Maurece Chesse nominates Susan Swan.
  • Norma Foster nominates Gary Slossberg.
  • Susan Polifronio closes nominations.

Candidate Comments:

  • Susan Swan
  • Gary Slossberg

Board Member Comments:

  • Viktoria Gaw
  • Erik Sanjurjo
  • Jordan Birnbaum
  • Robert Abrahamian


  • Susan Swan                        9 votes                        Elected
  • Gary Slossberg            7 votes
  • Abstain                        1 vote

B) Vice President:
Nominations for Vice President:

  • Scott Larson nominates Maurece Chesse
  • Norma Foster nominates Gary Slossberg (Gary requests that his name be withdrawn from consideration).

Candidate Comment:

  • Maurece Chesse

Board Member comments:

  • Scott Larson
  • Norma Foster
  • Susan Swan
  • Susan Polifronio


  • Maurece Chesse            14 votes            Elected
  • Abstain                          3 votes

C) Treasurer
Nominations for Treasurer:

  • Scott Larson nominates Gary Slossberg


  • Gary Slossberg            17 votes            Elected

D) Recording Secretary
Nominations for Recording Secretary:

  • Susan Polifronio nominates Charles Suhayda.


  • Charles Suhayda            17 votes            Elected

E) Corresponding Secretary
Nominations for Corresponding Secretary:

  • Maurece Chesse nominates Jordan Birnbaum.


  • Jordan Birnbaum            17 votes            Elected

Agenda Item 8A: Request to provide $500.00 to support the Police/Fireman’s Appreciatuion Day to furnish tables and tents for HUNC Outreach Booth: For Action.

  • Motion by Hilary Royce—“That HUNC allocate the $500 to support the Police/Fireman’s Appreciation Day.” Second: Susan Polifronio. Discussion; Hilary Royce provided details of the event—Date is Nov. 17th, the location is the Hollywood Community Police Station, and volunteers are needed to help with event. Vote: Yes---16            No—0                        Abs—0.

Agenda Item 8B: Support for Garfield Watch Halloween Party and the purchase of Pumpkin Carving Kits costing $100.00. For Action.

  • Motion by Erik Sanjurjo “That HUNC support this event and provide the $100 for the requested items.” Second: Norma Foster. Vote:  Yes—16                        No---0                        Abs—0.

Agenda Item 8C: HUNC Support for Community Beautification Grant Proposal for a Reading/Reflection Area and Mural for Cheremoya Ave Elementary School. For Action.

  • Gary Slossberg made a presentation on the matching fund grant from the City of LA Board of Public Works and also provided a handout that included a narrative, a budget, and photos displaying other such beautification projects. The grant from the City is for $2,777.73 and it requires a matching donation of $4,080.00. Gary stated that the students would raise $2,400.00; volunteer hours would also have monetary value and he requested 72 hours of volunteer time from HUNC members. Motion by Gary Slossberg—“That HUNC provide $600.00 as part of the matching funds needed for this beautification grant.” Second: Charles Suhayda. Discussion: Ryan Hass—This is a great idea, just one question. Why are we going after companies that are not local for the necessary supplies, rather than local companies? We could help local businesses and save on shipping. Gary Slossberg—There is nothing preventing us from using local vendors. Susan Polifronio—When is the event and what counts as volunteer hours? Gary Slossberg---Volunteer hours count after 2/15/07. The application deadline closes tomorrow, 10/17/06. Vote:  Yes—16    No—0   Abs—0.


  • Susan Swan---The HUNC Board Workshop will be on Saturday, Nov 4th. Amber Meshack will be there to help facilitate the event.
  • Robert Abrahamian—Would like to extend congratulations to Encee and Stephen Box on their recent wedding. Robert presented a gift.
  • Susan Swan---Requests donations from HUNC Board members so that we can purchase a gift for Christine Jerian our former NC Coordinator with DONE.
  • Hilary Royce—There will be an upcoming Public Safety Summit.
  • Andrew Ettinger—Andy serves on the LADWP Committee. He distributed the latest report on the ongoing activities of the CPOR/DWP negotiations regarding the MOU on the Hollywood Water Quality Improvement Initiative as submitted by Chris Hesse. There have been no substantial changes since the April 2006 report. 2005 Landslides—Andy reported on progress to repair the road and the homes west of the Hollywood reservoir that were damaged in the 2005 landslides. Repairs are continuing. Councilmember LaBonge reports that Senator Feinstein was able to secure federal funding of about $3 million to accelerate progress on both the red-flagged homes and the closure of Montlake Drive. Disrepair of Hollywood reservoir and portions of Montlake Dr—Andy asked Board members and interested stakeholders to visit the Lake Hollywood reservoir area, particularly the portion of Montlake Dr open to vehicular traffic. This road serves as an access to Lake Hollywood Estates and connecting Barham Blvd and Beachwood Ave/Franklin Blvd routes. He believes that the DWP is negligent and in total disregard of the environmental concerns of the area. He cites dead, dying and diseased trees littering the landscape, with some trees having fallen into the reservoir and not removed over a period of many years. He is planning a further report on this and an accompanying call for action.
  • Susan Swan—Requested that Andy Ettinger agendize the items from his report for the next HUNC meeting.
  • Erik Sanjurjo---The CPAB Homeless Subcommittee will meet tomorrow at 9:30 AM at Hollywood Mental Health.
  • Gary Slossberg—Announced that winners were chosen for the 2006 Fire Fighter Appreciation school art work contest. Also a reminder—November 2006 is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
  • Norma Foster—Thank you to Encee and Stephen Box for serving on the HUNC Elections Committee.
  • Raymond Yu---Announcement on the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Date is Sunday, Nov 26th at 6 PM.
  • Jim McQuiston—Attended the City Council Budget & Finance Committee meeting. Reported that LA City is looking to hire additional police officers. They are offering a $1,000 bonus to those who become police officers. Others now want $1,000 as a finders fee. Should the NCs get $1,000 for helping find police officer candidates?
  • Walter Blackman—Reported on his involvement with Cable TV contracts in the city. Also reported on Neighborhood Watch program in his area. He is seeking leadership in organizing his neighborhood, block by block. Finally, he reported on his dissatisfaction with emergency hospital care in our community based on his own personal experience. He’s concerned about emergency room care throughout LA. Can someone look into this issue? Sent to Social Service & Faith-based Committee for review.
  • Susan Polifronio—Acknowledged Russell Brown’s contribution to HUNC and presented him with the City of Los Angeles declaration of appreciation for his service.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM