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July 12, 2004 Public Safety & Transportation Meeting Bullet Points

Attending: Board members Joel M. Fisher, Ian McCubbin, Maurece Chesse & Susan Polifronio, committee co-chair Cherly Gaskill, Matt Levy of CD4 and members of the public.

Agenda Item #3: New Year's Eve Celebration Presentation:
Request for support of Board for closure of Hollywood Blvd. between La Brea and Highland for a New Year's Eve family party with live music. Committee decision to postpone vote until after the report from the street closure committee meeting in August .

Agenda Item #2: Traffic & Parking Solutions Workshop Town Hall
Cheryl: Graphics
Ian & Maurece: work on speakers with CD4 and moderate workshop, distribute flyers
Susan P: Refreshments, distribution of flyers w/Jennifer

Agenda Item #4: Old Business
Meeting with DOT: Bob Camou stated graphics for Argyle angled parking will be ready for presentation at the Town Hall on July 22 nd . Bob also stated that he will put Cheremoya on the list of schools being evaluated for updated signage as the existing school zone signs are completely inadequate. Light phasing at Franklin & Argyle is still being adjusted. Bob stated that he will send traffic control to help during rush hour. Signage at Western & Los Feliz directing 101 North to the Hollywood and Van Ness onramp will be considered. LAFD and the Mayor's office have already put the issue of restricted parking on high fire days out in the media. This issue will be the focus of the August HUNC Neighborhood & Environment Town Hall.

Anti_Graffiti: Block captains can report to Hollywood Beautification Team for removal on residential buildings.

Agenda Item #5: Adjournment 8:30PM