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Fire Safety/Access Sub-Committee

updates in chronological order, starting at the bottom.

12/22/05  Here is an article about the installation of the Red Flag no-parking signs,  along with an article from the L.A. Times Los Angeles Times article Dec 22, 2005

12/14/05  Here is the official motion establishing the Red Flag no-parking priority ordinance: Motion passed at the Wednesday, Dec. 14 2005 City Council meeting

10/05  Update:  Terry Gerger,   President of the Dell Homeowners Assn,  and Gerry Hans,  President of the Oaks Homeowners Assn,  have compiled maps and lists of the streets in their areas that are missing appropriate no-parking signage and painted red-zonesand have submitted them to the Councilmembers office, DOT and to the LAFD in hopes that they can be replaced.  This would eliminate to a great degree the blanketing of overlay no-parking signs.

To Park or Die in Los Angeles by Susan Polifronio

August/24/04  HUNC Town Hall on Fire Safety

6/24/04  Los Angeles Times article

6/28/04  Interesting article at Canyon News' website.  You can read it here .  We will keep you posted as things evolve.

5/11/04   The No-Parking Priority Program of the Fire Department is currently on Hold.  Those L.A. City Councilmembers whose communities are affected are currently meeting with the Fire Department, DOT and other agencies to ascertain the best way to approach this issue.  This will be discussed further at the N&E Fire Safety Town Hall meeting to be held August 24th, 2004.

Fire Department Map of the Oaks

Purported Fire Department flyer ,  placed on cars in the affected neighborhoods since Feb 2004

This is the original DOT ordinance that was quoted in 2004 as authorizing the ticketing of residents on Hollyridge: Department of Transportation Document: SEC. 80.69.  PARKING PROHIBITED OR LIMITED.

This is the LAFD ordinance that was quoted in 2004 as authorizing the ticketing of residents on Hollyridge: Fire Department Access Document: SEC. 57.09.03.  FIRE DEPARTMENT ACCESS.