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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Board Meeting
Monday, October 15, 2007
Community Room-First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
Agenda Item (AI) 1--Welcome and Roll Call:
Present: Robert Abrahamian, Bechir Blagui, Maurece Chesse, Andrew Ettinger, Norma Foster, Rodney Hargrove, Ryan Ole Hass, Scott, Larson, Bree Long, Erik Sanjurjo, David Schlesinger, Gary Sloss berg, Charles Suhayda, Susan Swan. New Board Members: Debbi Aldahl, William Logue, Jamie Rosenthal.  Absent: Jordan Birnbaum, Viktoria Gaw. Excused: Hilary Royce.
AI 2—Approval of the September 17, 2007 HUNC Board Minutes:
Motion: Erik Sanjurjo, “To approve the HUNC Board Minutes of September 17, 2007.”
Second: Ryan Hass
Vote:   Yes—12          No—0             Abs—0
AI 3—Certified Election Results read into the minutes:
Naheed Qureshi, DONE Project Coordinator, ( read the results of the HUNC Election held on September 25, 2007:
Homeowner (1) District 1, 2, 4, 5
Jamie D. Rosendahl                              84 votes                       elected
Sarajane Schwartz                                49
Todd Regenbogen                                24
Stewart Hendler--withdrawn
Geographical District 1 (1)
Andrew Ettinger                                   119                              elected
Geographical District 2 (1)
Bree Long                                            111                              elected
Renter (1) District 1, 2, 3, 4
William Logue                          75                                elected
Todd Everett                                        26
Norma Foster                                       53
Susan Basko—withdrawn
Faith Based (1)
Charles G Suhayda                               117                                          elected
Business District B (1)
Jordan Birnbaum                                  115                                          elected
Business District C (1):
Avantika Shahi                         59
Rodney Hargrove                                 83                                            elected
Educational Institution (1):
Debbi Aldahl                                        107                                          elected
At-Large (1) Districts 1, 2, 3, 5
Lucy Gregorian                         34
David Schlesinger                                 101                                          elected
Joel Fisher---withdrawn
Election Statistics:
Registrations                                         191
Ballots Counted                                    191
Provisionals Issued                               0
Jerry Kvasnicka, IEA. Completed and submitted on 9/26/07. Challenges DUE on 10/1/07
AI 4—Swearing –in of elected board member by City Councilmember, Tom LaBonge.
Tom LaBonge swore in the newly elected HUNC Board members and expressed words of appreciation to those who had served on the Board and were now going off the Board.
Susan Swan presented a Certificate of Appreciation—City of Los Angeles to Robyn Whitney for her volunteerism and support of HUNC and its activities.
AI 8—HUNC Board members nominating and voting for the Executive Committee Officers 2007/2008.
President: Susan Swan nominated by Erik Sanjurjo. Vote: yes—14, no—0, abstain—1
Vice President: Robert Abrahamian nominates Ryan Hass. Erik Sanjurjo nominates Maurece Chesse. Vote: Ryan Hass—4, Maurece Chesse---9, Anstain---3
Treasurer: Robert Abrahamian nominates Erik Sanjurjo. Ryan Hass approved by consensus of the Board (see end of minutes).
Recording Secretary: Maurece Chesse nominates Charles Suhayda. Vote: yes—14.
Corresponding Secretary: Ryan Hass nominates Jordan Birnbaum. Vote: yes—15.
AI 10—Los Angeles City updates:
Helen Leung (CD-13):

  • Yucca/Argyle Triangle Beautification—the next meeting is in November.
  • Street Closure Committee---People Magazine 5K Run (denied), Victoria’s Secret Event (not decided), GM launch of a new vehicle (not decided). The committee needs to develop guidelines for street closures.
  • Hollywood Santa Parade---The event will be produced by the City of LA and will be held on Sunday, December 2nd.
  • CD-13 office has monthly meetings with developers for traffic mitigation. Any concerns, contact Helen.

Doug Mensman (CD-4):

  • Hydro-mulching began in Griffith Park this past weekend. This is seed-free, biodegradable organic mulch. This will continue through 10/28. Most application of hydro-mulch will be by truck, not helicopter. Track progress on the Griffith Park blog.
  • Gorilla exhibit will open at the LA Zoo in November.
  • Tom LaBonge and Eric Garcetti will introduce a motion before City Council to offer a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect(s) in the arson fire at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood that occurred on October 6th.

AI 7---Year End Treasurer’s Report:
Gary Slossberg distributed these handouts to the Board:

  • HUNC 2007-2008 FY Budget as of 10/15/07
  • Pre-paid commercial credit card expense statement
  • Petty Cash expense statement.

The September elections cost $17,000. We are seeking a $5,000 reimbursement from DONE.
Robert Abrahamian---What is the meeting recording expense?
Gary Slossberg—Money set aside if we want to hire someone to record the meetings. We’re estimating $100/meeting.
AI 11—Public Comment for Items not on the Agenda:
Ann English: She announced the HomeWalkLA event on November 17th. This event is to raise awareness and funds to help end homelessness in Los Angeles. PATH is one of the organizers of the event. PATH is planning a Connect Day Event in Hollywood for the Spring of 2008.  There will be Connect Day events in Soth LA and Pasadena.
AI 12—Update on October 20th Workshop and approval of funds for costs.
Maurece Chesse: The HUNC Workshop will be at the Hollywoodland Girl Scout Camp. The time is 10 AM to 4 PM. The cost will be $457.
Motion: Maurece Chesse, “To approve up to $500 to cover the cost of the HUNC Workshop on 10/20/07.” Second: Ryan Hass. Vote: yes—13       No—0             Abs---0
AI 13—Approve up to $500 for HUNC 5th Anniversary Party:
Motion: Bree Long, “To approve up to $500 for the HUNC 5th Anniversary Party.” Second: David Schlesinger. Vote: Yes---12          No—0             Abs---1
AI 14—Approval of up to $150 for Villas at Gower Open House event.
Erik Sanjurjo: The architect has pulled out of the project.
Charles Suhayda: table this agenda item.
AI 15—Approval of up to $260 from membership line item for Hollywood Chamber of Commerce membership.
Motion: Bechir Blagui, “To approve up to $260 for HUNC membership with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.” Second: Bree Long.
Erik Sanjurjo: The 912 Commission voted unanimously for the ability of the Neighborhood Councils to create Neighborhood Council files, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce opposes this. NC files is a way for NC empowerment. Charles Suhayda: Table this agenda item.
AI 17—Support for the Garfield Watch Halloween Party and approval for the purchase of supplies up to $250.
Motion: Maurece Chesse, “To approve support for the Garfield Watch Halloween Party and approve the allocation of $250 for the purchase of supplies.” Second: Ryan Hass. Vote: Yes---14         No---0             Abs---0.
Cindy Duhain: She spoke about the Halloween Party. It was not held last year, but this year the neighborhood requested it. The focus is on Halloween safety. She requested a donation of HUNC bags made from recycled plastic. There will be a barbeque at this event. The date is Sunday, October 28th starting at 3 PM. The location is Garfield Ave @ 1714 Garfield Place. For more information go to:
AI 16—Approval of sponsorship of DONE Congress of Neighborhoods up to $500.
Motion: Ryan Hass, “to approve the sponsorship of the upcoming DONE Congress of Neighborhoods up to $500.” Second: Bechir Blagui. Vote: Yes---15           No—0   Abs—0
AI 20—Grievance Ad Hoc Committee update and possible action.
Bree Long: Briefly spoke on the work of the grievance ad hoc committee; mentioned that 3 grievances were submitted. The ad hoc committee worked to identify the issues that were applicable. They identified 2 issues: 1) non-stakeholder status and 2) slanderous actions. On non-stakeholder status, this is a mute point as the board member in question is no longer on the board. Regarding slanderous actions, according to City Attorney Darren Martinez, actions by individual board members against each other don’t fall under the jurisdiction of HUNC. The ad hoc committee recommends that the parties involved seek dispute mediation through the City. There is additional information from Darren Martinez on these issues.
Scott Larson: Reiterated that the Grievance Ad Hoc Committee took these matters very seriously and read portions from Darren Martinez e-mail to the committee.
David Schlesinger: If this is the City Attorney’s opinion than we might need to make changes to our by-laws. The problem is—what is a grievance?
Susan Swan: We can consider this at the Workshop and consider what type of standing rules we might need.
AI 18-A-1---Education & Youth—Completion update on the Cheremoya Beautification Grant Project.
Gary Slossberg: Reported that this project is now complete.
AI 18-B-2—PLUM: Update on the Handelman Project at Argyle & Yucca.
Bree Long: Gave a report on the Handelman project. It is located at 1800 N. Argyle (NE corner). It is an 87-unit condo project with 15-stories above grade. It has 175 parking spaces. The project has been before the Design Review committee twice and has a hearing before the Zoning Administrator in December. Newport Capital Partners & Ira Handelman will make a presentation to the full Board in November.
AI 18-B-1—PLUM Update on Briarcliff Road variance request and possible motion/letter.
David Schlesinger: The PLUM Committee tabled this because there was insufficient information given to the committee. PLUM was looking for more input from residents of Briarcliff Rd.
Gary Morris (Pacific Crest Consultants): There are 2 requests from the City by the owner:

  • An overhead fence 8’ 6” high
  • A gatehouse—this is a guard house that will be located at the street. It will be 11’ x 16’ and will have security monitoring equipment. The house on Briarcliff was built in 1910 and the current owner has owned it for 18-yrs.
  • Some of the issues;
  • Why is the gatehouse so close to the street? If the gatehouse were moved back, then couldn’t see it from the street. Moving it back would also take out some of the heritage oaks.
  • Could this be the traffic cop for business meetings on the property? The property is not really suited for business meetings.

George Joblove: A resident of Briarcliff Road. He doesn’t see why the guard house has to be 14’ high and right on the street. The guard house as now planned would be closer to his house than the property in question (house). There are no other guard houses on the street and a guard house is not in character with the street. He doesn’t understand why you need casino-style surveillance cameras on the street.
Gary Morris: Showed a display model of the property in question and answered questions from those who took a closer look at the model.
Gerry Hans (President of the Oaks HOA): This is a case of not very much oytreach on this project. He recounted the history of this project. The property owners attended an Oaks HOA meeting in April 2007. There was a tour of the property in July. On October 2nd there was a meeting with concerned residents. Most of the problem is with the guard house, not the wall. What will be the purpose of the guard house? The other issue is a primary issue. The visibility of the guard house is also an issue. There are no other guard houses in the Oaks. Will this now attract public attention, i.e. paparazzi, tour buses? He believes that more time is needed to work through these issues.
David Schlesinger: There is another entrance to this property. This is essentially a back entrance.
Bob Young (The Oaks HOA): There is concern about this project in The Oaks. Outreach is crucial because we’ve never had a guard house in The Oaks before. Pacific crest did not follow-up with a meeting to discuss a compromise.
Doug Mensman (CD-4): The Council office doesn’t have a position because the community doesn’t seem to have a decision.
Susan Swan; This is an 18’ wide street. Will there be deliveries here?
Scott Larson: We need to work under a consistent set of rules. Understand your needs for a guard house but this is not BelAir. This is not consistent with our neighborhood.
Susan Swan: Can we put off this hearing to allow more time for consultation with neighbors?
Gary Morris: We could ask for a continuance at tomorrow’s meeting. Or we could take it under advisement.
Doug Mensman: Zoning administrator’s don’t generally do a continuance. We can request the ZA to hold the record open to allow for further public input.
Motion: Susan Swan, “That HUNC Votes not to support the variances as written unless and until such time as the parties involved get together and work out conditions and usages that are agreeable to both. Second: Robert Abrahamian. Vote: Yes—14          No—0   Abs—0.
AI 22—New Business/Announcements
Robyn Whitney: Made an announcement on the Zina Bethune Theater Dance; also handed out the brochure. The location is the Alex Theater in Glendale. The performance is “Frost & Fire” and will run from Nov 9-11.
AI 18-C-2--PS&T –Update on the empty lot on Argyle and Franklin.
Erik Sanjurjo: We have until the end of the month to purchase the property. We are in discussion with CD-4 on the property. Robyn Whitney has letters of support from 4 Neighborhood Councils.
AI 18-C-1—PS&T—Fire Station 82 update.
Erik Sanjurjo: He has seen the drawings for the new FS 82 and for renovation of old FS 82. Construction on the new FS 82 will begin in the summer of 2008. The City wants feedback from the community on the designs.
AI-18-C-4-Support for Sunday, November 18 Franklin Village Street Fair, approval for funding of street banners up to $1,000.
Erik Sanjurjo; Asked Ann De Bello to clarify requests.
Ann De Bello: The banners (3’ x 8’) will be our biggest expense. They will be up for 60-90 days. Canopies will have HUNC logos. There will be fliers and posters, as well as radio promos. We haven’t had this event for 2-years. We want to support our fire station. Asking for: 1) A letter of support for the street fair, and 2) $3,500 for banners.
Motion: Rodney Hargrove, “To support the Franklin Village Street Fair up to $3,500.” Second: Bechir Blagui. Vote: Yes—13          No—0             Abs—0.
AI 18-C-7—PS&T—Support the Seventh Day Adventist mural project and funding up to $1,000.
Ryan Bell (Pastor 7th Day Adventist Church): He and an architect are proposing a community-based mural. They have the involvement of local organizations and youth groups.
Motion: Ryan Hass, “To approve up to $1,000 for the mural project.” Second: Erik Sanjurjo. Vote: Yes—12            No—0             Abs—1.
AI-18-C-6—Support for speed bumps along Yucca and LaBaig Streets (around Hollywood Presbyterian and the Pre-School) and funding up to half the cost, up to $3,000.
Motion: Ryan Hass, “To support the placement of speed bumps along Yucca and LaBaig streets and funding up to half the cost, up to $3,000. Second: Maurece Chesse. Vote: Yes—13            No—0             Abs—0.
AI—18-C-3—Discussion of proposed Purple Line subway line aliong Wilshire (possible vote on a position).
Erik Sanjurjo: The MTA is meeting at 4350 Wilshire. They are asking for input on the extension of the Purple Line subway.
Motion: Erik Sanjurjo, “That HUC support the extension of the Purple Line subway.” Second: Bashir Blagui. Vote:            Yes—11          No—0             Abs—0.
AI 18—C-5—Security Issues regarding the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, support for security cameras on City poles.
Susan Swan: Send this back to PS&T to work through details.
AI—18-D-2—PROS-Resolution requesting that the proposed extension of the Autry National Center in Griffith Park be tied to maintain the Southwest Museum as a destination museum. AI-18-D-1—PROS—Resolution regarding the draft EIR for the proposed expansion of the Autry National Center in Griffith Park.
Motion: Susan Swan, “WE (HUNC) support the conditions set out by the Greater Griffith Park NC Planning Committee regarding the Autry expansion and urge that the majority of items stay at the Southwest Museum. Second: Erik Sanjurjo. Vote:  Yes—10                       No—0   Abs—0.
Treasurer revisited:
Ryan Hass: Spoke on the need to fill this position ASAP. He sees 2 key roles for Treasurer: 1) Keeping books & receipts, 2) Buying what we need. Ryan is willing to step into Treasurer role. Board agreed by consensus.
Susan Swan: Let’s agendize the role of Treasurer for a future meeting.
AI—22—New Business
Linda Smith (Life Choir): Addressed the Board and asked for financial help for the Life Choir’s Thanksgiving Day Program. They need 100 turkeys. Last year they fed 1,275 people.
Charles Suhayda, HUNC Recording Secretary