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February 25, 2009
Los Feliz Improvement Association
P.O. Box 29395, Los Angeles, CA, 90029

Julie McCormick, President Immaculate Heart High School
5515 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90028

Re: Demolition of house located at 1912 St. Andrews Place

Dear Ms. McCormick:
It was a pleasure meeting with you and the Board of Trustees of lmmaculate Heart High School Monday night. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our neighborhood's objections to demolishing the house.

The Los Feliz Improvement Association requests that you not demolish the house and instead work with the neighborhood to find a use for the house which is consistent with an R I-I use as we discussed at the meeting. The representatives of the Oaks Homeowners Association and Hollywood United Neighborhood Council presented a list of suggestions all of which merit consideration. The Los Feliz Improvement Association strongly supports the historic residential character of our neighborhood and is in strong opposition to any zone change which would adversely impact that character.

Immaculate Heart is part of our Los Feliz history and has always been a good neighbor and a premier academic resource for our community. Let's work together to find a solution for your needs which does not require demolishing the historic house on St. Andrews Place.

Ricardo Gomez Co-Chair, Zoning Committee

Cc: Councilmember Tom LaBonge
Doug Mensman, CD4
Wayne Schlock, Oaks Homeowners Association
Bob Young, Oaks Homeowners Association
Scott Larson, Hollywood United Neighborhood Council