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Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, 2003

AGENDA ITEM #1: Welcome and roll call

Present.. Susan Swan, Stacy Title, Scott Larson, Norma Foster, Russ Brown. Also attending.. Maurece Chesse, Viktoria Gaw, Andrew Ettinger, Jim McQuiston, Joel Fisher and 7 other stakeholders.

Report from Filming Sub-Committee

Norma.. filming very quiet and well controlled. She got letters, and all problems have been settled amicably. She hopes all film shoots go so well and credits it to the fact that good outreach works.

Presentation by Joe's Service Center (the Mobil Station at 6228 Franklin Ave) on proposed expansion of business for discussion and possible action

Andrew presented on behalf of the Station owner, who wants to expand his station by going underneath the overpass of the Hollywood Freeway adjacent to property, frontage on Argyle. The area is owned by CalTrans (State) and encompasses about 10,000 square feet. The owner has talked to CalTrans and they aren't willing to lease it at this time.

Much discussion ensued, Norma thinks that a feasibility study should be the first step. Walter would like to see a general consensus from the community of what they want and need. A competitive bidding process would be necessary. Jim McQuiston commented that there were several layers of sovereignty. The State/CalTrans would have jurisdiction over the City. Besides that, there is a redevelopment plan for this area. The station is in an area zoned for residential. The owner was cited because he operates a commercial business in a residential zone and he has gone in for a zone change. It was recommended that they put together a feasibility study and present that to CalTrans. Andrew will update on this next month.

Report from Griffith Park Sub-Committee including report on the Boundary mediation for discussion and possible action

First, there is discussion by LaBonge's office about an "off-leash" trail in Bronson Canyon Park. No one has been contacted about this in our NC.

Second.. after much discussion there was a motion by Susan to recommend to the full Board that the mediated agreement with GGPNC be rejected. Scott seconded and we voted unanimously in favor.

After reviewing comments and input from the GGPNC representative at our last Board meeting on Sept 15th, we realized that there was a complete and total misunderstanding about the boundary line between the 2 NCs. Within our original boundaries we never intended the division to be Fern Dell Place. All of our focus and emphasis was on Fern Dell Drive. To exacerbate the situation, the GGPNC boundary lays claim to half of a private residential road, Fern Dell Place. It also appears that they have their boundary wrap entirely around a resident's property on Moco Lane on 3 sides, essentially taking all the Park. Under these circumstances, we cannot in good faith consider that the mediation agreement still stands due to the differing basic tenets and lingering ambiguity.

Stacy Title (Friends of Fern Dell) reminded the committee that she has spoken to many of her neighbors in Fern Dell, who all want HUNC to include all of Fern Dell Park within its boundary. Their homes are directly affected by Fern Dell Park, which is in essence across the street from their homes. She also pointed out that there are almost 700 homes in the Oaks, and only 6 exits. 3 are off of Canyon Drive to the West, one is south at Briarcliff Road/Van Ness, and the last 2 are on Fern Dell Drive.. Black Oak drive and Red Oak drive.

Russ moved that we form a committee to get a clear understanding of the boundaries of Fern Dell Park and set it down on a map. Scott seconded and we voted unanimously in favor.

AGENDA ITEM #5: Discussion of October 26 Harvest Picnic for possible action
Note.. picnic was cancelled

To Board.. recommendation to immediately proceed to apply for Non-Profit status.

AGENDA ITEM #6: New business
A. Discussion of Committee and Sub-Committee priorities, and possible actionB. Patricia Ruben ..presentation on proposal to plant flowers in Bronson Park, discussion and possible action

Patricia was unable to attend.

AGENDA ITEM #7: Old business
Newsrack ordinance

Susan moved to recommend to the full Board that the NC support CLEAN (Coalition for L.A.'s Enforcement Applied to Newsracks) in its efforts to keep in place the existing L.A. newsrack ordinance (adopted in 1972, amended 1974 and 1981) and to strengthen this law by establishing a newsrack permitting process, permitting fee, and a clear enforcement program. We also support the other recommendations that CLEAN has made to strengthen the ordinance, among this that currently existing newsracks not be 'grandfathered'.

Scott seconded and we voted unanimously in favor.

AGENDA ITEM #8: Adjournment