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July 14, 2003   Minutes for Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Parking Enhancement Committee Meeting. First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood; Community Room-Upper Terrace; 6054 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA

Agenda Item #1: Welcome and Roll Call

Meeting called to order at 5:45 by Chair Susan Polifronio . Attending were Board members Ann De Bello , Robert Abrahamian , Maurece Chesse and Viktoria Gaw . Members of the public in attendance.

Agenda Item #2: Presentation of request for angled parking on Yucca between argyle and Ivar for discussion and possible action.

Presentation by Robert Abrahamian to have angled parking on Yucca from Cahuenga to Argyle. He stated that there are numerous old buildings on Yucca and in the neighboring streets with no offstreet parking. The Oban motel, the residential Hotel on Halifax and Yucca, the 5 businesses between Ivar and Argyle on Yucca and others. On the north side of Yucca St. there will be a Performing Arts Center. They do have adequate parking but will be bringing many more people into the area. The request is for the City do a study ASAP to put in metered and angled parking.  Along with this issue was a request to eliminate the right turn onto Franklin from the top of Vine due to the high number of accidents. After much discussion the decision was made that Ann and Maurece would photograph the corner of Franklin and Vine so that we could see exactly what the needs are and to bring this back to the next meeting for a recommendation. Brian Gallagher at DOT would be contacted by Susan Polifronio to determine if angled parking could be implemented on Yucca St.

Agenda Item #3: Bike Stations for discussion

Susan Polifronio gave a short presentation on Bike Stations and Mobility Stations that could be integrated into a plan for Hollywood to increase public transportation use and to reduce the number of cars requiring parking. There is an 18 month study with BikeStation and the MTA that will look at possible placement of bikestations or mobility stations in Los Angeles. Mark Shandrow at BikeStation is looking for liaisons from CD4 and CD13. The Mobility Stations provide many options from flex-cars (shared cars kept at the Mobility Stations, usually small electric vehicles) to moped and bike rentals or safe storage facilities for members with their own bikes. Many of the stations also provide on-the-spot repairs and membership allows use in other parts of the Country where stations exist. At present there is a Bike Station in Long Beach, Berkeley, San Francisco and in Seattle a full Mobility Station. Discussion of the possibilities and the need to look at where the bike lanes could be put and the need to follow up with those in charge of bike mobility for LA.

Agenda Item #4: Old Business

No Discussion

Agenda Item #5: New Business

Viktoria brought up the lack of or poorly designed handicap sidewalk ramps on Beachwood  near Winans forcing persons with wheelchairs out into the traffic. After some discussion, Viktoria was to call Ann and Maurece with the locations and they will take photos to present to the next meeting.  Robert brought up the residents on Ivar north of Yucca who wish the end of the street that curves towards the freeway off ramp on Vine be closed to through traffic.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:30 pm by Susan Polifronio .

Minutes: Susan Polifronio /Ann De Bello