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Hollywood United Neighborhood Council   April  2005

PLUM - Planning and Land Use Management Committee

Hollywood & Western CRA Project

Continued Lengthy discussion on scope of south side of project Significant issues to be resolved concerning subsidies, reallocation of parking, and price of land and existing buildings.

Northern side of project has been presented to CRA board and approved. City council presentation pending.  Partnership issues and valuation of land still pending,

Holly Drive Condos approved. Appeal was denied by Planning Commission.  Some neighbors disagree on "by right" of density bonus.  Most other issues have been resolved.

Hollywood Best Western 101 Hotel Project- will be presented to PLUM Committee May 2005 with full board presentation in May 2005. Based on completion of unfinished architectural drawings.  Delay may happen if developer requests that he is not ready for presentation.

City Planning Director - position has been delayed due to mayoral run off and pending input by NC committee. focus on quality of life issues for all.

Urban Planning Directive Delayed to May 2005 PLUM committee.