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August 11, 2003
Parking Enhancement Sub-Committee Minutes.
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood: 6054 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA
Community Room-Upper Terrace

Agenda Item #1: Welcome & Roll Call:
Attending were Board Members: Robert Abranamian, Ann De Bello , Joel M. Fisher, Norma Foster, Susan Polifronio and Susan Swan. Also Attending were 3 other non-committee Board members and 8 members of the public.
Motion by Susan Polifronio to accept Minutes from July 14 ,2003 meeting
Second Ann De Bello
Disposition: Unanimous

Agenda Item #2: For Discussion and Possible Action:

  1. Crosswalk at Van Ness & Franklin and at Tamarind NW & Franklin SE
  2. Request for no right turn onto Vine from Franklin going East
  3. Request for posted Pedestrian Crossings at Van Ness & at Tamarind
  4. Request for Posted school zone speed signs for Cheremoya Ave. School
  5. Request for Angeled parking on Yucca between Cahuenga & Argyle

Ann De Bello gave a presentation re: the necessity of adding a crosswalk at Van Ness & Franklin. There are bus stops on both sides of the street with no designated crosswalk. The light at Wilton and Bronson means traffic is going quickly by the time it reaches Van Ness making it a dangerous crossing. Posting pedestrian signs, a proper speed limit sign and a marked crosswalk would enhance the safety of the public. At Franklin Ave. and Tamarind a similar problem exists. Traffic accelerating from Bronson Ave. reaches a high speed even within that short block. The heavy amount of pedestrian traffic makes it a dangerous crossing, yet people do cross at that point. The Week of the 4 th , one of the residents at Villa Carlotta, at Franklin and Tamarind, was hit by a car at that intersection. A painted crosswalk would alert cars to pedestrian crossings. Further, there is only one sign to designate the speed limit for Cheremoya Ave. School and this is hidden behind the trees. We need to post at the corner of Tamarind and Franklin that this is a school zone and if possible paint in the street "school crossing".

Motion by Ann De Bello to send the above requests to the appropriate City Dept. with the backing of the Neighborhood Council.
Second: Susan Polifronio
Discussion: Jim McQuiston suggested that engineers should be contacted and that a report should be made to the Board. Susan Swan agreed that some of these issues had been looked at in the past and to have the appropriate studies requested. Charles Suhayda suggested upgrading Beachwood & Bronson intersections and to revisit diagonal parking. Joel Fisher questioned if the crosswalk would be too close to the light at Bronson, but that the study should go forward, even if rejected and that a no left turn off Franklin Ave. east onto Tamarind should be enforced during peak hours.

Motion is amended to include contact the City engineers and request a report along with supporting the recommendations going forward to the September Board meeting
and further to move School Zone sign to Tamarind and Franklin, north side, and post at 25 MPH.
Second: Norma Foster
Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #3: Parking issues around Franklin Village Between Beachwood & Canyon: A general discussion of the continued difficulty in parking. Request that the disposition of Fire Station #82 on Bronson stay in focus. Joel Fisher stated that there is no money in the City Budget for the next year to police existing parking districts.

Agenda Item #4: Trolleywood proposal for evening service along Franklin Ave. and Hollywood Blvd. for Discussion. Susan Polifronio presented the proposal made to Trolleywood to institute a try a free service along this route and see if we can encourage people to park in existing lots or leave their cars at home and utilize the Trolley to navigate Hollywood from 6:00 until Midnight, Thursday through Sundays. Trolleywood has give a reduced rate if the service is contracted. One of the ways of paying is to have the businesses and BID districts offset the cost. Trolleywood would allow clip-on advertising during the evening service. The service would need to keep the waiting time at the various pick-up sites to a 10 minute minimum. Discussion: Jim McQuiston stated we need to map route and have all the details in hand before presenting the plan to the City: Pictures, drive the route including stops to see actual wait time, also, see how long between Hollywood & Highland and the Bowl. Joel Fisher suggested that eventually the route could go all the way to the LA River. Entered into record email response and quote for service from Starline Trolleywood Tours.

Motion By Susan Polifronio to adopt the Trolleywood idea and to pursue the appropriate investigations, mapping and photos and to bring to the next full Board meeting for discussion and possible action.
Second: Ann De Bello
Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #5: Old Business
Request from previous PEC meeting by Viktoria Gaw to address the need for wheelchair access at Winans and Beachwood. Pictures were taken by Ann De Bello and Maurece Chesse . At some corners on Beachwood there is one handicap ramp but no way for the person to access the sidewalk therefore forcing them out into the street.

Motion By Ann De Bello to ask the City to examine the wheelchair access at Winans and Beachwood and other corners to facilitate the mandated handicap accessibility.
Second: Susan Polifronio
Disposition: Passed Unanimously

Agenda Item #6: New Business:
Susan Swan brought up the 4-way stop at Bronson and Canyon. She also stated that some people wanted to plant the triangle at Foothill, but that it was needed for right and left turns. Norma Foster stated that Brian Gallagher was involved with speed bumps on Gower and that a stop light at Gower and Carmen was in process. Also under discussion was the re-timing of lights at Gower and Franklin. Ann De Bello brought up the concerns of residents on Ivar north of Yucca: The club traffic becomes gridlock as people go up the street looking for non-existent spaces and then have difficulty exiting back onto Vine St. They would like the City to come up with a solution and some of them have suggested gating the street. Susan Polifronio and others felt this was impractical and Susan Swan stated that gating is not something the City is willing to do anymore.

Motion to Adjourn Meeting by Chair Joel M. Fisher 6:32 PM
Second: Susan Polifronio
Disposition: Passed Unanimously
Minutes Respectfully Submitted: Susan Polifronio