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HUNC Board Workshop
Celebrity Centre Renaissance Cafe - 5930 Franklin Ave
10 AM to 2 PM
June 16, 2007


1.  Welcome and Roll Call
2.  Public comment on items not on the Agenda (2 minutes each)
3.  Approval of addendum to May 2007 Board minutes:
     8B. 2) Board action regarding the intent of the By-Law Amendment Procedures stated in Article XVI and whether approval of By-Law amendments may occur at a minimum of one or two publicly noticed meetings where the By-Law amendment is listed on the agenda.
Motion: Susan Swan, “That approval of By-Law amendments may occur at a minimum of one publicly noticed meeting where the By-Law amendment is listed on the agenda.”
Second: Susan Polifronio. Vote:  Yes---14     No—0    Abs---0

5.  Office procedures and lock-down problems, office access off-hours
Charles Suhayda spoke on the need for all Board members to be vigilant of security concerns when using the Community Hall or the HUNC office. When these areas are open, they should not be left unattended. At the end of meetings, Board members should insure that the doors to the HUNC office and to the Community Room are closed and locked. HUNC will also have access to an additional wall cabinet in the Community Room. We will look into getting a new key for the lock.

4.  Resignation of Susan Polifronio and vote to approve Rodney Hargrove as interim term replacement.
Appointed Rodney Hargrove as interim replacement for Susan Polifronio by consensus of the Board. HUNC Vote: Yes – 13                      No – 0             Abs – 0
Stakeholder:     Yes – 1          No – 0        Abs – 0

6.  Update on Election Procedures submission
Susan Swan—we’re good to move forward with our election process.

7.  Update on Bylaws Amendment submissions
The By-Laws amendments were approved by DONE. They want us to put on their advisories. Attachment B was also approved.

9.  Committees, needs and scheduling, Town Halls, Outreach
        A. Approval of additional funds for outreach tote bags
General discussion on outreach items, including a refrigerator magnet with names and phone numbers of where to get help with emergencies and City services. Ryan Hass asked what should be on the magnet?
Board approved the allocation of  $2,000 for purchase of tote bags and pens for outreach purposes. Add additional $5,000 for tote bags and pens—Vote:
            Yes – 13                    No – 0             Abs – 0

Board agreed by consensus to purchase Green tote bags made of recycled material. Vote:
            Yes – 13                    No – 0             Abs – 0
Stakeholder      Yes – 2            No – 0

9 – B- Approve additional funds for emergency preparedness kits.
Presently, we’ve approved $1,000.00 for 100 kits. Gary Slossberg recommends adding - $3,000.00 Emergency Preparedness kits for school kids. Chief Fry can equip a classroom of kids for $26.00.

Note to: HUNC Events Committee—HUNC’s 5th anniversary is in October 2007.

9-C. Motion to accept corrected total (with tax) for Griffith Park (Dante's View and Captain's Roost) picnic tables and benches of $8714.13. (increase of 214.13)

Motion: Erik Sanjurjo, “To amend the previous HUNC motion to purchase picnic tables and benches.” Second: Gary Slossberg.  Vote: Yes – 12        No – 0             Abs – 0
Stakeholder:      Yes – 1            No – 0

Motion: David Schlesinger, “To approve the corrected amount for the purchase of picnic tables and benches.” Second: Bechir Blagui. Vote: Yes – 13             No – 0            Abs – 0

Motion: Maurece Chesse, “That HUNC approve the new total of $8,714.13 which includes a tax of $214.13.  Second: Gary Slossberg. Vote: Yes – 13   No – 0 Abs – 0
Stakeholder:     Yes – 2            No – 0            .


Griffith Park:
Erik Sanjurjo: He recommends that HUNC work on a mini-master plan for the Western addition of Griffith Park.


8- C. New Member ad hoc: Ryan, Eric, Bree and Bechir: brochures, faq's, or flyers, etc.
Committee reports that these changes would improve our interaction with stakeholders and help increase participation in HUNC:
            1- A Clear explanation of NC system
            2- Roberts’ Rules – orientation
            3- Candidate Forum –
                        More inviting
                        Arrangement of chairs
                        Orient and welcome perspective candidates

12.  HUNC membership in LANCC
Erik Sanjurjo – LANCC is in the process of being overhauled.
Ryan Hass – LANCC wants to coordinate the local regional congresses. He thinks is not time efficient for him to attend, because they are in re-structure phase.  Also, it is the same 15-20 people who use this forum as a sounding board for their own agendas
Erik Sanjurjo – at last 912 meeting – they recognized the need for NC’s to form regional associations.
Board concerns – We should put more effort into the regional body – Hollywood Coalition of Neighborhood Councils.

9-D. New HUNC logo, stationary and business card design for approval
Authority to purchase business cards has already been approved. It should be funded from outreach.

9-E- HUNC Brochure
We will have our group photo on Monday Night (6/18/07).
Motion: Scott Larson, “That HUNC approve the new brochure with new photo and up to $5,000.00 for printing of brochure.” Second:  Bree Long. Vote: Yes – 11             No – 0            Abs – 0.  Stakeholder:      Yes – 1            No – 0

10.  Oaks/LAFD Evacuation Drill: support and funding need.

  • Evacuation site:  Immaculate Heart School & AFI.  (In the future it will be the new High School on Van Ness and Sunset)
  • This will be televised with Mayor, Chief Bratton, and others – July 28th from 10 am till 1 pm
  • Add this to the July 17th Summer Party @Vanguard (Invite Chief Fry)

Motion: Gary Slossberg, “To approve dollars for evacuation event (LAFD) up to $5,000 to be held on July 28th.” Second: Scott Larson. Vote: ???


11.  Third Annual Fire Fighter Festival of Hollywood September 14th outreach and involvement.
Hilary Royce  We’ll need promotional materials and a gift for raffle.
Maurece Chesse– we’ve paid $200.00 for a booth in the past. HUNC help promote this event – even at July 17th Summer Party


Election Procedures and Bylaws Discussion

Susan Swan – What seems to be holding us back now is the map and the boundaries for the distribute within HUNC.
Jerry – 912 Commission is at work talking about NCs and will make recommendations. They are interested in:

  • Definitions of Stakeholder
  • Definitions of Board Categories--Some Councils are only at-large; some Councils if you have a business seat, only businesses can vote, one extreme example – low votes – maybe just 1 vote.

On City Watch there has been much about take-overs but this is not true.

Susan Polifronio – we are at-large in our voting procedures.

Jerry – There has been discussion of the City Clerk handling the NC elections. The idea would be to have elections every 2 years and have regional elections.
David Schlesinger – He received a questionnaire from 912 commission. He felt that the questions were leading. He believes that they are trying to ‘force’ compulsory training on the Boards.
Susan Swan –  when we bring on a new Board Member a mentor will be assigned to them (a seated Board member)
13.  Old Business/Unfinished

14.  New Business/Announcements