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Jan,  27th 2004

Agenda Item #2: Tree planting along Franklin
Adam Kear gave a presentation on planting trees along the north side of Franklin avenue from Western to Tamarind. Adam asked for volunteers for a sub-committee, and quite a few people signed up. Adam took names and will review the application for funds. The planting proposal will be presented to the committee.

Unanimous approval.

Agenda Item #3: Update on proposed closure of St Andrews Stairs
Committee recommends retracting the former letter to the city written in support of the closure of the St Andrews Place Stairs. The committee suggests supporting a letter to Cmn La Bonge's office asking that the stairs remain open and to add/repair lighting to make the stairs safer. Adam will prepare a letter for us to bring to the full Board for a vote.

one against, majority in approval

There was also formation of a group to support and care for the St Andrews Place Stairs.

unanimous approval

Agenda Item #4: Neighborhood matching funds program
Letter to be written by Adam and authorization to be asked at full Board meeting to send on in a timely manner. Committee wishes delegation to the N&E ctte or the Exec ctte the authority to submit an application for Neighborhood Matching Funds for the Franklin Beautification project as the application is due March 1st 2004.


Agenda Item #5: Observatory Orchestra presentation
Brian Metcalf presented. He has a 501c3, support from Cmn Garcetti, School Board member Takovsky, and GGPNC has made a $250 donation. He asks for support from the NC in 4 ways.

1 He would like some connections in the community for business contacts for financial support.

2 They would like a $250 donation from the NC.

3. Connection on HUNC to work with

4. Letter of support from HUNC

The committee asked for a budget, and voted to refer this to the full board and possibly refer to Arts & Entertainment ctte..

one opposed, the rest in favor

Agenda Item #6: Filming Committee update

Between 8am and 6pm complaints should be called in to the EIDC office. The EIDC's number is 323-957-1000. After normal office hours, EIDC has a 24-hour hotline pager number, 800-201-5982, which is listed on all approved EIDC notification and signature forms. After hours complaints will be handled in the same manner as complaints filed during EIDC's business hours.


7083 Hollywood Boulevard, 5th Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028

We can also be reached via telephone or fax:

tel: 323/957-1000
fax: 323/962-4966

For off hours emergencies - only if it's worth getting someone out of bed - we are reachable via their 24-hour pager: 800-201-5982

email: >>

Agenda Item #7: Update on HUNC/GGPNC boundary discussions
Outreach is being done to various parties involved in the hopes of settling this all amicably.