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Special Hollywood United Neighborhood Council
Board Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 13, 2005 @ 6 PM

1) Roll Call and approval of By-Law Change:

(a) Board members present: Joel Fisher, Susan Swan, Russ Brown, Maurece Chesse, Susan Polifronio, Scott Larsen, David Schlessinger, Hilary Royce, Victoria Gaw, Andrew Ettinger, Robert Abrahamian, Ann DeBello, Andrew Glazier, Jordan Birnbaum, Charles Suhayda. Norma Foster (absent)

(b) Andrew Glazier (By-Law committee) brought recommended changes to the HUNC by-laws (see attached sheet). Brief discussion. Andrew made a motion to accept by-law changes . Second by Susan Polifronio. Approved : 16-Yes, 0-No.

(c) By-law changes approved by members of community present at meeting.

Amendment to Bylaws

Article IX Executive Committee

The Executive committee shall be composed of the Officers of the Board, including president, vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President (if appointed).

Article X  Officers

Section B

(To be inserted after Parliamentarian duties)

Immediate Past President

The intent of this position is to ease the transition from a previous Board President to new Board president.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as an advisor to the current Board President subject to the following:

1) May be appointed by the President of the Board for a term not to exceed 12 months;

2) Must be a duly elected member of the Board;

3) May be appointed by the Board President to serve as a voting member of the executive committee for up to 12 months;

4) Serves at the pleasure of the Board President

5) Is eligible to serve in this capacity only within 1 year of previous Board presidency

2) Public comment:

No public comment.

3) New Business:

Presentation of a letter written by Charles Suhayda to HUNC Board members that dealt with an issue preceding the HUNC elections. Contents of letter affirmed the support of Hollywood Presbyterian Church for the work of HUNC, support for broad participation of stakeholders in NC elections, and disapproval of unhealthy competition during election periods between organizations within our boundaries.

4) Old Business:

No old business.

5) Adjournment:

Adjourn at 6:25 PM.