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Inclusionary Zoning

Just what is inclusionary zoning?  Below are some documents that might help us all understand it a little better.  You can also go to and search for Inclusionary Zoning,  that will pull up even more links with a lot of background information.

" Here is the alternative to IZ proposed by a coalition of developers.  The designated housing zone concept might be workable."   Ray Pearl, Executive Officer of the Building Industry Association's L.A.-Ventura Chapter, makes the case for a more moderate solution to Los Angeles' housing crisis.

From the Chamber of Commerce.. their thoughts .

Thoughts from David Rusk
a Strategic Partner of The Gamaliel Foundation an organizing institute

From the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council:

Hello fellow NC officers and Boardmembers:

    Many of you have asked for copies of other NCs' position papers on the proposed Inclusionary Zoning ordinance.  The attached was adopted by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board at last night's meeting.  Kudos to members of our Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee and our Governmental Affairs Committee for all their hard work - particularly to Kurt Rademaekers, who provided the initial draft.
    While much of the SLNC's position is specific to hillside communities, there are also some principles (such as removing the offsite option) that are of more general interest.  If any of our amendments to the program elements (i.e "the matrix") interest you, please feel free to crib liberally from our statement.  It seems to those of us who worked on the position paper that the only way we're going to be able to get any citywide traction for NCs on an issue as broad as Inclusionary Zoning is to develop as much common language as possible.  We only ask that if you do pull any language from our position paper, that you let us know so we can keep track of who is weighing in with similar positions on certain issues.
How are most councils doing with their IZO statements?
Jason Lyon

From the GGPNC Their official position paper on Inclusionary Zoning.