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LAFD proposed "No Parking Priority Enforcement Zone"

Proposed "Red Flag" day maps:

Areas marked in red will be no-parking/tow-away zones on a "Red-Flag" fire-risk day,  i.e., with humidity less than 15 percent and wind speed greater than 25 mph.

Map one 82A here : includes Lower Beachwood Canyon, the Oaks, some of the Dell area

Map two 82B here : includes Upper Beachwood Canyon

Map three 27A here : includes East of Cahuenga up Reservoir, with some of the Dell

Map four 35A here : East of Western north of Los Feliz Blvd

Here is the language of the proposed DOT Ordinance 80.72 to allow citations and towing.

Ann De Bello mentioned that the LAFD referenced the "Greater Laguna Coast Fire Safe Council's Red Flag Program",  so I have put a link to that information here .  This takes you to their homepage,  on the left you will see a link for the Red Flag Program.