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Fire Department Flyer:

Urgent The Los Angeles Fire Department needs your help! the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) is doing everything it can to prepare for what could be hte most devastating brush fire season in recent history, but your help is urgently needed.  There are areas in your community that could be inaccessible to firefighters due to vehicles that are routinely parked illegally.  If fire engines are blocked by illegaly parked cars, firefighters will be delayed and lives could be lost !   In recent years, several deaths and millions of dollars in fire damage were directly related to blocked streets. What can you do to help the LAFD?
  •     Report any illegally parked vehicles by calling (818) 756-9418
  •     Follow all posted and local area parking restrictions.
  •     Park your vehicle in your driveway or garage if you live on a narrow street or in the hills.
When is it unsafe to park on the street?
  •     Do not park where parking restrictions are posted.
  •     If your street is 20' or less in width , it is unsafe and illegal to park on any side.
  •     If you live near a curve on a narrow street, it is unsafe to park near the curved area if it will prevent emergency vehicles from passing.
  •     It is unsafe and illegal to park within 15' of a fire hydrant.
      NOTE:  Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed. Additional considerations:
  •     If you are required to evacuate, please remember to allow access for emergency vehicles.
  •     Prepare a list of valuables that you cannot risk losing in a fire (i.e. photos, documents, computer files, etc.)  and keep this list readily available.  Preparing such a list will allow you to quickly gather these items if an evacuation is ordered.
  •     Visit your local fire station for more information.
Remember, brush fire safety is everyone's responsibility. Visit our website ant for more information.