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Dear Friend of the LAFD:

Earlier today, there was a small swarm of earthquakes in Kern
County, California - about 70 miles northwest of Los Angeles. While
millions apparently felt them, sadly only a few will use this and
other recent events to spur their personal, family, home,
neighborhood, community, school and workplace preparedness.

Think about it.

You can't be "sort of" prepared for emergencies. Either you are or
you aren't, and experience has shown us that most people fall into
the latter category. It's not that they don't want to be prepared,
just that they find the process intimidating or simply never get
around to it.

Let us be frank. If you don't write a sticky note to yourself RIGHT
NOW and place it someplace conspicuous (like on your computer
monitor), you'll be among the majority unprepared for even a minor
emergency event, much less a disaster.

While it is a challenge for any of us to instantly fund all aspects
of emergency preparedness, it is the small but calculated
investments over time that make disasters not only survivable, but
truly less threatening.

But first you need a plan and a way to make it happen. Why not skip
dessert tonight and put a few dollar bills in a piggy bank that will
fund your preparedness efforts?

How about making that plan now?  

The links below are readily available via the Los Angeles Fire
Department website at:

The information is free. All you need to do is click on the link(s)
and hit the print button!


Oh, and don't forget that sticky note on your computer monitor,
refrigerator or bathroom mirror. The men and women of the Los
Angeles Fire Department are counting on you getting around to
disaster preparedness planning today!

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
LAFD Firefighter/Specialist